This article will address the subject of “Can parakeets eat celery?” as well as what other veggies they can consume.

Is it possible for parakeets to consume celery?

Yes, without the leaves, parakeets may eat celery. Celery has a lot of vitamins and fiber in it. The crisp texture of the vegetable appeals to parakeets. This veggie is a tasty snack that you may give to your budgie every now and then.

The problem with celery leaves is that they may contain pesticide residues. Before giving the leaves to the parakeet, properly wash them. It is ideal. If you buy fresh organic celery that is pesticide-free.

What is the recommended amount of celery for parakeets?

Fresh produce should account for 15-23 percent of your bird’s diet (fruits and veggies). Because celery is not a particularly nutrient-dense food for your bird, you should only feed it in little amounts and infrequently.

Celery should only be offered to your parakeet on rare occasions. It will not be able to take the place of the main meals.

A 2-3 centimeter celery stick will enough as a snack for your parakeet. Overfeeding celery will make your bird less likely to consume pellets, which should make up the majority of your bird’s diet.

Celery nutrition facts

The nutrition data below are for a single ounce (28 grams) of celery.



1 g Water 0.4 g Sugar 0.5 g Water 26.7 g Fat 0 g Carbs 1 g Water 0.4 g Sugar 0.5 g
Celery also contains a good amount of other vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin K. In comparison to a range of other parakeet-friendly vegetables, this vegetable is not extremely nutritious.

As a result, it shouldn’t be the only vegetable you feed your parakeet. It’s crucial to feed your bird friend a variety of nutritious and tasty vegetables to meet his nutritional needs.

Is celery poisonous to parakeets?

Celery is not poisonous in any way. The only thing to be concerned about is the pesticide residue on celery.

The presence of 64 distinct pesticides on celery was confirmed by the USDA. Celery, after soaking in a mix of water and baking soda, is your best bet.

Another crucial aspect of celery is portion management. Although celery is low in calories, it does not allow you to overfeed your bird.

The high amount of water produced by too much celery does not agree with your bird’s small stomach. The end outcome is diarrhea, which you don’t want. As a result, never use too much celery.

What vegetables are the finest to feed parakeets?

Fresh vegetables are ideal for parakeets. Spinach, swiss chard, podded beans, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, pumpkin, cooked sweet potato, beetroot, eggplant without stalk, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cucumber, kale, paper capsicum, radish, squash, sweet corn, ripe tomatoes without leaves and stem are some of their favorite vegetables.

Parakeets should always be fed fresh vegetables. Give them rotten or canned veggies as little as possible. Before tossing your veggies to your parakeet, make sure they’ve been thoroughly rinsed.

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Spinach: Dark Lucious spinach leaves with a crisp stem are a parakeet’s ultimate favorite snack. Furthermore, it is nutrient-dense. Before feeding your bird, give it whole or chopped into little pieces.

Silver Beet (Swiss Chard): It has a similar appearance to spinach but contains a separate set of nutrients. For the sake of variety, it’s a good addition to your bird’s diet. It’s similar to spinach in terms of preparation.

Podded Peas: Podded peas are popular for parakeets because of their crisp pod. With a cage or treat clip, you can easily attach the podded peas to the pod. Snow peas and snap or sugar snap peas are favorites of parakeets.

Carrots are one of the parakeets’ favorite vegetables. They can be clipped to the cage or clung to the cage. Carrots should be peeled and sliced into small pieces that are easy to eat. You can also give the chicks finely chopped cooked carrots.

Cabbage: Shred it, glue it to their cage, or put it in their bowl; parakeets adore this nutrient-dense vegetable. The cabbage leaves’ high water content is accompanied by a huge amount of important nutrients.

Broccoli is another fantastic fried vegetable to provide to your bird. It can be attached to a treat clip or fed by hand.

Pumpkin: Remove the seeds from the pumpkin before chopping or grating it. For parakeets, the soaking seeds are a tasty treat.


This article addressed the subject of “Can parakeets eat celery?” as well as what other veggies parakeets can consume.


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