Yellow watermelon is a sweet and refreshing fruit that is good for the body, it is rich in vitamin C, A, B6, lots of lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids. Lycopene is a natural compound in fruits and vegetables that reacts with the human body to trigger healthy reaction, antioxidant helps prevent cell damage and cancer.

Amino acids helps to build protein in the body. The  yellow watermelon is a member of the cucurbitaceae family along with, cucumber, honeydew and cantaloupes.

Yellow watermelons look exactly like the red or pink watermelon, having the same stripped green rind. The traditional watermelon gets their red or pink color from lycopene, same antioxidants that makes the grape and tomatoes red.

Yellow watermelons, although, do not contain lycopene making it lack the reddish color. However, the gardening of yellow watermelon started in Africa at about  5,000 years ago. The yellow watermelon has gone through years of cross-mating for color, texture and sweetness, before the appearance of any reddish watermelon. As the lycopene content increased the fruit became red.

Aside from the color difference of yellow watermelon, there is also a difference in the taste. The yellow watermelon tastes sweeter than the pink, having a more honey tastes and hints of apricot flavor.

They both have seeds and seedless varieties, both can be used to make smoothies, fruit salad, dessert and so on.

The yellow and pink watermelon are both nutritionally rich in Vitamin A and C, though the yellow watermelon lacks lycopene, but contains beta carotene, a antioxidants powerful in fighting cancer.

However, yellow watermelon can be grown in any season but flourish during summer, yellow watermelon grows better in warm countries, like the country of it origin (Africa), or within Mexico or California, and the US. The yellow watermelon grows from May to October. Varieties of yellow watermelon includes

  • Yellow flesh black diamond
  • Desert king yellow
  • Yellow crimson
  • Buttercup
  • Yellow doll
  • Yellow baby
  • Tastigold

Health Benefits of Yellow Watermelon

 Yellow watermelons have the same nutritional as the red one, but have some prominent differences. The yellow watermelons contains a higher level of vitamin A and vitamin C than it’s cousin, it contains about 90%, of water and about 46 calories in a single cup serving.

It has a relative amount of sodium and potassium. The red watermelon contains a compound of lycopene while the yellow ones also contains beta carotene which is a beneficial antioxidants for the body.

It helps to maintain blood pressure level: frequent consumption of yellow watermelon helps to maintain a proper level of blood pressure. However it helps to maintain a healthy heart condition.

It helps to relieve asthma: the yellow watermelon keeps the respiratory tract dilitated and prevents the reoccurrence of asthma. This is because, the yellow watermelon contains zinc and vitamin C. It is also beneficial for easy breathing.

It helps to maintain eye health: vitamin A and beta carotene is beneficial in maintaining eye health and increases the ability for the eye to see clearly.

Helps smoothen the blood level: the yellow watermelon contains citrulline which is also good for the body, it helps to drain some compounds in the body and also makes the flow of blood vessels in the body easy.

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Helps to protect the digestive system: the dietary fibres in yellow watermelon helps to accelerate digestion. This is one of the best benefits of the fruit.

Helps to strengthen the bones: yellow watermelon has potassium as well as calcium. This nutrients helps to strengthen and accelerate the growth of bones in the body.

Hydrates the body: Water is an important nutrient to our body, it accounts for a large proportion of our body fluids, water is essential to promote metabolism in the body, and ensuring the proper flow of blood. Yellow watermelon contains 90% of water, consuming yellow watermelon will keep you hydrated.

Side Effects of Yellow Watermelon

It has arginine side effects: yellow watermelons contains arginine, an Amino acids which is very important to the body, and has a good effect in curing erectile dysfunction, relieves chest pain, control high blood pressure and also improves the sexual health of a person.

But too much of arginine, can cause adverse sides effect such as, abdominal pain, diarrhea,  worsen asthma and bloating.

