I know you’ve probably enjoyed a can of ranch style beans from the grocery store but maybe you didn’t realize just how easy it is to make them yourself from scratch to finish but you’ll know the ingredient and you will  be able to control the spices to suit your preferences and you will save some serious cash.

Recipes with ranch style beans

Prep time : 3hrs

Cook time : 3hrs 30mins

Total time : 6hrs 30mins

Yields : 8 servings

Cuisine : American

Required ingredients :

(1) Dried pinto beans

(2) Tomato paste

(3) Onion

(4) Garlic

(5) Chili powder, cumin, paprika and cayenne

(6) Brown sugar

(7) Salt and pepper

Steps by step instruction:

(1) Since you’re starting with dried beansthen  it is important to soak the beans for at least 6 hours before cooking them on the stovetop that is if you plan to use the crock pot or   you can skip this step

(2) After the beans have soaked you then drain off the water and return the beans to the pot

(3) Add 1 quart of fresh water then bring the pot to a boil and then cover and reduce the heat to low a low temperature

(4) Simmer the beans for about 1 1/2 hours

(5) Stir in the tomato paste, onion, garlic and other seasonings

(6) Bring the pot to a boil then reduce the heat to low temperature and then simmer while it is covered for 1 more hour

(7) The beans are done when they’re nice and tender when touched and the gravy is thick

Note :

(1) If you plan to simmer the beans on the stovetop then be sure to allow enough time to soak the beans first. I strongly  recommend at least 6 hours or up to overnight that’s if you’re using the crock pot method if not then you can skip this step

(2) The beans will stay fresh at room temperature for up to 2 hours then after that point then they should be refrigerated

(3) To reheat the beans then you have to warm over low heat temperature  just until they reach the desired temperature

Ranch style beans nutrition


This session contains all the nutritional informations and benefits you derive from the consumption of your ranch style beans.

Nutritional values:

(1) Saturated fat 1g

(2) Sodium 580mg

(3) Potassium 420mg

(4) Carbohydrates 20g

(5) Sugar 2g

(6) Sugar 2g

(7) Protein 6g

(8) Vitamin A 72μg

(9) Vitamin C 0mg

(10) Calcium 40mg

(11) Calories 130

(12) Calories from Fat 27 (20.8%)

Here are some important tips to take note of:

(1) You can adjust the seasoning: Always taste the beans and adjust the seasoning to suit your family’s tastebuds. As you can see these are fairly mild beans and you can add as much cayenne or hot sauce as you like to increase the heat temperature. You will  also want to season well with salt and pepper

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(2) Ranch style beans with meat: As you can see above, this ranch style beans recipe is vegetarian and vegan and if you prefer you can add a ham hock or cooked bacon to your pot of beans

(3) Nutrition: This healthy vegetarian dish has about 222 calories per serving and 12 grams of protein which is  less than 1 gram of fat and 42 grams of carbohydrates

(4) Pinto beans are an excellent source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients may provide several benefits which includes improved blood sugar control and heart health. These pinto beans are also rich in various antioxidants and may help lower your risk of chronic disease.

Pioneer woman ranch beans recipes


There’s nothing better than a big whole pot of beans and especially when they’re seasoned with peppers and served with cornbread.

Prep time : 5mins

Cook time : 4hrs

Total time : 4hrs 5mins

Yileds : 12 servings

Cuisine : American

Required ingredients :

(1) 4 cups of dry pinto beans

(2) 1 whole ham hock

(3) 1 whole onion, diced

(4) 2 whole red bell peppers, diced

(5) 4 cloves garlic, minced

(6) 2 whole Jalapenos, sliced

(7) 2 teaspoon of salt, more to taste

(8) 2 teaspoon of chili powder (optional)

(9) 2 teaspoon of black pepper, more to taste

Steps on how to prepare:

(1) Rinse beans under cold water then try to sort out any rocksor particles

(2) Place beans in a stock pot with the ham hock then cover with water by 2 inches

(3) Bring to a boil temperature then reduce to a simmer

(4) Cover the pot and simmer for 2 hours but keep checking occasionally to make sure the water level is fine

(5) Add more water if needed

(6) Then throw in diced onion, red bell pepper, garlic and jalapeno at a time

(7) Cover and continue cooking for another hour or two then make sure you remember to check the water level always

(8) Add your salt, chili powder (if desired) and pepper then cover and cook for another 20 to 30 minutes or until the  beans are lovely and tender

(9) Serve with cornbread as a meal or spoon on top of nachos or tacos

Ranch style beans and rice


This dish isn’t scarce the way people say it to be i can assure you that. It is very easy to prepare and i will recommend you give it a try.

