While trying to lose weight, it is important to lose weight in a healthy way. Asides exercises and your regular three square meal, there are some weight loss shakes that can be embedded in our PLAN C from the previous article in a bid to shed some weight. There are variety of these shakes that you can make at home at your leisure time using various fruits and vegetables mixed together.

Some people might just be wondering which weight loss shake is the best, some wondering what exactly are weight loss shakes and  their examples while others wondering which weight loss shakes are the best or which are effective. This article will answer those questions.

Shakes are usually prepared like smoothies in most cases. They consist of the combination of various fruits and vegetables put together to form a juice. However, they are different. Shakes are different from smoothies such that it makes use of healthier base ingredients compared to smoothies. Shakes also have a creamier texture than smoothies. Shakes are usually perfect for post work-out session, but smoothies are best taken before hitting the gym.

Which weight loss shake is the best, according to Andrew Abraham, MD, an integrated medicine doc and founder of Orgain protein shakes said, a good shake is all about nailing the right mix of simple, high quality ingredients. Therefore, a good weight loss shake is having the right combination of high quality fruits and vegetables processed into juice form aimed at helping in weight loss.

Shakes are also very high in protein. And the best shakes for weight loss are shakes made from protein. Protein is the best nutrient that should be in your meal or shake when you are trying to shed weight. Even naturally, without you wanting to lose weight, protein is very important in your everyday meal as your body uses protein to build and repair tissues. It is advisable to eat more protein as studies have shown that diets high in protein increases thermogenesis and satiety which leads to a reduced subsequent energy intake and so it doesn’t make you go hungry just anyhow. It doesn’t contain high calories as well.



Which weight loss shake is the best







To start with, it has to be established that shakes that are high in protein are the best i.e the combination of various fruits and vegetables that have protein nutrients are the best shakes you can have for weight loss. These fruits and vegetables include:

Spinach: this is a great source of protein and vitamin A and C. it is preferable to steam your spinach instead of eating it raw as it helps retain the vitamins.

Guava: Guava has the highest protein fruit; it has more than 4 grams in a cup, 9 grams of fiber and only 112calories. When shopping for fruits, Guava should be put in your cart and make sure to take enough of it.

Peas: peas have a great content of protein as you can find eight times the protein in a cup of spinach in a cup of green peas, and it contains 100 percent value of vitamin c in one cup.

Eggs: Eggs help build one’s health as they contain amino acids, antioxidants, and iron. They are the easiest and cheapest way to increase your intake of protein. It is good to eat eggs with the yolk as the yolk contains fat-fighting nutrient called choline that will help you lose weight. Buy eggs whose label reads “organic” because they are certified by the USDA and free from hormones, vaccines and antibiotics.

Greek yogurt: yogurt contains protein and probiotics that aids burning weight. Studies have it that yogurt contains probiotics that reduces the weight of obese women.

1% Grass Fed Milk: this contains high levels of omega 3 fatty acids and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and CLA helps provide a wide variety of health benefits, including immune and inflammatory system support and helps maintain lean body mass.

Almonds: Almonds are a natural weight loss pill. Almonds should be eaten before you hit the gym, it contains Amino acid L-arginine that can help you burn fat and carb during work-outs.

Coconut oil and Olive oil: these are easily digested and gives immediate energy, when they are consumed, you feel satisfied almost immediately.

Grapefruit: it has enough phytochemicals and it helps the body reduce fat.

Berries:  Are a great source of antioxidants that helps shed fat. They have low sugar and contain plenty fiber.

Nuts: contains good fats and protein.

 Having said that protein shakes are the best. What are protein shakes?





Protein shakes are drinks usually made from protein powder mixed with water as well as other ingredients which may or may not be added. Protein shakes are usually used as a supplement to one’s diet and in cases where there is the need for high quality protein foods.

There are different types of protein powder that you can buy and mix for yourself. They include:

  1.  Pea Protein: this type of plant based protein and has low non-essential amino acids.
  2. Soy Protein: Also a plant based protein that contains all necessary amino acids.
  3. Casein Protein: it contains all necessary amino acids and it is slowly absorbed and a diary based.
  4. Whey Protein: it absorbs quickly, contains all necessary amino acids and it is diary based
  5. Hemp Protein: it is also plant based and has omega 3 and omega 6 fats, but it has low necessary amino acids lysine.
  6. Rice Protein: It contains low essential amino acids lysine, also plant based.

    WHICH WEIGHT LOSS SHAKE IS THE BEST AND How do you make a Protein Shake?

Protein shakes aren’t a great deal of work as you just have to know the simple formula and make it to suit your individual preference.

For instance, mix up milk or diary free-milk with 1 cup frozen fruit plus 1 serving Greek yogurt or protein powder, to give you a kind of shake. This mixture has about 20-40 grams of protein in a scoop. A cup of blended fruit has a filling fiber and energizing carbohydrates as well as boosting the flavor of your shake. If you blend it with a diary milk, you will have another eight grams of protein in each cup.

When mixing your shakes you have to be mindful of adding fat because our bodies digest fat slowly and so it is better to skip a source that contains fat, because after consuming fat, you might feel full or uncomfortable during your workout session. You should also be mindful of adding too much sugar in your shake, and to do this, it is advisable to prepare your own shake so as to avoid consuming too much sugar. Already made protein shake usually have added sugars. It is also good to read the labels on frozen fruits that you get from supermarkets to ensure the picked fruit doesn’t contain too much sugar.







