Push up exercise is considered the strength training exercise which is aimed at the muscles of the chest, the arms and the shoulders, but if these muscles get additional support from other muscles, it leads to a wider range of muscles employed in the exercise. Push-up is a calisthenics exercise which is usually done by laying in the prone position while the body is raised and lowered by using the arms.

The push-ups targets the pectoral muscles, the anterior  deltoids, triceps and it has some secondary benefits to the deltoids, coracobrachialis , serratus anterior and the midsection all together.

 Benefits of the push-up exercise:

  1. This exercise is majorly beneficial for building body strength as it also works on the muscles in your chest, shoulder and triceps.
  2. It helps stretch the back muscles when you take your body down to the ground; it also stretches your biceps. By stretching your muscles and biceps, it improves your flexibility.
  3. It allows for the production of the human growth hormone: during the exercise your body utilizes many muscles and the more the muscles used, the increase in the production of the human growth hormone and this hormone is meant to support the natural growth of your body.
  4. Push-up helps give a better posture, during this exercise; the muscles that support posture are revitalized.
  5. Another good thing about the push up is that you do not necessarily have to go to the gym, it can be done anywhere without the use of equipments.

Tips to do a push up:

The pushups target the chest muscles and for it to be achieved, it has to be done the right way. The push up should also be done consistently and followed this way:

  • Your hands should be placed under your shoulders; it shouldn’t be placed in front of your shoulders.
  • Bring your feet close to each other and use your toes to maintain balance.
  • Your face should be down starring on the ground
  • Stop at the top of the movement when you raise your body above the ground
  • Contract your abdominals and tighten your glutes
  • Make sure your body is straightened and your hips aligned and not raised
  • Pause when your upper arms are parallel to the ground
  • Start afresh and keep your elbows bent and your abs contracted.


The push up exercise alongside burning calories trains all the muscles in your upper body quickly and trains it heavily. Each individual burns different amount of calories with the help of push-ups, but in general push-ups aid in burning up to 7 calories in a minute. They help build strength and have huge effect on your chest, triceps, shoulders and major muscles. Push-ups can be easily added to your daily routine since they do not require any special equipment, to the push-ups, you need only your body weight. The number of calories you will burn depends on certain factors, and it is okay to know how many calories you will burn if your goal is to lose weight.

  • Height and Weight: so far on this your weight loss journey, you might have learnt that the more you weigh, the more calories you burn, this applies to the push-up exercise, the more you weigh, the higher the calories you burn while doing the push-up.
  • Gender: this is another factor that makes it possible to burn as much calories as possible. Males naturally burn more calories than females even though they are performing the same exercise like the push-up and at the same speed and intensity. This is so because men have less fat in the body than women. This means a man performing the push-up will burn more calories than a female doing the push-up.
  • Age:  your age matters a lot too because the older you get, there will be changes in your health and it will affect the number of calories your body will be able to burn.
  • Intensity: the energy you exert while doing the exercise really matters as well.
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This is how to calculate the amount of calories burned by doing push-ups:

You can use the MET value (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) of Push-ups. This MET value is 8. 8 which mean the MET value will be multiplied with the individual’s body weight in kilogram. The result is then multiplied with 0.0175 and multiplied again by the time in minutes. This will give you the amount of calories you have burned based on your weight, and the time spent.


To get the wall push up done, you have to stand in front of a wall while extending your arms out to measure the right distance. Tighten your core and put your hands on the wall. Make sure your body is firm and lower your chest towards the wall slowly, take a pause once your upper arms form a 90 degree angle and then start all over. There is no specific amount of calories the wall push up burns.


Experts have made us understand that the amount of calories that a person burns varies and it ranges from 0.29 calories each to 0.36 calories for a single push-up. In order to have a more accurate figure of the calories that will be burned, Vezina et al in 2014 suggests that the energy expenditure (EE) should be calculated in terms of METs. According to Vezina and colleagues, the old way of measuring energy expenditure is not so efficient in estimating the calories burned from doing the push-up. Those who do not have access to weight training equipment do not have to be worried as the push-up is an alternative. And it is one of the best kinds of exercise that you can engage in anywhere you want, could be at home or outside. You just need to get a hang of it and a good space.

As stated earlier, push-ups are a strength training exercise, the major aim of doing the push-ups is not to burn calories unlike the cardio exercise. The push-ups is majorly for a fitness regimen and one cannot say specifically how many calories push-up can  burn because there are various factors that can either boost or reduce the amount of calories a person burns. Some of which are: age, intensity and physical state. The question can be answered by using different scenarios; also it will based on a male who is of an average and moderate physical strength.

