In this quick guide, we’ll answer the topic, “Is it possible to digest egg shells?” as well as other related questions like the benefits and drawbacks of eating egg shells.

Is it possible to digest egg shells?

Egg shells that have been powdered can be digested. If you consume an intact egg shell, you risk damaging your esophagus or throat. Egg shells are a calcium-rich food that is also beneficial to joint health.

Egg shells are made up of a variety of materials.

The hard outer layer of an egg shell is known as the egg shell. The membrane that separates the egg shell from the egg white is made up of 95 percent calcium carbonate and 5% proteins and other minerals beneath the egg shell.

Egg shells contain 40% calcium, with each gram containing 381 to 401 mg, according to healthline. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, half of an egg shell can cover an adult’s daily calcium requirements.

Egg shells have a high nutritional value.

Egg shells are commonly thrown in the trash and forgotten, but they are actually quite healthy. Even more healthy than egg yolks are egg shells.

Egg shells are made up of the following materials:

  • Calcium is a mineral that is found in (necessary for bone health)
  • Magnesium is a mineral found in the human body (helps to maintain normal nerve and muscle function)
  • Collagen, glucosamine, and hyaluronic acid (to maintain joint health & elasticity)
  • Potassium is a mineral found in many foods (essential for fluid balance and proper functioning of all cells)
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What is the best way to consume egg shells?

The intact egg shell might cause injury to your throat or esophagus if eaten.

As a result, eating the entire egg shell is not recommended. As a result, powdered egg shells should be consumed. Egg shell powder is simple to make at home.

Take egg shells that have been highly pasteurized. Egg shells should be boiled and then dried. To destroy any bacteria on the egg shell, bake them at 200 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven. Crush them finely using a pestle and mortar to form a powder. Then mix this powder with whatever you choose, whether it’s water or food.

Egg shells Benefits

There are various advantages to egg shells, which we shall go over one by one below.

Dietary calcium is abundant in egg shells.

The most prevalent natural calcium source is calcium carbonate, which is found in eggshells. Calcium is the most important dietary element for our bodies since it is required for appropriate bone growth and development, as well as maintaining proper magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium levels. It also regulates the function of the muscles.

As a result, egg shells are the cheapest calcium supply. Calcium from egg shells was found to be a better source of calcium than calcium supplements in studies. Because an egg shell contains twice as much calcium as an adult requires on a daily basis.

An adult’s daily calcium need is 1000mg, which can be met by eating half of an egg shell.

Due to the presence of matrix protein, studies have revealed that calcium from egg shells is better absorbed by the body 34.8 percent more than calcium supplements.

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Eggshells strengthen bones and aid in the treatment of osteoporosis.

Bone is a living tissue that is constantly broken and replaced by new bones. Osteoporosis is more common in older people, although it can also be caused by a lack of calcium in the diet. An osteoporotic person’s bone mass density, or BMD, tends to decline. In postmenopausal women, bone loss is considerably more severe, and they may develop osteoporosis or osteopenia as a result.

Egg shells have been shown to be useful in treating osteoporosis since they are a good source of calcium and also contain proteins. According to a study, women who consumed eggshells combined with other bone-building elements such as vitamin D3 and magnesium improved their bone mineral density significantly.

Protect your teeth’s enamel.

In dental investigations, eggshell powder has been demonstrated to aid in the remineralization of enamel in teeth. Eggshell powder was utilized in a study published in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research. It was dissolved in a glycerin solution and administered to chemically demineralized teeth.

As a result, the amount of new enamel in those injured teeth increased. In comparison to other natural calcium sources, the study concluded that chicken eggshell powder could be a good alternative because it had fewer harmful metals found in natural reserves.

Eggshells have been shown to help with joint health.

Collagen, keratin, and glucosamine make up eggshells. As a result, they are beneficial in the treatment of joint inflammation, discomfort in the connective tissue of the joints, and arthritis.

The dangers of using eggshells

Before you use eggshells, keep the following tips in mind:

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Large eggshell fragments should not be swallowed since they will harm your throat.

Eggshells may be contaminated with bacteria that cause food poisoning, so thoroughly boil them before using.


We’ve answered the topic, “Can you digest egg shells?” in this quick tutorial. We’ve also talked about the advantages and disadvantages of using egg shells.


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