Fried chicken is a desert that brings happiness, especially when it’s crispy, flavorful, and juicy.

Prep time : 30mins

Cook time : 20mins

Total time : 50mins

Yields : 2 servings

Cuisine : American

Required ingredients:

(1) fried chicken

Steps by step instruction:

(1) Let the second day chicken rest in a room temperature for 30 minutes

(2) Preheat oven to 400 degree fahrenheit

(3) Know that step 1 & 2 allows all the mismatched pieces to reach roughly the same internal temperature. This makes it easier to reheat together

(4) Make sure you cover the baking sheet with foil and arrange chicken on it

(5) After that you place another sheet of foil on top and  insulate the chicken

(6) Then you bake for 20 minutes

(7) Let the chicken rest for 5 minutes and check for crispiness

(8) Then dip into your favorite sauce and dig in.

Note the following:

 (1)  If the crust isn’t as crispy as you like, pop it back in the oven for another 5 minutes

(2) Be careful of overheating though because dried out chicken tastes good on nobody’s tongue

(3) Avoid reheating fried chicken in microwaves or wrapped in paper towels because that makes it soggy

(4) This will definitely sound funny but don’t ever make the mistake of leaving any chicken on the plate because you will definitely meet the plate empty.

How to reheat frozen fried chicken


Mastering how to reheat fried chicken in the oven is literally one of the best cooking hectic that you can learn. I hate food waste and one of the best ways is to use up leftovers properly.

Prep time : 20mins

Cook time : 20mins

Total time : 40mins

Yields : 4 servings

Cuisine : American

Required ingredients:

(1) Well frozen chicken

Steps by step instruction:

(1) Preheat your oven to 350 degree fahrenheit

(2) Then place a wire baking rack on top of a baking sheet

(3) Put the chicken pieces on top, with a couple of inches of space between them

(4) Cook in the oven for 25-30 minutes until the chicken thighs are hot

(5) When it indicates 150 degree fahrenheit on a thermometer then you know you have a low voltage

(6) Turn the oven up to 400 degree fahrenheit for 10-15 minutes until the outer skin is nicely crisped again and the thighs are 165 degree fahrenheit

(7) Ready to serve

Note the following:

(1) If you didn’t freeze the chicken, you should still reheat it the same way, but for less time at 350 degree fahrenheit and then crisp up at the higher temperature

(2) it is best served hot

How to reheat fried chicken tenders


The moist chicken tenders tucked inside a crispy, crunchy coating aren’t just for kids. Fried chicken are quick and easy main dish and a crowd-pleasing appetizer.

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Prep time : 20mins

Cook time : 20mins

Total time : 20mins

Yields : 4 servings

Cuisine : American

Required ingredients:

(1) Second day chicken

Steps by step instruction:

(1) Heat the oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit

(2) Place the leftover chicken on a wire rack set in a baking sheet

(3) Cook the chicken until it reaches an internal temperature of 120 degree fahrenheit which should take about 10 minutes

(4) Note: Chicken pieces like breasts take about 15 minutes, while legs and thighs take about 10 minutes

(5) You should know that placing the chicken on a wire rack will prevent the underside of the nugget from getting soggy

(6) Reheat fries or other crispy sides like onion rings or hush puppies in the oven with the chicken

Other methods include:

The fryer method

These are the following steps you must follow when engaging in fryer method:

(1) Heat unflavored oil like canola or vegetable oil in the deep fryer to 350 degree fahrenheit

(2) Drop the chicken in small batches into the hot oil and let it reheat for 2 minutes

(3) Immediately transfer the tenders to a wire rack to drain the excess oil

The stove top method:

(1) Heat about an inch of oil in a deep, heavy skillet to 350 degree fahrenheit

(2) Cook the chicken in small batches in the hot oil for about 6 minutes, turning once

(3) Immediately transfer the chicken to a wire rack.

The air fryer method:

(1) Reheat chicken tenders in an air fryer by setting the fryer to 400 degree fahrenheit

(2) Add the chicken and heating for about 3 minutes.

(3) Ready to serve

Important tips to note:

(1) The microwave is the least desirable means  for reheating chicken tenders.

(2) The coat will soften rather than crisp, and the chicken may not reheat evenly.

(3) Don’t wrap the chicken in foil or plastic wrap before reheating. Now the coating will steam inside the wrap rather than crisping

(4) Cool the chicken on a rack rather than on paper towels

(5) Pay attention to the timing so  the chicken don’t overcook, it will become tough and dry if it does

Reheat fried chicken in microwaves


Now even though fried chicken is best when it’s fresh out of the fryer, you can use a few different methods to reheat it without losing any of the flavor or crispiness.

