The American Council on Exercise via their physical activity calorie counter has it that an individual who weighs 170 pounds and spends 10 minutes doing jumping jacks at a moderate intensity will burn about 44 calories. Different factors come into play when it comes to burning calories. Some of them can be changed and some cannot be changed. Your genetics is one factor that cannot be changed. Others are your intensity, body weight and body composition, these can be changed but it can take weeks or months before you notice some changes.

Intensity: While doing the jumping jacks, you can change the intensity on the spot, you can change from a moderate intensity to a vigorous intensity and this will affect the number of calories you will burn. As mentioned earlier, an individual who weighs 170 pounds and does jumping jacks with a vigorous intensity will burn 102 calories in the same time frame of 10 minutes.

Body Weight: you can burn some fat with which in turn allows you to reduce in weight, though you will not notice the changes immediately, it might take some weeks. However, having a little extra weight can help you burn calorie. This can be seen in the American council on physical activity calorie counter which estimated that an individual who weighs 200 pound will burn 52 calories if he does jumping jacks at a moderate intensity for 10 minutes and the same person will burn 120 calories if he does jumping jacks at a vigorous intensity for 10 minutes.

If you do the jumping jacks for an hour, you will be burning over 600 calories if you do it at a vigorous intensity. But if you do it at a moderate intensity, you will burn around 240-300 calories.

How Many Jumping Jacks To Burn 500 Calories

How to calculate calories burned

Multiply the body weight in kg by the MET value and the time spent doing the workout, the energy expenditure can be estimated in calories based on the person’s body weight. 6 is the METs value for Jumping jacks. So if you do jumping jacks at a 6 METs value you will burn 6 calories/kg × body weight/h.

For someone who weighs 70 kg and does jumping jacks for 30 minutes will burn the following:

(6 METs × 70 kg body weight) × (30 min/60 min) = 280.0 calories.

Your diet and jumping jack

When you are keeping a tab on the number of calories you will burn, which means you are trying to lose weight with the jumping jack exercise, you must be careful of what you consume, You must not just eat anything you see because if you are not careful, you might end up gaining back the lost weight. The major thing is to burn more calories than you take in. Many studies have shown that many people who lose weight and maintain their new weight are able to achieve this by having a regular workout routine and controlling their diet. This just means that you need to focus on foods that contain rich nutrients.


According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), a lot of fruits and vegetables that are colorful are to be eaten as well as whole grains, protein sources of high quality like seafood, lean meat, nuts and healthy unsaturated fats; they however discouraged the intake of added sugar, unhealthy saturated fats and added sodium. If you notice there is no change despite increasing your activity and controlling your diet, then you might want to try reducing your everyday calorie intake by 500.

Staying healthy with jumping jacks

Jumping jacks is a great exercise you can do in order to stay healthy and the U.S Health and Human Service mentioned this exercise as a key component of a physical activity. The department gave a recommendation of doing aerobic activities of moderate intensity for at least 150 minutes or you can decide to go on a vigorous intensity for 75 minutes in order to stay healthy. You do not necessarily have to do the workout at a stretch, you can break the workout time into different sessions and spread them throughout the week just the way you want it. You can even decide to double the exercise and do times 2 of the duration stated above i.e 300 minutes of moderate exercise, 150 minutes of vigorous exercise every week. It will give you more health benefits. You can mix up jumping jacks with some other calisthenics exercises so as to spice up the workout. Some other calisthenics exercises which doesn’t require any equipment, some of which are: Lunges, Burpees, Side skips, Step-ups, Mountain climbers, Push-ups, High knees, Bench dips, Crunches, Skater jumps, Squats.

Jumping jacks and weight loss

The jumping jack is a cardiovascular exercise and it is an essential component of any weight loss program. METs is the general rule used in calculating the number of calories burned per pound for a weight loss program. Someone who weighs 150 pounds and does five minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity level of jumping jacks will burn about 47 calories. Many studies have shown that you have to burn 3500 calories to lose one pound of fat, you can achieve this by eating 500 fewer calories daily and increase your physical activity.

You can burn 500 calories with jumping jacks alone, but with a high intensity, and you will have to do some repetitions of jumping jacks. Instead of this, you can make jumping jacks a part of a larger routine. You can  also do them as a cardio interval exercise.