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FIRST SCENERIO: A standard Push-up

The standard push up is done going low to the ground in a high plank position while your hands are placed directly under your shoulders. While doing this, your legs must be perfectly straight and then lower your body gradually. Your feet should be used as a fulcrum.  This kind of push-up will exert physical effort on the shoulders, the chest and upper arms. These will help build your upper body strength. In a bid to build the upper body strength some calories will also be lost about 0.25- 0.5 calories per push-up. This is at a moderate speed.

SECOND SCENERIO: A modified Push-up

Here there are a lot of push-ups people choose from and each of the push-ups varies in terms of the muscle groups that the person is targeting, and how intense he does the exercise as well as how effective the push-up routine is. I will make a list of the most common kinds of push-ups available:

  • Narrow-grip pushup                             –   One-arm pushup
  • Wide grip pushup                                  –   Eccentric pushups
  • Single-leg pushup                                  –   Clap pushup
  • T pushup                                                 –   1.5 pushup
  • Feet elevated pushup                           –   Single-arm medicine ball pushup

The aforementioned are different push-up exercises, some are very effective in some aspects and they vary as regarding intensity and physical exertion which makes them give different results. The amount of calories burned under the modified push-up depends on the frequency in movement or intensity. Just like the  clap push-up, one-arm pushup or the eccentric push-ups which involves more movement and higher intensity, the calories that will be burned will be about 0.5 -1.0 per pushup.


100 pushups, the number 100 sounds like it is going to burn a lot of calories which will help you lose weight. The truth is it only burns a few calories. However, the number of the “few” in quote now depends on your weight and the intensity at which you do the exercise. It will take an average man five minutes to do the 100 push-ups which mean he will do 20 push-ups per minute (this is considered normal) and burn 34 calories.

Research also has it that if someone who weighs 180 pounds does a push-up at an intense pace; this means it will take him less time to complete the exercise because he is working harder. If he works harder and it takes him three minutes which means he will do 33 push-ups per minute, he will only burn 35 calories. There is still no difference between doing the push-up for five minutes and three minutes. If you weigh more, you are more likely to burn more calories with push-ups. Here is an example: an individual who weighs 250 pounds and does the push-up at a moderate pace for five minutes will burn 48 calories. Another individual who weighs 130 pounds will burn fewer calories of about 25 calories within five minutes of the push-up.


As stated previously, certain factors contribute to losing calories during any form of exercise, some of which are: your present fitness level. The number of reps you have performed, the intensity of the exercise you performed and the muscles you used. And to be able to do 10 push-ups, you must be physically fit, you must know the different kinds of push-ups and how it is properly carried out, you should have been prepared for the push-up exercise for a long time, you need to have the right pectoral muscles to be able to do such type of exercise (push-up) and for a long time. If you do 10 push-ups every 5 minutes, that means per hour you would have covered 120 push-ups, and 8 hours will be about 960 push-ups every day. You also need to have a balanced diet that will aid the exercise which in turn will lead you to shed the right amounts of calories.

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There is no specific answer to this question as different researchers have different answers to this. Some researchers have it that the number of calories that 1 push up burn varies from 0.3 calories to 0.6 calories, the exact amount will be based on the person’s weight and the intensity put in. Others are of the opinion that one push up can burn about 0.29 calories to 0.36 calories. The answer is dependent on the research you cite.


The rate at which you will burn calories is dependent on your weight and a person who weighs 150 pounds and does the moderate push up for 10 minutes, he will burn 57 calories while a vigorous push up exercise will burn 96 calories in 10 minutes. On the contrary, 155 pounds can burn about 563 calories per hour if you run 5 miles per hour. An average woman who weighs about 135 pounds will burn about 8 calories in one minute. While a guy who weighs about 190 pounds will shed 12 calories in one minute.


Yes, they do burn belly fat. They do not only work on your chest and arms, they can also help increase the number of calories that your body burns which helps lose fat. You have to take the dread burpees seriously, if you are one of those who don’t like the exercise. The dread burpees will help you do away with belly fat if you are looking at burning fat. In order to  lose more belly fat, here is what you can do:

  1. Follow the tips listed above on how to do the push-up exercise and do as many pushups as possible. Some people can only do the knee push-ups, it is also very good too.
  2. Count the number of push-ups you did and divide the answer by 2.
  3. Do the number of push-ups you calculated (from number 2) plus one more push-up added to that number on the first day of the challenge.
  4. Until you complete the routine, add one more push-up to the number of push-ups you did the day before.


Some studies have shown that if a person weighs 180 pounds he will burn about 1.2 calories. If an individual does the pull-ups consistently for 5 minutes about 250 pull-ups non-stop, you will burn about 450 calories and not 300 calories. Why? This is because your metabolism will get altered if you workout non-stop as your body will require more oxygen. The calorie burn for pull-ups has increased from 4.03 calories per minute to 9.95 calories. 10 pull ups in one minute burns 11 calories.


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