This exercise is essentially predicated on building your upper body and strength. Perhaps I can still remember the time I got sick and looked almost like a skeleton. This exercise was deeply effective as it helped me regain my strength. But one of the first things I did when I looked almost like a skeleton was barbing my hair. It was as though I had cancer, but my friends did not get to see me so they could not judge me. I stayed in door for days without working and this made me start drinking yoghurt like 3times a day and was eating chicken, too. During this period, I ate as though I was given a death sentence date. But for my body to look fit, I began wide grip push ups.

This exercise was really effective from the start. Perhaps I could see some instant changes. And how did it happen? I did like 40 push ups at a go when I woke up, 20 in the afternoon and 40 in the evening. Before I knew it, I was already looking like a model.

Oh well, you would not want to take your eyes off me if you saw me on the road because I was honestly built from my head to toe.  There is something I know about wide grip push-ups when done effectively and that’s propounded on the feeling of punching a bag or something as your shoulders will be so fit to punch amazingly well. For instance, most boxers engage in unlimited wide grip push ups everyday. It is very important for them to perform and this is because of their shoulders. As a boxer, there comes a problem when fighting if you suffer from poor shoulder positioning. So when this exercise is perfectly performed, In fact, your muscles will be so strong to the extent that people will think you are eating more than before and that’s a big lie.

It’s just very essential you observe your posture. Not only did I do wide grip exercises, I also combined some exercises which enhanced my inner strength and the rest.  In the case of how to do close and wide-grip push up, ensure your fingertips are targeted forwardly and try to come into a planned placement with your wrists beneath your shoulders. Simply to exemplify the close grip push ups, try to move your hands in about two inches and put your elbows close to your ribs as you lower down.

Wide Grip Push-ups Benefits

The benefits of wide push-ups are much to begin with. It is crystal clear that they help build your upper body and core strength as stated above. And not to forget, you need no gears when practicing them than your own body weight. It must also be established that wide grip push-ups can enhance muscle strength and endurance in your chest, shoulders and upper arms.  When exemplify perfectly well, you will definitely love how you look as it will strength your core stability. And strong muscles assist your balance and posture. Try walk when you are done. I have performed all of them and felt so great because making moves was amazing and as such, I was prevented from back injury.

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Wide Grip Push-ups Bad for Shoulders

When you are suffering from shoulder injury, it will definitely affect your waist and you begin to hold it as though you’re pregnant woman. I don’t think anybody would love to suffer from shoulder injury. So you need to perform them carefully well and and don’t place too much of stress on your shoulders when performing wide grip push-ups. And if you do, it will definitely be bad for your shoulders. Wide grip push ups actually grant a challenging upper-body workout that concentrates on the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and upper arms.

Wide Grip Push-ups muscles worked

It’s no doubt that there is a tripartite relationship between your chest, shoulders and upper arms. They all make your body function properly. And if I may ask, have you ever seen a person without one of them? It is not just possible. Wide grip push-ups also work your biceps and triceps.

Wide Grip Push-ups Variations

It is to this end that I must emphasize push-up variations. Push ups should be  regarded as the most chilling exercise anytime you ask me. Why? I find it very easy to perform anywhere as long as I can bend down and push myself ups and downs with my arms. But I always try to protect my shoulders by lowering my chest just past the level of my bent elbow simply for my arms to remain parallel to the floor. There are several push-ups variation that I know of.  Most of my friends feel some of them are not chilling which makes them not to remember perform them everyday. So one day, I asked a friend of my if it’s true or not.  Apparently his answer was totally different. Even before he answered, I had already observed him and saw some changes. This my friend in question used to be unfit and now looking fit. “What did he do” I thought to myself. So he answered the question whether it is true or not with the fact that he is addicted to all the push up variations to the extent that he can’t do without them everyday. He said it’s made possible because of his girlfriend. He said his girlfriend loves him more everyday because of his body and anytime they are together, she loves to put off his cloth unlike before. Oh well, I didn’t know if I should believe that.

But the truth is, why shouldn’t I believe her when I have got a lot of things to do than to be thinking of whether he lied or not. That could be true anyway. Women can be funny sometimes. Think about it, if a woman likes a man, it is either the guy is smart, has money or because of his body. I don’t think girls of today really appreciate being smart like having money or how you look.  In actual fact, it is just a few of them that appreciate being smart. And that is honest truth. Nothing but the truth. You do need need to believe me. Just try to study them, or do this—- drive a Lamborghini around and weigh how much they appreciate you with when you show them your grades at school or when you act like a smart person.