Prep time : 10mins

Cook time : 40mins

Total time : 50mins

Yileds : 5 servings

Cuisine : American

Required ingredients:

(1) 15 ounces of ranch style beans

(2) 1 cup of rice

(3) 2 cups of water

(4) Salt (optional)

(5) 2 tablespoons of water, for beans (optional)

(6) 2 tablespoons of butter

Steps on how to prepare:

(1) Start by melting the butter in the pot along with a small amount of salt

(2) Once melted add water and heat until it is almost to a boil temperature

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(3) Add the rice and heat about 15 minutes or until most of the water inside the pot is absorbed

(4) In a separate pot pour the can of beans in and heat up

(5) Add the additional 2 teaspoons of water so that the sauce has a good consistency

(6) When finished cooking both items remove from the heat

(7) On a serving plate mix the two right before serving it in

Note : it is best served hot.

Ranch style beans substitute

Ranch Style Beans can be considered as a fundamental Texan (American)  dish however, it is not very easy to find ingredients to make this cuisine. But it is important to have a good  idea on how to cook them especially if you are serving them for important occasions with friends and families around. Although it is proper to use ranch style beans to make this recipe but however  they might not be readily available anytime so it is important to find substitutes for this great recipe.


(1) Cumin : Cumin is important in adding flavor to your ranch style beans because it provides a smoky taste to your dish. This ingredient might be hard to replace but you can use powdered coriander and caraway seeds too. However you can only add a pinch to add flavor to it. If by chance you don’t have cumin or coriander then  you can use taco seasoning too  but before adding it to your cooking make sure you  check the ingredients as it might have been already mixed with oregano and chili powder.

(2) Stock : When it comes to adding the stock to your ranch style beans you can always choose meat stock or veggie stock anytime. Some people get creative and put bacon on top of the beans but it is optional.

(3) Sweetener : Brown sugar is the most widely used sweetener when cooking ranch style beans is concerned and it has a great role of blending the ingredients together by adding spiciness as well as it has the ability to thicken the sauce. You might also want to use molasses if brown sugar is not available at the moment.

(4) Tomatoes : You can always choose fresh canned tomatoes or the dried ones. However if you can’t buy or find tomatoes then you can use tomato sauce instead. The problem with using tomato sauce is that you can’t control the level of sweetness of the sauce because of the different brands available in the market so you just have to remember to reduce putting too much sweetener on your ranch style beans in the later part of your cooking.

(5) Oregano : As much as possible you have to include oregano in your ranch style beans because it brings a distinctive flavor that will make your dish more savory all the time. Just like Cumin, oregano is also hard to replace and it is better if you include them in your dish too. Thyme and Basil can be used in place  of oregano.

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(6) Chilies or chili powder : Chili is an important ingredient to make ranch style bean recipe and you can choose from the various types of chili we have to  be able to produce a similar quality of taste and you need to find chili that will provide a smoky flavor. You can choose from chile ancho, chile guajillo or chile california since they can provide you with the same natural smoky flavor.These chili ingredients are readily available either you want it whole, dried or in powder. If you prefer to use the fresh whole ones then you have to soak them in water for 3-5 minutes and then you need to remove the stem and take out the seeds. This will reduce the spiciness in your beans while cooking.

 (7) Pinto Beans : The different types of beans produce various flavors in cooking and in making ranch style bean because it is important to choose the best substitute. If you cannot find Pinto beans then it is best to choose Kidney beans to make your ranch style bean recipe.

 (8) Onion and Garlic : Onion and Garlic are two ingredients that should not be missing in your ranch style beans for any reason  because they bring out the flavor in your dish. Although it is more recommended to use fresh ones but it is also good to use the powdered ones. If you choose to use powdered garlic and onion then you should buy them separately because you want to measure the exact ratio. Do not use a ready made salt with garlic powder because they will alter the taste of your beans.

 (9) Kidney Beans : Kidney beans are also available in different kinds and the light red ones are the perfect substitute if you can’t get Pinto beans. It is very important to use substitute beans that provide the same flavor or at least close to the Pinto beans flavor.


(1)  If the light red kidney beans are not available then you can also use the dark red kidney beans in place. Red beans can also be used if you can’t get either of the light and red kidney beans at all.

(2) A lot of people love the taste and smoky flavor of the ranch style beans recipe and creating this dish with the great substitute ingredients can make your meal very delicious. There are many ingredients that should be added to the beans but an appropriate preparation and buying the right ingredients will make your cooking easy and excellent.

(3) You have to remember that the specific combination of ingredients are really very important to produce a similar quality as that of the original ranch style beans. Furthermore, the effort that you place in cooking ranch style beans is worth it because you can really enjoy its amazing taste.


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