Many people are faced with challenges of having to deal with belly fat. It sometimes causes embarrassment and low self esteem, such that some people cannot remove their clothes in a changing room while some cannot go to the pool because of this. Men and women are faced with this embarrassing situation and they seek possible solutions. This article will shed more light on how to lose belly fat overnight.

How to lose belly fat overnight drink recipe

Belly fat can simply be referred to as fat that is around the abdomen. Belly fat is of two types, namely:

  • Visceral                    
  • Subcutaneous

The first kind of fat; VISCERAL fat is that which surrounds one’s organs.

The second; SUBCUTANEOUS fat, is one that sits under one’s skin. Research has it that the fat that surrounds one’s organs, visceral is much more harmful than the latter-subcutaneous fat.

Belly fat which is associated to overweight causes a lot of health complications. Belly fat is very dangerous as it can increase the risk of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, colon cancer, breast cancer etc.


Fat do not just appear on one’s belly, there are a lot of causes of excess belly fat, some of which are:

  1. POOR  DIET: consuming sugary foods like candy and cakes, drinks such as fruit juice and soda can slow down the body system of the person to burn fat, it can cause weight gain because of the content of such foods, it can also slow down a person’s metabolism. Obesity can be caused by trans fat which causes inflammation. Trans fat are usually used to prepare many foods especially fast foods and baked foods, for example, crackers or muffins. According to the American Heart Association, trans fats should be used in place of healthful whole-grain foods, polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats. You can identify trans fat in your food by reading food labels. Another problem with poor diet is that eating low-protein, and high-carb diets can also affect weight. Protein makes one feel fuller for a long time and it is advisable to always add lean protein into your diet as those who do not include lean protein into their diet may eat more food.
  2. LACK OF ENGAGEMENT IN EXERCISE: Lack of participating in exercise can leave your body obese if you eat more calories. Generally, people who consume more calories than they shed, will put on weight. For those who have belly fat, they are to have an active lifestyle by engaging in regular physical exercise as it will help them get rid of excess fat especially around the abdomen.
  3. POOR SLEEP: It is no longer news that lack of sleep can pose one or more challenges on one’s well-being. Study has it that short sleep duration leads to weight gain and as a result lead to excess belly fat. When you do not have quality or enough sleep, it can result into the development of abdominal fat. Usually, when you do not sleep at night, you tend to become hungry and crave some kinds of food, then it forms an unhealthy eating habit thereby making you bigger in size.
  4. REGULAR INTAKE OF ALCOHOL: A 2015 report has proven this to be true on alcohol consumption as it relates to obesity. This journal, “current obesity reports” states that taking excess alcohol leads to weight gain for males usually around their bellies. Additionally, people who live their lives consuming alcohol always are at the risk of developing liver diseases and inflammation.
  5. PERSISTENT STRESS: when people are in a dangerous situation or high pressure issues, their body releases a steroid hormone which is cortisol, cortisol impacts on one’s metabolism. When people feel stressed, they get to eat food to gain comfort and cortisol being released causes excess calories to remain around the belly and other parts of the body for a later use.
  6. GENETICS: some studies have proven that one’s gene can contribute to whether or not they are obese. In fact, scientists are of the opinion that genes can trigger behaviour, metabolism and the likelihood of developing diseases that relates to obesity.
  7. SMOKING: Smoking has not been said to be a direct cause of belly fat, however it is a risk factor. Obesity can be found amongst smokers and non-smokers but  according to a study in 2012, those who were smokers had more belly fat than those who were not smokers.
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Be clear that you won’t lose 10 pounds in a day. Instead you will notice considerable changes everyday which is awesome. There are some days that you would want to get fit fast for an occasion, and you do not have money to get new clothes. For such situations, there are some tips and tricks you can follow. You can lose weight gradually overnight by following a strict diet and exercise and with little changes in lifestyle. There are many ways on how to lose belly fat overnight, some are through recipes and some are done naturally.  

