There are different remedies to adopt in achieving a desired weight loss goal. Some of which are exercises, drinking shakes, diets and pills, pills which is the major focus of this article will be discussed. These remedies are known to help you lose weight or maybe make it easier to lose weight along side other means. Weight loss pills most times helps perform at least one of the following:

  • To increase your energy expenditure through thermogenesis
  • Or they help reduce one’s appetite.

Many people who want to lose weight may try to use dietary supplements or herbal medications, but most of these methods have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration(FDA) for weight loss.

It has not been properly researched on to ascertain its effectiveness or how safe it is for use. However, it is not to say that it cannot be used, but it is advised that you consult a medical personnel before using any dietary supplements and herbal medications for weight loss.

Weight loss pill prescribed by a medical personnel is a good option for people who have critical health problems such as; type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol and those who exercises and diets don’t help in controlling their weight.

It is advised to buy pills prescribed by your doctor as he/she has the best information when it comes to the use of any weight loss supplement or weight loss pill. You should converse with your doctor about any product that you have seen and think it is good for you, so that your doctor will be able to provide detailed information on the safety of the product and how to use these pills so that it will not interfere with your other medications, if any.

Many research conducted have been able to find out that, patients who are using weight loss pills may successfully lose about 5% to 10% of their normal weight in a year when they use these pills as part of their diet and exercise plan.

That is why it is emphasized that weight loss drugs should not be a substitute for your diet and exercise program. Also discovered is that many weight loss pills may eventually not help achieve and sustain that healthy and desired weight loss even with continued treatment if the patient has not been able to lose 5% of their initial weight after 12weeks.


Weight loss pills that are considered the best include:

  • Orlistat,
  •  Hydroxycut
  • Raspberry ketones
  • Green coffee bean extract
  • Green tea extract
  • Meratrim
  • Caffeine

ORLISTAT:  The safest and most common pill amongst those four is ORLISTAT, this is because it is  the only product that can be prescribed and as well be bought over the counter. Orlistat is sold as Xenical or Alli and it was recently made available over the counter because it has mild side effects on people. It works by helping the breakdown of fat in the gut, making you take in less calories from fat. According to research, it can increase weight loss by 6 pounds.

HYDROXYCUT: It comprises several ingredients that help with weight loss such as caffeine and a few plant extracts. A study shows that it brought about 21 lbs (9.5 kg) of weight loss over a period of 3 months.

RASPBERRY KETONES: this is found in raspberries; it speeds up the breakdown of fat and causes an increase in the levels of a hormone called adiponectin, which is known to be related to weight loss.

GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT: These are coffee beans which have not been roasted and contain caffeine and chlorogenic acid which are known to help enhance weight loss. About 3 studies have shown that the supplement caused people to lose 5.4 more pounds.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT: This is a very common ingredient in many weight loss supplements. Green tea extract is known to help speed up the activities of norepinephrine, a hormone that helps you to burn fat. It can increase fat burning and cause fat loss majorly around the belly area.

MERATRIM: This is a newly introduced diet pill in the market. It makes it a little difficult for the multiplication of fat cells,  by decreasing the amount of fat that the cells pick up from the blood stream and help them burn fat that has been stored.

CAFFEINE: Caffeine is found in coffee, dark chocolate and green tea and also added to many processed foods and beverages. It helps boost metabolism by 3-11% and increases fat burning by up to 29%.

Ensure to discuss with your doctor when using prescription-only weight loss pill so as to know the benefits and side effects of such pill.


Weight loss pills should be used by people who are already on a diet. This is because weight loss pills are a natural compliment to exercise and diet programs.

If the natural way of losing weight which is eating healthy is not working for you, then you could get weight loss pills which will help push your metabolism to get active. It will also help reduce cravings for foods that are unhealthy that may be making it difficult for you to lose weight.

Weight loss pills are used by people who have serious conditions whereby weight loss has not been achieved and the patient has severe health problems that may be associated with being obese or overweight. Some prescribed weight loss pills usually require that the user must meet some

Criteria, which are; a specified body mass index(BMI) and/or those that have a serious medical condition before using the drug.

Weight loss pills are recommended for obese patients with an initial body mass index(BMI) greater than 30 kg/m2 or overweight people with a BMI greater than 27kg/m2 in the presence of other health conditions such as: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke risk and sleep apnea. Note that, weight loss medications are not for everyone who has high BMI. Some lifestyle programs which may change people’s behaviors and force them to eat healthy and engage in physical activities may help them lose weight.