Prep time : 20mins

Cook time : 20mins

Total time : 40mins

Yields : 4 servings

Cuisine : American 

Required ingredients:

(1) Pieces of chicken

Important tips you should know:

(1) As we all know, using microwaves isn’t the best option when reheating your chicken because microwaves are a quick and convenient way of reheating many foods, but they’re bad  for fried chicken. Another thing is that Microwaves do nothing to dry out the soggy skin of cold fried chicken as they cook it. This means that while your final product will be warm, it will generally have a soft, unappealing exterior that simply doesn’t compare to the crisp skin of chicken that’s been reheated properly.

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(2) Avoid using toasters to reheat your fried chicken. The only time you are permitted is when it is the only option as that moment. This is because ovens can often heat chicken unevenly, leaving you with a piece of meat that’s hot on the outside and cold on the inside. Furthermore, many toaster ovens lack the heating power necessary to get that crucial, crispy texture on the outside of the meat.

(3) Do not sear the chicken in a skillet. You should know that cooking fried chicken in a skillet that isn’t full of frying oil is a bad idea. And It’s more difficult to evenly heat the irregularly-shaped pieces of fried chicken this way, but even if you do, you risk drying out the meat as its fat leaches into the dry pan.

(4) Do not let the chicken cool on a paper towel. Even if  a stack of paper towels can seem like a good place to cool reheated fried chicken since they can soak up some of the excess grease. However, doing this will also keep some of the pieces of chicken in direct contact with the hot, steamy mixture of the oil and liquid that’s draining out of it. Now This moisture will rehydrate the delicious skin that you worked to get dry and crispy, undoing your hard work.

All these tips should be taken into consideration

Now let’s look at the ideal ways by which we can reheat our fried chicken without any stress or complain.

The following are the best reheating measures for reheating your fried chicken:

Reheating in the oven

(1) Let the chicken sit out while the oven preheats to 375 degrees fahrenheit

(2) Take your chicken out of the refrigerator and remove it from any container that it’s in

(3) Let the pieces sit evenly spaced on a plate or platter until they come to room temperature — about half an hour

Note :

(1) Preheating the oven is a must, but you can also prepare side dishes, set the table, and so on.

(2) You can use this time efficiently by doing any other prep work you need to do.

Baking sheet method:

(1) Set the chicken pieces on an oven safe baking sheet

(2) You may want to line the sheet with aluminum foil first for an easy clean up

(3) It isn’t necessary to grease the sheet but this won’t hurt your final product

(4) Place the pan with the chicken pieces in the oven on the center rack. Then set a timer for 10 minutes

(5) The only difficult part of this reheating method is that different pieces of chicken can heat at different speeds

(6) As a general rule, bigger, thicker pieces like breasts and thighs will heat more slowly than smaller pieces like wings and drumsticks

(7) Since you don’t want your smaller pieces to dry out, check them every  minutes after about 10 minutes have passed

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(8) If they are crispy on the outside and warm all the way through, they’re done

(9) When your chicken pieces have regained a somewhat crispy exterior and are warm all the way to the bone, they’re ready to eat

(10) Take them out of the oven and carefully move them to a wire rack to cool for about five to ten minutes before eating. Enjoy!

Note :

(1) Cold meat on the inside can interfere with the “crisping” process going on at the outside of the meat that’s needed to make fried chicken so sweet

(2) Always try to avoid prepping the chicken pieces for the oven before they’re in room temperature

(3) Some online source lists legs and wings as taking about 15-25 minutes to reheat to perfection and breasts and thighs as taking about 25-30 minutes

(4) You shouldn’t generally need to re-season your chicken  any seasoning in the batter will be preserved

Reheat fried chicken in paper bag


This is another method of reheating your chicken that sounds weird but trust me it is an amazing adventure and i will definitely recommend that you give this method a try.

Prep time : 15mins

Cook time : 25mins

Total time : 40mins

Yields : 4 servings

Cuisine : American

Required ingredients:

(1) Chicken

Steps by step instruction:

(1) To reheat the chicken in a paper bag, you’ll need to preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit

(2) place the chicken in the bag, making sure to distribute the pieces evenly by size so they reheat at the same time

(3) Also you can even separate them so that you have big pieces in one bag and small pieces in another

(4) After you’ve assembled your pieces, you’ll need to gently fold the opening of the bag

(5) Next step,  place the bag on a baking sheet and bake for about 20-25 minutes

(6) Note : To reheat the chicken in a Ziploc bag, you’ll first need to heat some water to 150 degrees Fahrenheit in a large pot.

(7) Then place the chicken in the bag and make sure you lock it so that no water seeps through

(8) After that, place the bag in the pot of water for about 10-15 minutes, depending on the size of the pieces of chicken

Important note : You can also make use of a Wire rack. These Wire rack aren’t just good for draining your fried chicken or letting it cool. They can also be useful during the reheating process. That’s because the wire rack will keep the chicken raised so it won’t get soggy on the bottom. As a result, it’ll help restore that original crispiness from when you first cooked it.

How to use:

(1) Make sure you put the wire rack on a baking sheet before putting it in the oven

(2) I know you would want the grease from the chicken to drip onto the oven’s heating element that is why the baking sheet is very important.


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