Too much dietary fibres:  dietary fibres is a local laxatives that helps to improve bowel movement, release constipation and helps the smooth elimination of stool from the system.

Excessive intake of dietary fibre is bad for the health and can lead to, poor absorption of nutrients, intestinal bloating, intestinal gas, abdominal pain and so on. It is advisable to take yellow watermelons in a moderate way.

Allergic reactions: The yellow watermelon houses alot of nutrients ranging from vitamins to antioxidants, mineral dietary fibre and so on. Although, some individuals are allergic to yellow watermelon, and they should avoid consuming any kind of watermelon.

Common allergic reactions that can arise are, itchy tongue or throat, Stomach cramp, nausea and vomiting, persistent coughing and so on.

It can cause hyperkalemia:  yellow watermelon is rich in potassium. Potassium acts as a vasolidator which relaxes the blood vessels, helps the circulation of blood and lower the risk of high  blood pressure.

Potassium also perform various functions such as, maintaining water balance in the body, maintaining electrolyte balance, strengthen bones, maintain a normal heartbeat and also improve the health of the kidney.

However, high level of potassium can cause hyperkalemia. It can cause cardiovascular problem such as, irregular heartbeat, weak pulse, cardiac arrest and so on.

It can cause hypotension: If you’re suffering from high blood pressure and you’re on medication, it is advisable to not consume yellow watermelon because of the potassium it contains, high level of potassium mixed with the medication can cause adverse effects.

Hypotension is a condition in which your blood pressure level drops down below it’s normal range. Symptoms of hypotension includes, dizziness, depressions, loss of consciousness, lighthead and fatigue.

Hyploglacemia: too much consumption of yellow watermelon can cause hyploglacemia. Hyploglacemia is a condition whereby the blood sugar level of an individual becomes extremely low, that is, it drops down below the normal blood sugar level range.

Symptoms of hyploglacemia includes, excessive sweating, fatigue, fainting, mental confusion, slurred speech and so on.

Benefits of Yellow Watermelon to the Skin and Hair

Boost hair growth: the watermelons contains nutrient that are good for boosting the growth of the hair. Vitamin C, potassium, calcium, regulates the the growth of hair and also stimulates blood circulation in the scalp.


The antioxidants in watermelon helps to deal with scalp problem, thus enhancing the growth of your hair. You can use a shampoo that contains watermelon benefits or simply apply watermelon’s juice to your hair.

Keep your scalp healthy: Vitamin C along with iron enhances the performance of red blood cells in the scalp. The red blood cells helps to deliver the right amount of oxygen in the hair follicle to promote hair growth thereby reducing scalp problem.

Apply some watermelon juice to your hair twice or thrice in a week, it helps to prevent scalp problem.

Prevents hair loss: yellow watermelon is packed with vitamin C which helps the body use iron, it endures that enough iron is present in the red blood cells to assist in carrying oxygen to the hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth.

Boost collagen production:  yellow watermelon has the ability to boost the production of collagen in our system. Collagen is an amino acid that is mainly found the connective tissue such as, bones, cartilages, tendons and blood vessels.

It is primarily responsible for the maintenance of the system’s shape. The boosting of collagen is mainly because of the presence of vitamin C. Vitamin C does not only help to prevent the skin cells and tissues from oxidative stress caused by free radicals but also enhances the production of collagen, it also help to increase skin elasticity, and prevents premature ageing sighns.

Hydrates skin: watermelon contains 90% of water, consuming the fruit helps to keep the body hydrated, when the skin is well hydrated, it stays firm and tight. Resulting to more production of collagen and revitalize the skin making you look younger. Yellow watermelons do not only keep the skin hydrated but also enrich the skin with essential nutrients for its cells and tissues.

Act as skin cleanser: yellow watermelon can act as a cleanser to the skin, it can keep the skin pores free of toxins and impurities. Thus preventing the pores from getting clogged up by dirt’s and bacteria.

