This smoked chicken thighs are a great way to enjoy delicious chicken smoked in your own backyard. Trust me you would surely beg for more, this i can assure you.

Smoked chicken thighs

Prep time : 10mins

Cook time : 1hr

Total time : 1hr 10mins

Yields : 4 servings

Cuisine : American

Required ingredients :

(1) 2 pounds of bone in, skin on chicken thighs

(2) 2 tablespoons of hey grill hey signature sweet rub

(3) ½ cup of whiskey peach BBQ Sauce

Steps by step Instruction:

(1) Preheat your smoker to 275 degrees fahrenheit

(2) Prepare your chicken thighs by trimming off any excess skin or extra thin chicken around the edges of the bone

(3) Then roll the chicken tightly into uniform pieces

(4) Season on all sides with the sweet rub Note :you don’t need to use the entire 2 tablespoons of  the ingredients, simply use enough to completely cover the chicken

(5) Place the chicken on the smoker skin side up then close the lid and cook until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees fahrenheit

(6) This will take anywhere from 45 mins to 1 hour 15 mins depending on how big your chicken thighs are

(7) Then baste with the whiskey peach BBQ sauce or any of your favorite BBQ sauce until the internal temperature measured with a meat thermometer reaches 170-175 degrees

(8) Remove from the grill and  allow to rest for 5-10 mins, serve, and enjoy

As usual i would always provide you with another method so you get to select which one is easier for you.

Method 2:

(1) Preheat your favorite smoker to 275 degrees fahrenheit

(2) I don’t recommend smoking skin on chicken at a lower temperature or better still you can end up with rubbery skin

(3) Then trim off any excess skin or extra thin chicken around the edges of the bone

(4) Roll the chicken immediately very  tight into uniform pieces

(5) Drizzle on all sides with olive oil

(6) This helps keep the skin moist during smoking and also helps with the next step

(7) Grab some sweet rub and get seasoning and you can either purchase  a signature sweet rub online, or make it from scratch using this recipe

(8) Make sure you season the chicken on all sides to completely cover the thighs

(9) Place the chicken on your smoker skin side up down

(10) Close the lid tight

(11) Cook the thighs until the internal temperature reads 165 degrees fahrenheit

(12) Depending on how big your chicken thighs are it can take  from 45 to 75 mins to reach this target temperature

(13) Baste with whiskey peach BBQ sauce or  you can buy this pre made from your  provisions store or you can make your own using this recipe

(14) You can also use your favorite BBQ sauce and play around with different flavors to improve your ability

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(15) Then continue to smoke the chicken until the thighs reach a temperature of 170-175 degrees fahrenheit

(16) Once your chicken is looking good and at the right temperature then remove them from the smoker

(17) Rest the thighs for 10 minutes, then serve hot and enjoy

Note : You can try another method if the listed one above isn’t good with you. Below is another method by which you can prepare your smoked  chicken thighs :

Another form of ingredients :

(1) 1 cup of water

(2) 1 cup of apple juice

(3) Soda, Sprite, 1 can (any lemon lime soda will do)

(4) Salt, coarse, 1/2 cup (kosher or sea salt is fine)

(5) Pepper, 1 tablespoon

(6) One package of bone in, skin on chicken thighs

(7) Poultry rub

(8) Sauce, BBQ, use your favorite

(9) Soda, Coca-Cola, 1 can

(10) Optional: Sugar, brown

Steps on how to prepare:

(1) Start by assembling your smoked chicken thighs brine together

(2) Allow the chicken to soak in a vessel filled with the water, juice, soda, salt and pepper for anywhere from 30 mins to several hours

(3) Rinse the meat off with cool water and arrange the thighs over a tray with their skin side facing downward direction

(4) Dust the underside of the thighs with your rub and allow the meat to sit and soak in the rub while you prepare your smoker for cooking via indirect heat

(5) Roll your thighs so that their skin completely surrounds the meat then  you want as little of the actual meat showing as you can manage

(6) Use toothpicks to keep things in place

(7) Apply more rub then place the thighs as far away from the heat as you can, setting the temperature to 225 degree fahrenheit  and letting them cook for  2 hours

(8) Use the time that the thighs are smoking to pour your BBQ sauce into a medium  bowl

(9) Since you want a thin sauce for this recipe a thick sauce needs to be thinned out

(10) Consider using a can of Coca-Cola if your sauce is rather thick and gloppy and not only will it be sufficient for basting the chicken but it also gains even more flavor from the soda

(11) When 2 hours have finished you  use some non piercing tongs to grasp each thigh, fully submerge it into the bowl of BBQ sauce and then return it to the grill

(12) Feel free to sprinkle the sauced meat with brown sugar after

(13) After 10-15 minutes of cooking, the sauce should have fully stuck to the meat and your thighs are ready for plating

(14) After removing the thighs from the grill and waiting for some minutes for them to cook, feel free to dig in.

Note : it is best served hot.

Smoked chicken thighs boneless skinless

Description :

Learn how to smoke perfect boneless chicken thighs with this article  to follow recipe.

