Wheat germ recipes or wheat germ includes numerous essential nutrients, including vitamin E, folate (folic acid), phosphorus, thiamin, zinc, and magnesium, as well as essential fatty acids and fatty alcohol. Wheat germ recipes is richly endowed with fiber. White bread is produced with the use of flour whose germ and bran had been removed. Wheat germ recipes can be added to variety of goods such as cookies, pancakes, casseroles, protein shakes, muffins, smoothies, yogurt as well as cereals. It is a very delicate product, at such, it can easily become rancid if not properly refrigerated. Rancidity can be prevented by storing wheat germ in a vacuum sealed glass container. It can also be preserved by placing an oxygen absorbing sachet inside an air tight packaging. These method of preservation have been adopted by some wheat germ manufacturers.

Health benefits of wheat germ

Wheat germ is richly endowed with alot of nutritional and health benefits. It is the nutritious heart of a beautiful wheat kernel. Some of these nutritional benefits includes: rich fiber, high level protein and minerals as well as folate, thiamine and vitamin E. Note that toasted wheat germ is rich and can be easily added to your smoothies, casseroles, cereals as well as your baked goods to derive a mild nutty flavor as well as a superb crunch!

With the above listed nutritional and health benefits, you must be wondering, why isn’t every Tom, Dick and Harry ordering for wheat germ so as to harness these benefits? In this section of the article, we’ll be taking a run down on some of the benefits in a more closer look and we’ll also be dividing wheat germ into a fee products and rich recipes that will make the wheat germ eas

Firstly, research has shown that at a minimum of just 45 calories and 1 gram of unsaturated fat, a 2 tablespoon-serving of wheat germ offers nothing less than 2 grams of dietary fiber. Not only that, it also contains 10% of the recommended daily value of folate as well as 8% of your recommended daily value of phosphorus plus magnesium and zinc. The best aspect of wheat germ is that with all the above listed nutritional values, vitamin E and thiamin are not left out as it contains 15% of your vitamin E and 10% of your thiamin requirements.

Secondly, wheat germ is richly endowed with minerals like phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and iron. Study shows that these minerals are just the right formula your body needs to keep it going.

Thirdly, wheat germ is rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is responsible for the protection of virtually everything in the body system, ranging  from  the brain cells to cell the membranes. Research has also proven beyond doubt that vitamin E plays an important role in helping the immune system to function properly as well as detoxing and fighting off disease infections.

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In addition, wheat germ is a great source of fiber. Fiber is very essential for the body. It helps in balancing blood sugar in the body as well as cholesterol control. Not only that, fiber assists in maintaining a healthy digestion.

Furthermore, you should also note that wheat germ is enriched with B vitamins. B vitamins includes folate, thiamin (vitamin B1) and vitamin B6. It is however necessary to note that these vitamins aids the proper function and regulation of the heart.

Wheat germ is also richly endowed with fatty acids such as the omega-3 fatty acids. This acid helps to lower inflammation as well as cholesterol. Another unique feature of this acid is that it provides support for the nervous system.

Products that can be made from wheat germ recipes

1. Wheat Germ

Wheat germ has a high quality and can be added to baked goods or even meatballs. Not only that, wheat germ can be used as topping on a casserole, it can also be used to coat cookies as well as to replace breadcrumbs. The interesting thing alot of people don’t know that wheat germ can be sprinkled over cold cereal or yogurt inorder for it to serve as an additional nutrient boost. Since wheat germ is made from the finest wheat kernels, it is rich in vitamins and minerals ranging from the highest to the least. These minerals includes: phosphorus, iron, vitamin E, magnesium, thiamin, zinc as well as folate. Not only that, it contains fatty acids and just the right amount of dietary fiber to keep your body going.

2. Whole Wheat Flour

Some manufacturers produce whole wheat flour from red hard wheat which is richly endowed with a lot of nutritional benefits from the wheat germ, wheat kernels, endosperm as well as the brain. Whole wheat flour can be grounded in the traditional way that is by slow turning cool temperature quartz millstones. This simply means that when a pound of whole wheat berries goes into the mill, a pound of whole wheat flour comes out in return.

3. Wheat germ can be used to produce organic high fiber pancake mix

Some manufacturers include ingredients like wheat germ, stone ground whole wheat pastry flour, oat bran, flaxseed meal as well as Scottish oatmeal to produce organic high fiber pancake mix. This product also contains a touch of pure sugar cane for sweetness. Also, the mix can be used for delicious recipes like high fiber apple cinnamon muffins. Trust me, there’s nothing betterment then eating s warm oven baked pancake, rich in fiber and deliciously topped with spicy and sweet apples!

4. Wheat germ recipes

Below are some creative ways to use your wheat germ to obtain your healthy meal diet plan. Note that this wheat germ recipes is made with a mix of the following ingredients:

– Wheat germ

– Wheat bran

– Whole wheat flour

– Unbleached white all purpose flour and

– Regular rolled oats.

