Knee pull ins exercise is a very important that helps strengthens your knees. Perhaps most people suffer from knee Problem and how good are the legs when the knees are not in good shape? This automatically takes to a footballer’s life. This exercise is frequently practiced by most footballers not just at home but also when training.

When someone is suffering from knee problem, the legs can never work well so you can’t forcefully play anything with it. The knee is the head of your  legs and must be taken seriously. In actual fact, this exercise should not just be practiced by footballers alone because it is quiet essential to people generally.  Having walk a short distance, you would hear some people complaining that their legs are paining them. Perhaps any pain that comes from the legs will surely start from your knees. Your knees hold your laps and your legs. In fact, the force that assists you in standing up is your knees and if it is damaged, there comes a problem in standing up. So in this article, you will be taught how to exemplify knee pull ins. I am super sure that some of you are familiar with this exercise because it is an exercise that can be practiced anywhere.  You can even practice it when working unlike some exercises that require you going to the gym. Oh well, it’s not just one of them which makes it more interesting and I am sure you will enjoy it. It must be said that this exercise is for everybody. This means that it does not negate anybody. Kindly encourage people to practice it. Most especially old people. Perhaps the knees of the old ones become so weak because of old age. In fact, their knees become weaker if not used to practicing this exercise and before you know it, they will pushed on wheel chair because they simply can’t walk. Like I said earlier on, your knees play a vital role in allowing your legs to walk perfectly well and when they are damaged, there comes a problem in moving around. Now, let me teach you how to perform knee pull in.   In performing knee pull ins, it is actually a must you Lie on an exercise mat as it is important. Ensure  your knees are bent and lift your legs simply to shape a 90 degree angle.  When this is achieved, make sure you position your palms under your glutes or facing down beside you as it is very important you adhere by that for an effective practice.  After you are done with that, you need to start another exercise by extending your legs out and touching the floor with your toes simply to feel a tight stretch in your lower abs as it is important. In fact, I will further the explanation of knee pull ins abs later in this article.  Try to not forget to go back to the beginning placement and ensure you breath in as you go about it.

Seated Knee Pull Ins

This exercise is very funny as I always suffered from running stomach from the beginning. In all honesty, I was used to eating strong food before exercising myself so my body was always heavy which led to me having running stomach every time. I remember the day a friend of my was with me which happened to be one of the days I suffered from running stomach. I had promised him I would at least perform 20reps at a go. Before I got to 7, I instantly had running stomach. I stopped and he started laughing at me. I felt ashamed anyway so he asked why I stopped, I told him I was having running stomach, but he couldn’t believe as he felt I could not complete what began because I was too weak. Oh well, he said thereafter that I was a mummy’s boy and advised me not to stop taking milk from my mum. I guess there was nothing as embarrassing as that and consequently, I stopped eating strong food before exercising myself. Funny enough, I was able to show myself later on and said to him to always be lectured by his father because he has stopped to be a man. He looked at me and wanted to curse me but I flee before he began. Back to the topic, from the name knee pull ins, what comes to your mind? You need not to google online because the understanding of this exercise is just crystal clear.

You can not just tell me you want to practice this exercise and that’s why you standing on your feet. Oh well, I would be forced to laugh really hard on you. So In practicing this exercise, you simply need to find somewhere to seat and as it has required you to do so. And not to  forget that your knees are also needed as you will pull in and out because that is what the exercise is simply all about. To perform this exercise, you need sit down with your hands on the mat, your legs fully extended and lean back as adhering to this is very important. And also, ensure your legs are bent then bring your knees toward your chest. Try to grasp for like a second or two and then completely extend your legs without touching the mat. You can do this severally, When exemplifying any kind of exercise, always ensure you breath in and out as it is very important for blood to circulate your body. In actuality, seated pull ins are a great exercise to focus on your abs and enhance your core strength. It has a lot of advantages but having a strong core also assists to prevent your back from injury and can enhance  your posture which is very important. In every article written by me, I always emphasize the importance of having a nice posture in the stance of communicating non verbally. Every mood you make communicates. Having a nice posture firstly uncovers the fact that you are confident and bold without no one talking to you.