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Prep time : 15mins

Cook time : 1hr 20mins

Total time : 1hr 35mins

Yields : 2 servings

Cuisine : American

Required ingredients :

(1) 4 Chicken thighs of 2 per person or more

(2) 2 tablespoon of  of good lov’n rub or sweet lov’n rub

Steps by step instruction:

(1) Remove thigh bones

(2) Check for any rough cartilage after removing the  bone

(3) Remove if needed

(4) Apply rub to all parts of the thigh and make sure you do it equally

(5) Tie up with butcher twine to keep the thighs nice and well shaped

(6) Heat the grill/smoker to 350 degree fahrenheit and setup for indirect heat

(7) Make sure you put a chunk or small handfull of apple wood or cherry wood on the coals before putting chicken on the grill.

(8) Place the  chicken on the grill then skin side up. Cook for 20 mins then flip skin side down

(9) Finish with the skin side up for 20 mins. Then cook for 1 hr or until the skin starts to become slightly crispy

(10) Remove the butchers twine immediately

(11) Heat the grill to medium high heat temperature

(12) Grill over medium to high direct heat by  turning every 1-2 mins  until the skin is nice and crispy

(13) Let cool for 5-10 minutes then  serve.Then glaze with BBQ sauce or leave dry if you want to preserve the crispy skin.

Note : it is best served at room temperature.

Smoked chicken thighs brine


Brined chicken thighs is  the best way to go whenever you’re considering cooking with chicken. it is one of my favourite chicken recipe and it’s straightforward to prepare and chicken thigh itself is such a versatile part of the chicken

Prep time : 15mins

Cook time : 15mins

Total time : 30mins

Yileds : 4 servings

Cuisine : American

Required ingredients :

(1) 2 litres of (8 cups) water

(2) 60ml of (4 tbsp) salt

(3) 60ml of (4 tbsp) sugar

(4) 8 chicken thighs

Steps by step instruction:

(1) Place the water, salt and sugar in a large pot and heat very well

(2) Stir until everything is dissolved totally

(3)Then you wait for the liquid to cool down before brining the chicken in it

Note the following:

(1) The quantity of brine needed depends on the quantity of chicken used and the size of the container you put it in

(2) The goal is to have all parts the wings completely submerged in the brine, preferably overnight

(3) If you don’t have enough brine, simply make another batch

(4) Don’t even heat the water or stir the salt and sugar straight in because the results are still fantastic

(5) Make sure you feel free to experiment with the salt, sugar and water ratios

(6) This is the most basic recipe you can find because you can add different ingredients to jazz up the brine’s flavour, such as carrot, onion, celery, pepper and all kinds of herbs

Smoked chicken thighs pellet grill


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Smoked chicken is one of my favorite smoked meats and chicken. Luckily, smoking chicken on a pellet smoker is easy to do and it doesn’t take that long to do either

Prep time : 10mins

Cook time : 55mins

Total time : 1hr 15mins

Yields : 8 servings

Cuisine : American

Required ingredients:

(1) 8 chicken thighs

(2) 1/2 cup of  BBQ rub

(3) 1/2 cup of canola oil

Steps by step instruction:

(1) First of all you take the meat out of the package and rinse it off with cold water

(2) Add your rub or seasonings all over each chicken thigh immediately. As for me i like to put the rub into a ziplock bag, add a piece or two of chicken, then shake it round until the pieces are evenly coated

(3) Add seasoning to the bag as needed and  discard extra seasoning. Instantly i usually toss the bag and the seasoning after coating all the chicken

(4) Put the chicken into a container and store in the fridge  until you’re ready to smoke, or if you’re ready to smoke, head for the grill

(5) You should be familiar with how your pellet grill operates because most of them follow a simple start up plan and make sure you have wood pellets in your hopper

(6) Spray the grates with non stick spray

(7) Turn it on and let it go through its initial start up without stress usually only about 5 minutes

(8) Set the grill to your preferred smoke temperature and give it time to reach and hold that same temperature

(9) Place thighs on grates allowing space in between pieces for smoke to get through

(10) Close lid and let the smoker do its job perfectly

(11)The wood pellet smoking surrounds a piece of meat in a confined smokey space while you lower heat

(12) The smoke penetrates the meat giving it the rich and unique smoke flavors that people crave when it is done properly.

(13) I usually smoke chicken thighs for about 1.5 to 2 hours at 250 degrees fahrenheit and this  can vary a bit by how much chicken or any other meat items are also smoking

(14) One way to check the doneness of your smoked chicken is to wiggle the exposed bone ends because if it is flexible then it is done

(15) If you use a thermometer then poke it at its thickest part

(16) If  you’re looking for a temperature of about 160 keeping in mind that the chicken will continue to cook after you take it off the grill

(17) It will reach the perfect temperature of 165 degree fahrenheit by the time you are ready to eat. Try not to poke a piece more than once because the inside juices may start leaking out

(18) If you set your pellet smoker grill to 250 degree fahrenheit figure about 30-45 minutes of smoke time per pound.

Note : It is best served hot, orange juice is best recommended for this kind of dish.


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