Some people still continue to use their weight loss pill even after they have achieved their weight loss goals, just so they can sustain their new weight. While some people use conservative appetite suppressant or fiber supplement instead because a continued and excessive use of weight loss pill might be too much or considered aggressive if your aim is just to maintain the weight you have lost.

The kind of supplement you choose as well as your personal physiology matters when it comes to knowing and deciding if weight loss pills are good for weight loss maintenance and weight loss itself.

It is important to note that pregnant women should not use weight loss drugs. Weight loss pills have no benefits to pregnancy and it may be harmful to pregnancy. Weight loss isn’t recommended for pregnant women.


If you want to know which weight loss pill can actually work well for you, you can consult your doctor and have a discussion with him to know which weight loss pill can help you treat overweight or obesity. Doctors will usually discuss the likely benefits of weight loss, he will talk to you about the side effects that may be associated with the  drug’s use, more importantly, he will find out your current health issues and other medications and your family’s medical history and then talk to you about the cost of the drugs.


Studies have shown that weight loss pills do not always work for everyone. To practice safe weight loss, it is recommended that you should only lose one or two pounds of weight in a week.

When weight loss pills are used with the diet and exercise plan, weight loss pills results in a 5% to 10% weight loss over a period of 12months.

For instance, a patient who is weighing 200 pounds, should lose about 10pounds to 20pounds in a period of one year. This falls within the safe measures for weight loss. This amount of weight loss may seem too small, but as small as it may be, it can help to lower blood pressure and have a positive effect on blood sugar (glucose).


Weight loss pills can help you burn more energy: Weight loss pills work through various means. It Helps to reduce the number of calories we take in by suppressing your appetite for food  as a result of  the supplement ingredients in the pills and it also reduces the number of calories your body can absorb. It can also help increase the number of calories we take out by increasing the rate at which you burn fat and increase your energy expenditure- this is one of the functions of weight loss pills.

Weight loss pills can halt the absorption of fat and carbohydrates: some weight loss pills can help block the absorption of fats, by making it pass through one’s digestive system and preventing it from absorbing into body fat. Alli, is one product that can help do that. An example of a carbohydrate absorption blocker is the white kidney bean extract, which reduces the amount of carbs that your body absorbs after eating a carb-rich meal.

Weight loss pills can enhance the rate at which you lose weight, making it faster:  those who have embarked on or currently on their journey to weight loss,  can testify to the fact that weight loss has a slow pace. It takes a while for you to start seeing results. Weight loss pills as well takes a while to work.

For instance, according to a systematic meta-analysis of scientific studies published in 2004, using the drug, Alli for example, mentioned earlier, is a version of orlistat that has proven to be efficient such that, a 3×120 mg per day dose of orlistat nearly doubles the likelihood that you will achieve what doctors seem “clinically significant” weight loss over a period of one year while using the supplement which means you shed 10 percent of your body mass.

Weight loss pills can improve one’s health: epidemiology researchers including Gerry Oster discovered that, 10% weight loss which is sustained would help reduce one’s risk of having a heart disease and stroke and thereby increase one’s life expectancy. Another study by Goldstein shows that even less than 10% of weight loss decreases cholesterol, decreases blood pressure, improves blood sugar levels. These changes are beneficial for your long term health.

Some Weight loss pills can help to burn fat directly: weight loss pills that can do this are green coffee bean extract, green tea extract (according to a research published by scientists at the University of Geneva, it works really good) and raspberry ketone.


Please ensure you do not just use pills you see over the counter or recommended by a friend without following the tips below:

  1. Talk to your doctor about pills you feel you want to use or that might have been recommended by a friend.
  2. Even if you cannot afford to visit a doctor, make sure you have enough information about the pill and its side effects as well as warnings for any medication.
  3. Follow instructions given to you by your doctor concerning weight loss pills or medication.
  4. Get your medication from a pharmacy or web distributor that is approved by your doctor.
  5. Weight loss pills should be used to support diet and physical exercise programs.
  6. When you notice that you are not losing weight even after 12 weeks, see your doctor and talk to him about it and ask if you should keep taking the pills or not.
  7. Talk to your doctor about supplements and vitamins that you are currently taking if any, when considering using weight loss pills.
  8. Pregnant women should avoid taking weight loss pills or those who are planning to get pregnant.


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