  • CUCUMBER HELPS: Cucumber helps in reducing belly fat because of its fiber and water content. This drink is easy to prepare. What you need to do is get all the ingredients, (pieces of cucumber, 3 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of ginger powder, 2 tablespoons of Spirulina powder), pour into your blender and add water, then blend until you get a smooth consistency. Pour into your cup and then drink. If you take this drink consistently for several days, you will get results gradually.
  • EXERCISES: participating in regular exercises is one great way to get rid of belly fat. If it can be done devotedly without missing out on the routine, you will get results as soon as possible. There are some simple and basic exercises that one would engage in to get rid of belly fat, these exercises does not require any high-intensity workout such as: Brisk walk, Side bends, Bicycle exercise, Crunches, Reverse crunch, Twists etc. If you engage in the above exercises, losing your belly fat will work like magic. For instance, a 45minutes walk in a day will do a lot in helping to reduce belly fat effortlessly.
  • STAY HYDRATED: take about 8-10 glasses of water as it keeps your body hydrated and helps to reduce water retention. In most cases, constipation is responsible for swelling of the stomach and bloating. Taking enough water helps prevent constipation.
  • FOODS: the following list of foods helps to reduce belly fat, but these foods without workout or exercises will be of no use. They include:
  • Fish: Fish contains more protein and less fat, so fish should be included in at least one meal of the day. It also helps to gain the necessary energy your body needs.
  • Fruits: Fruits are good for weight loss, eat fruits everyday and include it in your diet. Fruits are not only good for weight loss; they are good for your overall health.
  • Lemon: Another home remedy for quick weight loss is lemon or lemon juice, with honey and hot water. Lemon contains citrus that helps to burn fat.
  • Chia seeds: Chia seeds are foods rich in fiber that makes you full throughout the day, and helps you consume less food that may allow you add too much weight. Chia seeds can be easily mixed in any juice or food.
  • Coconut oil: Coconut oil helps in weight loss. The wonder is that taking a teaspoon of coconut oil really helps to burn fat. You can switch to coconut oil when preparing dishes.
  • Nuts: Eating nuts helps in burning fat.  Adding nuts to your diet is a healthy eating habit as it contains protein-rich food.
  • NATURALLY REMEDY: no home remedy works to reduce belly fat without exercise. They go hand in hand- diet and exercise, it is important to maintain both. It is good to follow a low-carb diet program, as well as having a positive mindset towards the diet and exercise that it would yield results. You should put an end to smoking or drinking while on a diet and exercise program so that you can get results. You should also monitor your calorie intake.
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Get enough sleep: many studies have it that poor sleep can lead to weight gain. Too much workload can give room for fat to store in your tummy. It is important to have a good sleep after you have had a long stressful day and night. You should also get enough sleep every night.

Take a shower every night:  Taking a shower before bed is very good as it will help you fall asleep in time and you will get good quality sleep.

Have a good posture: having a good posture is a good solution as well, though it is temporary, but it is good for your health. If you learn to straighten you back, it will make you look slimmer. It may sound simple but it works. Therefore, keep your back straight and your head up.

How to lose belly fat overnight and being in good shape has to do with one’s mental state and you should enjoy all your diet meals and exercises. You should make it a part of you, it shouldn’t be just to lose belly fat or for weight loss.

Here are few tips;

  1. Make it a duty to garnish your food.
  2. Your food should have different types of healthy recipes.
  3. Do not stick to a single pattern of exercise, add swimming and aerobics.
  4. Make it a habit to stick to your workout routine.
  5. Engage in outdoor workout more often, as it is more fun.


Taking drinks at bedtime are very effective for reducing belly fat as soon as possible. There are many recipes that you can make at home, what you should be cautious of is to use less sugar or no sugar at all,  as well as fresh and healthy ingredients.

  1. Cucumber Juice: the ingredients are; cucumber x 1, 1 teaspoon grated ginger, a teaspoon aloe vera juice, lemon x 1, some parsley, ½ glass water. Take the juice every night before you sleep for a month and then take a break for one week.
  2. Apple Cider: ingredients are; 1 liter of fresh apple juice, 100 ml of lemon juice, mint, 1 lemon, and Ice. How to prepare: slice the lemon in circles, mix the lemon juice and apple juice together. Add lemon slices and other ingredients.
  3. Grapefruit and Cinnamon Juice: ingredients needed: 500 ml of fresh grapefruit juice, 500ml of sparkling water, 2 cinnamon sticks, 1 anise seed, Ice, Mint leaves, 1 glass of water, you can add some sugar if you want. How to prepare: heat the sugar, water, and cinnamon in a pan. When it cools off, add other ingredients.
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Following a healthy diet is equal to avoid unhealthy foods. This might seem hard at the beginning, but you have to be determined if you want to lose belly fat overnight and make it a habit. You should avoid the following foods:

  • SALT: Reducing the consumption of salt is the very first step in losing belly fat and weight generally. Though salt is a mineral which is necessary for one’s heart and brain, however, too much of it can cause bloating and some negative impacts on your health.
  • ALCOHOL: With emphasis on beer, beer is one of the drinks that cause changes in your waistline quickly. It makes your belly bloat and it can as well lead to accumulation of bad bacteria in your stomach.
  • SUGAR: cutting down your sugar intake is important for weight loss as well as to lose belly fat overnight. When you do so, you will feel the difference as soon as possible as your stomach will look more flat. We all know that foods or drinks containing sugar add fat to your belly area, and they aren’t good for your tummy.
  • CHEWING GUM: Chewing gums are made with many artificial sweeteners that can make you crave for junk foods. Also, when you chew gum, you are swallowing a large amount of air. This can cause bloating and gas.
  • CARBONATED DRINKS: Soda and other drinks that contain sugar are to be completely avoided. Carbonated drinks bloat your stomach immediately especially when there is a large amount of sugar in them. Make it a habit to replace them with healthy shakes and smoothies that will help you shed weight.
  • PROCESSED FOOD: avoid processed foods as much as you can.  Eat majorly whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables. If there is the need for processed foods, please always read the labels. If you check the labels and the ingredients are more than 5 with strange or complicated names, you should avoid such.


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