In this quick guide, we’ll look at “The Top 8 Mustard Seed Substitutes?”, as well as other frequently asked questions Mustard Seed.

Mustard seeds are a very popular seed from the mustard plant that is used in a variety of cuisines all over the globe. It’s used in pickling, mustard, and a variety of foods including curries, soups, and sauces to provide a unique pungent, somewhat spicy taste.

Mustard seed comes in a variety of types and may be utilized in a variety of ways. However, if you don’t have a mustard seed on hand, you may discover alternatives so that you can still prepare the dish.

Mustard seed has a distinct taste that may enhance the flavor of dishes such as curries, pickles, and others. Horseradish, wasabi, caraway seeds, prepared mustard, turmeric, cumin, and powdered mustard powder are all common mustard seed replacements.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about replacing mustard seeds.

The Top 8 Mustard Seed Substitutes

In most recipes, the mustard seed alternatives listed below may effectively replace this ingredient. So, read down to discover more about each alternative before making your decision.

1. Horseradish

Horseradish has a somewhat pungent, slightly spicy taste similar to mustard seed. Horseradish is a wonderful replacement for mustard seed in savory, spicy recipes, and a little bit goes a long way.

Horseradish and mustard seeds share a botanical family, giving them a similar taste character. Fresh horseradish is available, as is prepared horseradish, which is often kept in vinegar and tastes somewhat spicier.

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Depending on how much taste you want in your meal, you may need less if you buy readymade horseradish.

2. Wasabi

Wasabi, which resembles horseradish in appearance, is a prominent ingredient in Asian cuisine. It has the same strong Sicilian taste as mustard seed and horseradish.

Wasabi’s inherent spiciness makes it an excellent replacement for mustard seeds. However, since it is also extremely potent, start by using half the quantity of wasabi as you would horseradish.

Wasabi is best utilized in recipes that need a lot of spiciness to replace mustard seeds. Wasabi will also assist to enhance the taste of the meal.

3. sprigs of caraway

Caraway seeds have a taste similar to mustard seeds in that they are somewhat warm, pungent, and spicy, and they give a lot of flavor to whatever meal they are put to.

You may use caraway seeds for the mustard seeds in the same quantity, and they will give a wonderful flavor to the meal.
You may also try adding cumin to the recipe for a more pronounced taste. This will enhance the taste and make it more reminiscent of mustard seeds.

4. Turmeric

This Asian spice is well-known for its bright orange color and medicinal qualities. It is widely used in Indian cuisine, as well as many other South Asian cuisines.

Turmeric is a fantastic replacement for mustard seeds since it has a spicy, pungent taste that is comparable to mustard seeds but also adds a lot of flavor to any meal.

Turmeric has a much milder flavor than horseradish or caraway, but it still has a wonderful flavor that is similar to mustard seed; just not as strong.

If you want to increase the spiciness, a pinch of horseradish may be added.

5. Mustard that has been prepared

You may not always have mustard seed in your cupboard, but you may have a better chance of having prepared mustard on hand. Because it is produced from mustard seed, prepared mustard has the same taste profile, and if you’re in a hurry, mustard is ideal.

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To give your meal a little of a kick, add a few tablespoons. Dijon mustard is preferred since it is more strong and somewhat spicy, but regular American mustard would suffice if you don’t have dijon on hand.

If you have mustard seeds, you can also create your own mustard, which will keep in the fridge for approximately a month.

6. Mustard seeds of various colors

There are many mustard seed types, but the three most common are black, brown, and yellow mustard seeds. What’s the greatest part? They are readily accessible at your local grocery.

Yellow mustard seeds are the mildest, while black and brown are more hotter and powerful, therefore use approximately half the quantity of black or brown seeds to substitute yellow mustard seeds.
When replacing black or brown mustard seeds, use extra yellow mustard seeds.

7. Cumin

This is another excellent spice to keep on hand, and it is often used in Indian cuisine, particularly in dishes such as curries. Cumin has a strong flavor as well, and although it does not taste precisely like mustard seed, it may be used as a replacement due to its citrus flavor.

You may combine cumin with another flavoring agent, such as wasabi or horseradish, to enhance the taste even more, and it will still provide a wonderful flavor to any meal.

8. Mayonnaise

Although it may seem odd, mayonnaise works well as a replacement for mustard seeds, but only yellow mustard seeds.

Yellow mustard seed is the mildest of the mustard seeds and is often used to thicken the consistency of meals. If you don’t have yellow mustard seed, you may use a tablespoon of mayonnaise for the same consistency but not the same flavor.
Make careful to use a little amount so it doesn’t overpower the taste of your meal, and use another alternative to assist with the flavor as well.

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Can I use mustard powder for mustard seeds?

Yes, in most instances, mustard powder may be used in lieu of mustard seeds since it has the same taste and is a suitable substitute.

However, if a recipe calls for whole mustard seeds, double-check the recipe to see whether mustard powder may be substituted.

If not, an alternative substitute for entire mustard seeds, such as other kinds of mustard seed, would be required.

What’s the Distinction Between Black, Brown, and Yellow Mustard Seeds?

Mustard seed comes in three varieties: black, brown, and yellow. They are all from various regions and have somewhat distinct taste characteristics, but they may all be used interchangeably.

The most often utilized mustard seeds are black mustard seeds. They are also the spiciest and most flavorful, and are often linked with spicy meals and strong tastes.

If you use yellow mustard seeds instead of black mustard seeds, you may use at least twice as much since yellow mustard seeds are considerably milder.

Brown mustard seeds are spicier as well, although not as much as black mustard seeds. Furthermore, the two types may be utilized interchangeably.

All three mustard seeds may be used in any recipe that asks for mustard seeds. You may just need to change the amounts to get the same taste.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “The Top 8 Mustard Seed Substitutes”, with an in-depth analysis of other FAQs about Mustard Seed.


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