Fire hydrant exercise is no doubt a body weight exercise. It hugely concerns your gluteus Maximus and also some variations that work in strengthening your core and also work the abdominal muscles. If performed frequently, it will sculpt your glutes, improve back pain, reduce the risk for injury.

Speaking of gluteus Maximus, the gluteus maximus is actually the main extensor muscle of the hip. The hips are one of the important part in our bodies as they make us work perfectly well. Movement is something that makes life worth living. The ability to work without any hindrance declares a great deal of freedom. You can actually try to seat at a spot for hours then try to move. You will definitely encounter pains in your body because the bones are stuck not strengthening. In actual fact, every exercise is like a medicine that is free in which most people do not really appreciate.  Be that as it may, fire hydrant can only be a bodyweight exercise so it never really requires any special equipment. Guess what ? All is need is just a mat.

Fire hydrant exercise before and after

1. You just simply need to begin with your hands and knees. These two are very important simply to effectively perform it.  Ensure your shoulders are actually above your hands and you hips must be above your knees. Never forget to tighten your core before you look down.  

2.  The second part which is very important is raising away your left leg away from your body at a 45 degree angle. Then keep your knee at 90 degrees. These are very important for you to adhere to. Don’t miss it on the excitement derived everything.

3. The third aspect you need to take into consideration is lowering your leg as it is very important simply to complete a single rep.

4. And the fourth which is the last aspect you need to take into consideration is performing 4sets of 8reps. You can always do it again with your other leg. It’s very important you do this.

Fire Hydrant Exercise Benefits

Like I said earlier on, this exercise hugely predicated on your hips. And there’s no how you want to practice it effectively without the use of your hands and legs.  Perhaps fire hydrant happens to be a great exercise for strengthening your gluteus maximus.

This, in essence, has been uncovered above.  Working abdominal muscles, toning and strengthening your core are greatly important.  In actual fact, your glutes control three major hip movements which are: hip extension, hip external rotation and hip abduction. All of these are important as regards practicing fire hydrant workout. For instance, hip extension actually transports your thigh back and away from your pelvis which allows you walk and go up stairs effectively. And also, Hip external rotation happens when your leg actually rotates outward as it very important to practicing effectively. For instance, you can utilize hip external rotation to get out of a tricycle. You can examine that.  And lastly, Hip abduction assists in raising your leg away from the center of you body, which allows you step to the side. However, fire hydrant entails all three movements which makes it an amazing exercise to exemplify anytime you feel comfortable to practice it. Trust me, having strong glutes also enhances your posture, lowers your risk of injury, and reduces back and knee pain. Having a nice posture enables you to seat and walk properly as you’re supposed to. And this will make you fit in that you will not be easily harmed by anything. Nice posture boosts your confidence. I don’t know if you ever seen somebody who’s walking and bending his head down. In fact, having nice posture helps you communicate non-verbally. From the way a person walks, it you are quiet observant, you should be able to tell what is actually going on with that person.

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This means that you do not need to talk or write before you can communicate with people. This is simply the importance of fire hydrant workout as it effectively helps your posture.

Weighted fire hydrants

This kind of exercise is quiet funny. I remember telling my friends about it and with the explanation alone, all they did was laughing. Simply because they did not want to understand me, I had to demonstrate using dogs and myself as an example.

Funny enough, one of them turned it to a dance step because a dance called “skelewu” was reigning so he turned it to a dance step. For stubborn people to understand somethings, you simply need to act creepy. This will greatly enable them to laugh and by that, they will begin to appreciate it no matter how stupid it is. For instance, I told them to imagine a dog relieving itself or giving your babe from the back like a doggy style like one of your legs is knelt down and the other is up. This exercise helps in strengthening and activating your rear, but also in establishing mobility throughout your hips. And also, this effectively trains you to tighten your core and keep  control of the contraction.

Improving Fire hydrants exercise.

Once you simply understand the fundamental movements of fire hydrants exercise, you can then try to upgrade yourself. In this life, you can not just stick to doing something without upgrading it because of you don’t you will surely be off the hook in no time.  Firstly, you need to Loop a resistance band around both your legs then move it above your knees, while exemplifying the move or wear ankle weights. Perhaps after lifting your leg, straighten it behind your  knee sealed toes focused toward the floor, while maintaining your core tight simply to return to the beginning placement. In raising your leg, grasp the top placement and try add a pulse movement by dropping your leg a few inches and then lifting it again, repeating the pulse for a complete of 7-8 reps before returning your knee to the beginning placement. Simply to explain the gluteus medius, it centralizes on fire hydrant exercise as you lift and lower your leg. Like I said earlier on, fire hydrant exercise helps strengthen your core because it is connected throughout the move.

