We’ll answer the question, “Is it possible to deep fry in an instant pot?” with this quick guide. We’ll also talk about additional ways to use an instant pot, as well as various deep-frying techniques.

Is it possible to deep fry in an instant pot?

Deep frying is not possible in an instant pot. The heat required for deep frying will not be maintained in an instant pot. An instant pot isn’t designed to be used as a fryer because it won’t get hot enough to deep fry.

However, shallow pan frying can be done in instant pots. It’s critical to choose the correct tool for deep frying. That is why a dutch oven or a deep fryer should always be used.

People use an instant pot to cook chicken coated in batter on a tight timetable, supposing that the instant pot can also be used as a fryer. That, however, is incorrect. An instant pot lacks the safety features found in a pressure fryer.

Deep frying meals can’t be done in an instant pot since it can’t achieve high enough temperatures. When frying, use boiling hot oil before adding the ready-to-cook food product. Keeping this in mind, pouring hot oil into an instant pot can cause the pot to overheat, perhaps resulting in a fire.

Instant pots can be used as steamers, but they will make your vegetables soggy rather than crisp. You can, however, lightly sauté the veggies or meat products in a small amount of oil. As a result, an instant pot can do everything except fry, grill, and make crispy stir-fries.

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We’ll go through frying techniques as well as approaches that may be used with an instant pot.

Frying techniques

There are three types of frying processes.

frying in a deep pot

A deep fryer is often used for deep frying. Food is fried in a pot of boiling hot oil that must be thoroughly submerged.

Searing the outside of the meal at a high temperature crisps it up. The use of low or moderate heat will not suffice. So you’ve got a dish that’s crispy on the exterior and tender on the inside.

frying under pressure

Both pressure cooking and deep frying are combined in pressure frying. They trap the heat within due to the internal pressure and heat up to temperatures capable of boiling oil. This combo speeds up the cooking process.

frying in a pan

You can use this method to add a small bit of oil and cook your meal in it. This is something that can be done in an instant pot.

What method should I use with an instant pot?

There is just one of the following that we can use with an instant pot. Let’s look at each of these circumstances in turn using an instant pot.

frying in a deep pot

We can’t deep fry in an instant pot, unfortunately.

Although it appears that adding a large amount of oil to an instant pot is doable, heating a large amount of oil in an instant pot can cause fires due to the high temperature. All of the safety features in an instant pot rely on steam and water to function.

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frying under pressure

An instant pot cannot be used as a pressure fryer since it lacks high-temperature safety features, and attempting to pressure fry in one will result in fires, gases, and explosions. To deal with high temperatures under high pressure, pressure fryers feature extra built-in safeties.

frying in a pan

In an instant pot, a small amount of oil can be used to sear and brown dishes. As a result, an instant pot can be used to fry in a pan.

There are five things you should never do with an instant pot.

Many recipes call for an instant pot, but that doesn’t imply you can cook anything in it. We may use an instant pot to cook soups, sandwiches, and savory chicken meals. You should not do the following with your instant pot:

frying in a deep pot

An instant pot cannot be used for deep frying since it does not heat up to the required temperature. It can, however, be used for shallow pan frying. A pressure fryer or a dutch oven should be used for deep frying.

cooking in a stir-fry

Don’t use an instant pot if you want very crisp stir-fried foods. To make a good hard crisp stir fry dish, all you need is a broad shallow pan with thin edges placed over a high heat. Your stir fry dishes will just steam in an instant pot, turning them into mushy vegetables.


You won’t be able to get a trademark scorched grill mark on your meal if you use an instant pot. To grill your items, you’ll need a cast-iron grill pan.

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Cookies should be prepared on a flat cookie sheet that may be stretched out to bake evenly. Anything that requires a baking sheet cannot be made in an instant pot.


The Instant Pot isn’t hot enough for canning, and it doesn’t put off enough severe pressure.


We’ve answered the question, “Can you deep fry in an instant pot?” with this quick guide. We’ve also talked about different ways to use an instant pot, as well as other deep-frying techniques.


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