Benefits of jumping jacks

  • A healthy heart: since the jumping jack is a cardio exercise, the oxygen you breathe in is used to meet the energy demands and stimulate the heart muscles. During this exercise, the heart will be working extra hard to pump enough oxygenated blood and take back the carbon dioxide loaded blood from the cells. The heart muscles are worked on and other organs like the lungs.
  • Weight loss: it aids weight loss by shedding excess calories which in turn creates a negative energy balance in the body. This will mean burning more calories than you have taken in. If you do 3 sets of 50 reps, you will feel your heart pumping and then sweat it of.
  • It helps to relieve stress: jumping jacks greatly helps in relieving stress such that your brain gets stimulated and helps the release of serotonin and the hormone that makes you feel good and relaxed. There will also be the release of adrenalin which makes you excited. All these hormones are responsible for reducing stress levels.
  • It enhances flexibility: continued practice of this exercise helps stretch your muscles. You will notice if you haven’t been doing any exercise for a while and you try to pick it up again, you will notice that your body is stiff. You can make it flexible again with constant workout. You can even start with the low-intensity jumping jacks and fewer reps, you can then progress into doing the high-intensity jumping jacks and more reps.
  • It gives you stamina and a better posture: the way this exercise is done, it involves jumping and landing softly. This kind of exercise will help give you a better stability and balance, more repetitions will help improve your stamina.
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A fitness website called MyFitnessPal has it that an individual who weighs 120 pounds will burn 8 calories per minute; while a person who weighs 250 pounds will burn 16 calories per minute. Doing jumping jacks will help you burn around 10 calories per minute of the exercise. Doing one jumping jack will enable you burn 0.2 calories.


Some studies have shown that anyone doing jumping jacks and weighs 180 pounds will burn about 655 calories per hour.


An individual who weighs 70kg or 154.3 lbs and does jumping jacks for 30 minutes will burn 280 calories. Another person who weighs 140 pounds will burn 255 calories doing jumping jacks with the same time spent as mentioned earlier (30 minutes), and someone else who weighs 180 pounds will burn 327 calories doing the same exercise with the same duration.


The mountain climbers exercise is usually done in a similar way as climbing an actual mountain. The difference is just that you have to move faster. The exercise targets many muscles of the body without the exemption of your legs, butt, hips and abs and at the same time burn calories. You shouldn’t rely on mountain climbers alone, instead add them to your weight loss routine and it will help you burn off calories and offers some health benefits.

Calories burned doing mountain climbers differs based on certain factors. Three sets of 15 to 20 repetitions will burn about 50 calories, this estimate was made known by Gold’s Gym. If someone who is heavier does the exercise, he will burn more calories than that.

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Factors affecting the number of calories you burn doing mountain climbers:

  1. Your Intensity: the number of calories you burn is dependent on the speed at which you do mountain climbers. If you do not put in much effort and you reduce your pace, you will not burn so many calories as you wish. But if you put in much effort, you will definitely burn more calories. Try to limit the rest time in between sets when doing the mountain climbers so as to burn as many calories as possible.
  2. Your Technique: the mountain climbers’ exercise has to be done the right way so as to yield great and positive results. You have to do the proper forms so as to get the benefit of the move. If you are at the gym, you can ask a fitness trainer to guide and direct you on the right technique and possibly give you pointers. Follow these steps to do the mountain climbers:

Put your hands on the floor bearing in mind that it should be a little bit higher than your shoulder level

exert your whole body weight on your palms and toes in way that may appear like you are in an elevated pushup position.

With your knee bent, bring it towards your chest, while straightening your left leg, jump back with it and at the same time, bring your right leg up to complete a set of mountain climbers, you have to alternate your legs for about 15 to 20 times quickly.


There is no specific answer to this question, because various factors as mentioned earlier come in to play with the number of calories a person burns doing jumping jacks, some factors like muscle mass, age of the individual, body fat percentage and the intensity of the training.

Just make sure to do a set of the exercise without taking a break, after the exercise, take a rest for about one or two minutes, bear in mind that it shouldn’t be more than two minutes, then go for the second set. You should increase the number of sets if you have completed the routine comfortably.


Your fitness level have to be taken into consideration if you are trying to find out how many Jumping jacks will consume so much energy as one pound of fat.

Many studies have shown that 7000 jumping jacks will burn 1 pound, and this is calculated such that you will burn 1 calorie for every 2 jumping jacks, which means 7000 jumping jacks is equal to 3500 calories. Some studies have also shown that if you do 1000 jumping jacks every day, after a week, you will have done 7000 jumping jacks and lose 1 pound a week.


Some studies have shown that someone who weighs 200 pounds and does 200 jumping jacks will burn 204 calories.



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