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Straight leg fire hydrant

This exercise is very important. It is just basically about stretching your legs. Perhaps it can also be regarded as “leg work.” Have you listened to Drake’s new song titled Toosie Slide ? I am not asking you to exemplify the dance steps of drake in the video of the song but the dance step is basically an exercise that falls user the leg work. There are several departments of leg work but in this article, fire hydrants exercise is our main focus.  Simply to perform the Straight-Leg Fire Hydrant, begin quadruped on the ground with your hands basically under your shoulders. Ensure your knees are rooted under your hips and your feet flexed.

Maintaining your arms straight then raise your straight left leg up toward the ceiling. Try not to bend the knee. Ensure you squeeze your glute as you lift and make sure to maintain your arms straight.

Ensure you do not bend your arms and lean away just to get your leg higher up. Grasp for a second or two at the top then lower back down. Ensure that you raise straight out to the side and maintain your leg straight. This will effectively assist you perform straight fire hydrant. In summarization, place your hands on the floor while you lift one of your legs to the left or right. And before that, ensure one of your knees is on the floor. Stretch as much as possible. If you are injured, try to consult your doctor before you exemplify this exercise.

Fire Hydrant Exercise with Band

Ensure you Position resistance band below your knees as it is very import for an effective exemplification of this exercise with the usage of band. Ensure you stand on your hands and knees.

Try open your hip and squeeze one leg as far to the side/towards the ceiling as possible while maintaining the 90 degrees angle in the knee. Contract and grasp for a second, lower the leg down to the beginning placement. Ensure you repeat switch leg on half way point.

Fire hydrant exercise standing

This exercise greatly helps your hip abductors and of course your legs. Not standing uprightly is very common to people. When working on the road, you will surely see people with terrible posture. As a matter of fact, you will see some people bending to a side when working. It is just so bad to your movement if you’re not allowed to work joyfully because of a hip problem, legs or something else. Perhaps living healthy has do with you being strong in every department of your body. To perform this exercise, ensure you are standing uprightly, hold your waist. Try to bring one of your legs up and then bend a little. You can remain in that position for as long as you find it comfortable for you. When one legs brought up is finally brought down, you can then try to bring the other up. It’s just as simple as that.  

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You can also place one of your legs aside while one is straight.  It also helps as you work your legs and hips. And after you are doing completing it, you should be able to stand uprightly and not bending every time. Perhaps people who are always complaining when standing for so long fall under the category of people who are not performing this task because once you start performing it, you will be able to stand for so long and this will bring your peace of mind. Having peace of mind as regards one’s health has to do with being strong and fit. And of course, being strong and fit have a lot of benefits that might not know  but will feel them in your body. If you doubt me actually, try to exemplify this workout and see for yourself.

In conclusion, for all the days we live and for all the movements made actually require steadiness of our hips. Imagine yourself with no hips, how do you rotate yourself?  Everything that has been said above is predicated on the importance of fire hydrant workout and how to exemplify it perfectly.

Need I say that practicing this will not only make you move alone but also enhance your health. It is just a shame when suffering from hip problems and you begin to buy medicine without first exercising yourself. Reminiscing my past when my teachers would bring us out on Monday mornings and asked us to begin our exercise routines. I thought it was simply a joke but it was truly important. I must say that I hardly buy drugs to consume. It is just very hard for me because once I exercise my body, I feel great. In fact, more than great if there’s any adjective that’s better than that. When I work tirelessly in the office, people just think maybe I take hard drugs before coming or something because I always do the unbelievable. Oh well, it is all just because of my exercise routine. Perhaps the reason for my constant exemplification of all sorts of exercises can only be subjected to my motive of living an healthy life which helps peace of mind. Such life can not only be bought with money but also common sense. Try to think of a car that does not get servicing every time. How do you expect the car to function? The reality is that whatever that is valuable to you needs to be refined constantly. There is a difference between you have something and you possess the wisdom to manage it. I must say that never posses what you can not manager because you will only be pushed to a “mad zone” of which I don’t think would like that. Importantly, fire hydrants workout will change your life.


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