You should note that if you want to give bread it’s herb flavor, add your sage, thyme, black pepper, marjoram, celery seed, oregano as well as some onions. The bread is much more enjoyable when combined with a bowl of stew or homemade soup or even a warm beverage. If you want to increase your fiber intake, you are free to add a little bit more wheat germ than the recipe requested for.


5. Whole-wheat pumpkin spice muffins

This type of muffin is considered one of the most perfect type of muffin. The whole-wheat pumpkin spice muffin is healthy yet easy to make. All that is needed to be done is to bake a big batch in the fall so that the smell of the season can waft through your home. These whole wheat pumpkin spice have a base of golden flaxseed, whole wheat pastry flour, quick rolled oats, pumpkin puree as well as wheat germ. This base becomes all things autumn when carefully mixed with honey, eggs as well as pumpkin pie spice. After you are done filling your muffin cups, all you need to do is to bake for nothing less than 20 minutes. After that is done, serve warm with a cup of coffee, butter and a sprinkle of pumpkin spice.

6. Organic energy bars with some fruits

If you’re craving for a super grain energy bar to take to the office, school or any other place, organic energy bars with fruits might be the perfect choice for you. Organic energy bars are are rich in nutritious ingredients such as pumpkin seeds, chopped walnuts, organic kamut berries, organic regular rolled oats, organic hard red wheat berries, premium shelled sunflower seeds as well as wheat germ. There are also rich dried fruits such blueberries and raisins, shredded coconut, cherries as well as common spices like cinnamon and cardamom. You can sweeten the bars by adding Honey and apple sauce. This will definitely give you the most nutritious snack I bet you’ve ever had. This bars should be well packaged and refrigerated so as to enable it last longer.

7. Blueberry banana bread

Blueberry banana bread can be made with a simple base of unbleached white all purpose flour, wheat bran, whole wheat pastry flour, flaxseed meal as well as wheat germ. It can as well be flavored with a combination of blueberries, bananas and grounded cinnamon. With these combinations, nothing tastes better than blueberry banana bread! You are free to use sour cream, butter or coconut oil as a substitute for margarine. You can also add some chopped nuts to increase the amount of protein. It is not a type of bread that can be consumed by one individual. The maximum number of people that can consume it is 10. Therefore, if you’re having it for breakfast for a lot of people, make at least two. Your blueberry banana bread will taste just fine the next afternoon with a cup of cold almond milk or a mug of tea.

8. Wheat germ corn muffins

Wheat germ corn muffins can be eaten in the morning for breakfast together with your coffee, tea or better still served in the evening with soup or chilli. Wheat germ is richly endowed with cornmeal and unbleached white all purpose flour. Wheat germ corn muffins can be made in both standard and mini sizes for both adults and kids. They are very delicious when served warm with butter and a drizzle of honey as a sweetner. They can also be made spicy if you prefer it that way. Spices like canned green chillies, a bit of cheddar and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper.

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 9. Banana orange smoothie

Smoothies are a superb way of enjoying wheat germ. Banana orange smoothie is good for breakfast or can serve as your afternoon snack. Banana orange smoothie is made with these ingredients:

– Plain yogurt

– Wheat germ

– Vanilla extract

– Sliced banana

– Honey

– Grounded cinnamon

All this recipe takes is a few minutes to throw together. If you’re craving for a little extra crunch all you need to do is to try topping the smoothie with a handful of granola. The taste will be the perfect way to start your day! Creamy and delicious!

Where to get your wheat germ

Wheat germ recipes is the major nutritional component of whole wheat grain. It is attached to a wheat kernel. The main responsibility of the wheat kernel is to help plants reproduce and spawn new wheat. Together with the husk, wheat germ is removed from refined wheat products like for instance, those that make use of white flour so that they can last long. Wheat germs are available raw. It can also be added to cereals, cornbread as well as granolas. Wheat germ can be used as topping for your ice cream, hot or cold cereal, fruit pies and even yogurt. Wheat germ is also a better substitute for your meatballs, meatloaves and breadcrumbs.

It is however interesting to note that wheat germ is also available in liquid and gelcap form. It can also be used a nutritional supplement.

You can purchase ready made wheat germ in your grocery stores. It is very affordable depending on the amount you need. It is also readily available at any time of the year.

Side effects of wheat germ

1. Wheat germ contains gluten. Therefore, people who are gluten intolerant or are allergic to glutens should avoid wheat germ supplements as it could pose a threat to their health.

2. One cup of wheat germ contains roughly about 60 grams of carbs. Therefore, it is not advisable for people who are on a low carbs diet. Such people should be mindful of the portion they consume.

3. Wheat germ is not advisable for people with heart disease as well as people at a high risk of developing heart disease. This is because Wheat germ oil is richly endowed with triglycerides (a type of fat) and it could be dangerous to their health.

4. It is important to consult your doctor to confirm the benefits and risks of adding wheat germ to your diet plan.


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