It also minimises skin problems such as pimples and acne. Not only does it cleans the skin, it also makes it soft, radiant and supple. It also gives the skin a natural glow.

Prevents skin aging:  Yellow watermelon contains vitamin A and C, and other minerals which helps the body against  the effects of destructive radicals. Free radicals makes the body to show signs of  ageing-wrinkles, dark spots and so on.

Applying mashed watermelon on your face helps to slowly prevent cell and tissue damage and thus keeping premature ageing at Bay.

Prevents oil production in the skin: the sebaceous gland releases oil that may be troublesome to keep the skin, vitamin A in yellow watermelon helps to reduce skin pores sizes, and also control the amount of oil that the sebaceous gland releases. Yellow water melon helps to cleanse the skin and also unclogg pores making your skin to look healthy and taut.

Aids in treating acne: Acne is a common skin problem that has and is still being suffered by millions of people, it is caused by factors such as dirts, bacteria and impurities in our skin pores making it clogged.

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Dietary fibre in yellow watermelon helps to eliminate toxins and other impurities. When toxins are few in the system, they don’t accumulate the skin pores, thus reducing the risk of skin problems such as acne.

The dietary fibres also helps to control the secretion of oil from the sebaceous gland, preventing acne from worsening.

Protects the skin from UV damage: yellow watermelon is effective in protecting the skin cell from harmful ultraviolet ray of the sun. Ultraviolet ray is harmful to the skin cells and can lead to oxidative damage thereby increasing the risk of skin cancer.

The UV Ray’s is known for damaging the white blood cell which is the pillar of the immune system, thereby exposing the body to various diseases. Ultraviolet Ray of the sun can increase the risk of having skin cancer,  cataract, damaged DNA and RNA.

The yellow watermelon protects the skin cell and tissues from UV rays mainly because of the presence of nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin C and other antioxidants compounds like beta carotene, carotenoids etc.

They protects the skin cell and tissues from oxidative stress, caused by UV rays.

Yellow Watermelon and Pregnancy

Nutrition is important during pregnancy, pregnant women needs to watch for they eat for the sake of her health and that of the baby. Pregnant women are often asked to add lots of fruits to their diets during this period.

Yellow watermelon is completely beneficial to pregnant women. Watermelon when consumed in the right moderation is good for a pregnant woman and her baby.

Benefits of Eating Yellow Watermelon During Pregnancy Includes:

It Relieves Heartburn and Acidity: Pregnant women suffers from digestive problems such as acidity and heart burn, watermelon helps to cool and ease this problem giving instant relief.

It Prevents Oedema: Odemia is common during pregnancy, that is the swelling of leg and hands. Oedema is caused due to accumulation of fluids in certain tissues in the body. Watermelon is packed with water and thus reducing blockage in the veins and muscles to prevent oedema.

Relieves Morning Sickness: pregnant women suffer from morning sickness especially during their first trimester, sometimes it occurs during the day. Consuming watermelon is effective in this malady and provides relief from morning sickness.

Detoxifies the Body: watermelon contains diuretic properties that helps flush out toxins in the body, it also helps the proper functioning of the liver and kidney during pregnancy.

Relieves Muscle Cramps: Hormonal changes and weight can cause muscle cramps. Due to the constant changes during pregnancy, the woman’s body tries to adapt to the changes

It Prevents Skin Pigmentation: Watermelon helps to improve the digestive system and also flush out toxins, resulting to natural glowing skin.

It Reduces Constipation: due to the high fibre content of yellow watermelon, it helps to increase bowel movement and helps the easy flow of stool, reducing the risk of constipation.

It Promotes Healthy Bones of the Foetus: yellow watermelon contains calcium and potassium which helps the proper development of bone in the foetus.

Pregnant women should avoid overeating yellow watermelon because it can also be dangerous to her health and that of the baby. Not only pregnant women but this includes everyone. Eating yellow watermelon in moderation is beneficial to the health.