Standing Knee Pull Ins

This exercise should remind you those days that your legs were paining you and you began to pull your knees in and out without knowing you are actually exemplifying standing knee pull ins. This exercise is just as easy as that. And even from the name, you should simply know what it is all about.

You need not to be convinced by anything else because even the name only has given you some hits as to how it would be achieved. All you just need is yourself to encourage your body to get to work because there are a lot of benefits in practicing it as it is a functional abdominal exercise for boosting strength throughout the core. And also, It must be said that standing Knee pull ins lifts your heart rate up and assists in burning more calories during workout.

What Muscles Do Knee Pull Ins Work

The muscles that your pull ins work are actually located around your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen. In actual fact, they actually contract and assist with movements that demand twisting, bending, reaching, etc.  Perhaps a strong core tremendously gives great stability and balance for every day’s  tasks and athletic activities. In one of my recent articles, I actually emphasized on the importance of building strong muscles and like I said, building strong muscles assists you in preventing injuries and chronic low back pain. In enhancing core strength, you need to exemplify some specific exercises that focus on your abdominal muscles as they are very important.  

Although knee pull up isn’t my centrality in this article but that doesn’t stop my from emphasizing on it as it is very important because it falls in the same faculty with knee pull in. Perhaps knee pull up is a fairly straightforward exercise that only demands the utilization of a flat bench. Simply to start, ensure there’s enough room around the bench simply because you will need your feet to touch the floor in the beginning placement and your arms to be slightly out to the sides when grasping onto the back of the bench.  Ensure you lie with your back on a flat bench, feet on the floor simply to put your head so close to the end of the bench and not hanging off the back of it. Never forget that your feet must be up onto the bench and position them flat on the surface with knees bent and touching. Try put your hands behind your head and hold the bench, one hand on each side, palms focusing on each other, not down.

Make sure you connect your core by drawing in your navel and contracting your abdominal muscles.  There are certain things you need to put in order before you can effectively practice this exercise as they are very important. And on of them is the environment that will be used to practice this exercise.  When you’ve found the environment and set up your bench, you simply need to lower the distance between the bench and your hips during the beginning part of the movement.  For instance, if you are actually willing to make the knee up more hard, try utilizing a decline bench. Perhaps it will position your body at an angle and demands more balance and activation of your core. And also, you can seriously reduce the distance you bring your hips off the bench as it is very important to effectively exemplify it.

In essence, if you have any back issues, you can actually try a different exercise or consult your trainer or doctor.  Anytime you feeling pain when practicing any exercise, put a stop to it because exercising yourself should help not arm you. If any exercise is detrimental to your well being, it is not longer an exercise and this, I know. There are people that no matter how much you explain something to them, they still end up doing otherwise which is very bad. There is a guy I know of, he wanted to build his chest. And as a beginner, I told him to start from push ups. I asked him to perform just 5push ups since he’s a beginner, this guy ended up performing 16 push ups and suffered pains from his shoulders to his arms. In fact, his chest began to pain him until he told me the honest truth which made me to ask him to stop.  From that alone made me understand that even though your instruction is number one song on the billboard, some people would never follow it even though they know the song offhand. That’s just people. I mean, people are just complex and this is the foundation of conflict in our society.

Their characters can never be constant. “When it is no problem.  I would do as you asked me turns to I forgot.” Like it is for my benefit not yours. Sometimes I just go to the sea and begin to ask some questions that I know I can not get answers to them.  It is not funny even though you say it is funny to others.

knee pull ins abs

This exercise is highly important. Try to put your two hands on the back of your head then seat. Place  your legs grasping the ground firmly. Now move your body from your shoulder to your waist down and up severally. You can try 20 times as a start. If done correctly, it will promote better posture, improve balance, coordination and agility. It also helps in reducing lower back pain. And should you be looking to lose weight or develope functional core strength you need for sports and every day’s  tasks, it is great for you. Having a nice strong and balance body is the best.


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