  1. Peanut butter protein shakes: it contains protein and oats to keep you satisfied and healthy. Ingredients include: 1 ½ cups of milk(it could be either cow milk, almond, soy or coconut), 4 ice cubes, 2 scoops chocolate protein powder, I tablespoon peanut butter powder, ½ cup of old fashioned oats.

How do you prepare it?

  • Bring together your ingredients
  • Put all your ingredients into your blender and blend it until it is smooth
  • Pour in a glass cup and serve with a straw to make it enjoyable
  • Chocolate Banana Protein shake: ingredients include: ½ ripe banana., 1 scoop vanilla flavored whey protein powder, ½ cup unsweetened almond milk, 2 tbsp raw cacao powder, pinch of salt, 8 ice cubes, ½ tsp instant espresso powder(which is optional).

How do you prepare it?

–  Gather all the ingredients into your blender

–  Blend until it is smooth

–  You can pulse at first so that your ice cubes can grind properly

–  Pour the drink into a glass and serve as you desire

               3.   Berry Protein Shake: this berry protein shake is good for pre-workout, it has protein and has                about 250 calories and 25grams protein per serving. Ingredients include; 1 ½ cups of water, 1 cup frozen blueberry, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, ½ cup frozen raspberry, yogurt or milk of your choice, and 1 cup of frozen strawberry.

                     How do you prepare it?

  • Put all the ingredients into the blender.
  • Blend until you achieve a smooth feel.
  • Serve into a glass cup and garnish as you want.

  • Vegan Protein Shake: this shake has a lot of protein without you having to add any protein powder. This protein shake has nutrients alongside flavor in it.  Its ingredients are: soy milk, frozen banana or fresh banana, cocoa powder, rolled oats, chia seeds and dates, peanut butter.

How to prepare:

It is quite easy to prepare this shake just like any other shake.

  • Add all your ingredients into your blender
  • Blend continuously until it becomes smooth
  • Pour out into your glass and add your straw to make it enjoyable.

  • Raw Egg Protein Shake: The Centre for disease control and prevention says it is not advisable to consume raw eggs as it can put you in a risk of having Salmonella. Salmonella is associated with severe gastrointestinal illnesses that can be deadly if not attended to properly. However this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take raw eggs at all, all you need to do is just to know how to have a healthier alternative which is by mixing it.   The ingredients include: 1/3 cup of nonfat yogurt, ¼ cup of fresh or canned fruit, ½ cup pasteurized eggs.

How to prepare:

–   Pour your 1/3 cup of nonfat yogurt into your blender.

–   Add ¼ cup of fresh or canned fruit to the yogurt in the blender.

–  Add ½ cup of pasteurized raw eggs into your blender as well

–  Blend them all together for 15 to 20 seconds until it is smooth.

–  Pour the protein shake into a glass and drink immediately.

Pasteurized eggs are eggs that have been exposed to heat in order to destroy potential bacterial. The pasteurization process cannot cook the egg but it can only kill the bacteria.

Note: it is required that you refrigerate your raw egg protein shake if you do not finish it. Do not leave it just anywhere.

  • Spinach Flax Protein Shake: the ingredients include: 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder,1/4 cup of frozen mango chunks, ¼ cup frozen pineapple, ½ of a banana(fresh or frozen), 1 large handful of organic baby spinach, 1 tbsp flax meal, 1 tbsp chia seeds.

How to prepare:

– Gather all the ingredients into your blender

– Blend continuously until it becomes smooth.

– Pour into a glass and serve immediately.

The above shows you types of homemade protein shakes that you can have for your weight loss diet. These homemade shakes are easy to prepare and healthier than shakes you might   buy elsewhere because you get the opportunity to control the amount of added sugar etc.


Weight loss shakes have a much lesser calories than the calories contained in a regular meal. According to Cara Harbstreet , M.S, “a calorie deficit regardless of how it is achieved, can stimulate weight loss, and many individuals find that replacing meals and/or snacks with weight-loss shakes allow them to do that”. Study has it that weight loss shakes may result in more weight loss compared to a meal with the same amount of calories. Such that when obese /fat people replace all their daily meals with weight loss shakes for four weeks, they tend to lose double the amount of calories as obese people who eat the same amount of calories through their regular meal. Shakes also reduces food cravings because of its content like protein and fiber.

However, weight loss shakes are usually for short term weight loss process because once you stop taking shakes, do not expect to maintain the weight loss as you are likely to return to your old eating habits and regain the lost weight that you were trying to lose. Weight loss shakes helps to control your meal portion and they are easy to make. You do not have to consume a whole lot of food before you get full as they contain ingredients that takes a while to digest, as stated earlier on which weight loss shake is the best. Weight loss shakes are easy to prepare because all you need to do is to gather the right fruits and vegetables to blend and there you go!

Weight loss shakes cannot work for a long term use. This is because they cannot sustain you for more than a few months compared to your regular meal. You should take note of the fact that shakes should not be taken consistently as meal replacements.

Stick to consuming protein shakes for weight loss and start seeing results!


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