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I am sure all they will tell you is, “you are stupid for being smart without having money”.  Back to our topic, the following below are the push up variations that I know.

1. Strict military push up.

2. Wide hands push-up

3. One-arm push up

4. Flying push up

5. Archer push up

6. Cross body push and the rest of them.

Strict military push up

When talking about strict, you need to look determined.  Now bend down, stretch your arms forward. Separate them and place them on the floor. Stretch your legs backward as far as possible. Ensure your legs are placed straight on the ground firmly. Raise straight your head. You eyes must be concentrated forward. Do not look else where. You can perform as many as you want as long as you are capable enough. You can actually try this anyway or anytime. It is very essential.

Wide hands push up

Wide hands push up is no different than the one first explained. The only difference is that your hands must be wide as it very important for this exercise. You simply need to ensure your hands are widely placed for an effective practice. For instance, if put your hands together, it is simply a wrong performance of it which can not be argued anywhere given it name alone. You can perform as many as you want as long as you are capable enough. This exercise is very important and it’s a must to be practiced.

One arm push up

This is simply big boys or big girls exercise. For you to practice this, you must be fit and must have gained a lot of strength. To do this, you need to first knee down. Put one of your arms on the floor and place the other on your back. Then place straight your legs backward or separate them after which you place your head straight. Ensure your eyes are concentrated forward. You can then lift your body up and down with an arm. You can do as many as you want as long as you are capable enough. This highly increases your confidence. I hope you don’t punch anyone on the face after it is successfully done.

Flying push up

From the word flying, you should simply know what this is all about. The only difference is just that your arms need to be on the air before they come down. I must say that this exercise takes a lot of effort but it’s not bad at all. You can practice as many as you want as long as you are capable enough. This exercise is important, too.

Archer push up. This exercise is one of the great ways to stretch your arms. All you need to do is to lie down straight. Try to stand a bit. Stretch an up widely and place one straightly on the floor. You perform archer push up as long as you want once you are capable enough. This exercise is very effective and important.

Cross body push up

This exercise seriously encourages crossing your body simply to perform push up. For your body to be crossed, you need to try place your right leg in your left leg placement or direction. If done properly, there is no how you body will not be crossed. You can perform as many as you want as long as your are capable enough. This exercise very effective and also important.

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When considering push up modifications, you need to understand the fact that not every push up modification will actually work with every type of push up.

For instance, you need to simply exemplify push ups on your knees instead of your feet simply to ease the hardship on your upper body. Perhaps it is a very great way to actually build up to more difficult variations. And never forget to warm up before performing a set of wide push ups. You can actually perform some dynamic stretches, like arm circles or arms swings simply to have your muscles warmed up and calmed.  And to those who have injuries, perform wide push ups with caution. Do not say I never said this as it is very important for you to adhere to my advice. It simply for you own good because my own ultimate goal is to ensure you are alright.  And if you are not sure a wide grip push is safe for you, kindly talk to a doctor or a physical therapist, or a certified personal trainer before trying it. Perhaps it is very important simply to avoid muscle strains. For people that find variations of wide push-up difficult, try exemplify it on your knees instead of your toes. This will simply assist in paying concentration to your form and perfect alignment of your shoulders, back, and hips. As long as you’ve got the correct form down, and have actually enhanced your strength, you can then do the normal wide push up.

In conclusion, wide grip push ups are actually predicated on building your upper body and core strength as explained above. This exercise effectively works your chest and shoulder muscles.

All of these just enhance your beauty and make you look very attractive. Isn’t it good to be the focused point when working on the road? You can actually be a model should in case if you are thinking there’s no financial benefit. One thing have noticed about people these days is the fact that no one wants to be engage in anything that money is involved. I totally understand due to the level of technological advancement which has greatly made life to be very much civilized. In fact, when you watch some music videos, you will definitely see some people putting of their shirts simply to show off. Oh well, it is not so bad at all as they already feel confident about themselves. In fact, they also govern over some girls when they have them scream over them. This exercise also works your shoulder muscles; like I said above, when you successfully work your should t muscles, it will greatly assist your arms and this will make you feel like punching a bag or something. Above all is your strength as started above, this type of exercise effectively works your strength. It must be said that the essence of any exercise is to strengthen you. If any exercise is simply harmful to you, it is no longer an exercise. This, you must know.



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