I’m sure we have all had the jumping rope experience when we were much younger at one point in time. The jumping rope is also referred to as skipping rope, the jumping rope is a fun exercise, but it is at the same time a vigorous and challenging exercise that is capable of burning a whole lot of calories in a short time. The jumping rope exercise is a form of cardiovascular exercise which is easy to do and can be done anywhere even in a room. The number of calories burned doing jumping rope can range from 15 to 20 calories per minute. An average person can burn 200 to 300 jump rope calories in a 15 minute workout. Jumping in general burns 25% calories per minute more than running.

How many calories do you burn when jumping rope per minutes?

While jumping rope burns calories, it also helps to strengthen your butt, legs, arms and shoulders. The results you get from a jumping rope workout is easily seen, it usually doesn’t take long such that you can shed  more than 200 calories doing the workout for 10 minutes in two sessions per day. In a week, you would have burned 1000 calories. When doing a cardio session, you can easily integrate this workout into the session as this exercise makes you completely energized. You can add it to your cardio warm-up and to your strength exercise if you want to. To get good results, you can do the full workout three to five times in a week.

The question about how many calories you can burn doing various exercises is dependent on some factors, likewise the number of calories you burn doing the jumping rope is dependent on factors like your initial weight, the number of jumps you do, the duration of the workout and the rate of speed.

Initial weight: the general rule is that the more you weigh, the more calories you will burn doing jumping rope. Someone who weighs 120 pounds will burn 160 calories in 20 minutes of doing a slow jumping rope(less than 100 skips per minute). While someone who weighs 160 pounds will burn 213 calories. People who weigh more burn more calories when they do the jumping rope exercise.

Speed: skipping a rope burns more calories in a short while. If the same person who weighs 160 pounds increases his pace and hits ( 100 – 120 skips per minute) at a steady rhythm while doing the jumping rope for the same 20 minutes, he will burn 286 calories.

Nature of routine: when you combine more complex workouts to your usual jumping rope routine, it will increase the number of calories you will burn in total. You can add kicks, alternating single-leg jumps, toe taps and other forms of exercise as they will take your jumping rope routine to the next levels of intensity.

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An individual who weighs 150 pounds and jumps rope at 1 jump per second (60 per min) for 10 minutes will burn over 100 calories. While someone who weighs 200 pounds and jumps rope at 2 jumps per second i.e 120 per minute for 15 minutes will burn about 300 calories.

You need to get a hang of the exercise, in order for the exercise to be very effective. Follow these steps to do a good jumping rope workout:

  •  Your elbows should be kept in close to your side, with your hands at your waist-height
  • Do not hold the rope too tightly, rather hold it loosely
  • Your ankles, hips and knees should be relaxed and ready to bend and take up your jump
  • The rope shouldn’t be turned with your shoulders but with your wrists and forearms
  • Jump once the rope comes near, you should swing first and then jump.
  • When you jump, you have to land on the tip of your feet without putting your heels down.

In case you get tired before you complete the workout, you can drop the rope and do the shadow jumping- you have to keep your arms and legs going.

The number of calories burned per minute is calculated like this:

Calories burned per minute= (MET× body weight in kg × 3.5) ÷ 200

In our previous articles, we explained that MET is a measurement of the energy cost of physical activity for a period of time. If a person who weighs 180 pounds jumps a rope at a slow pace (a task that has a MET value of 8.8) for 1 hour, he will burn 754 calories. This is how to calculate it:

The number of calories burned as a result of jumping rope at a slow pace for one minute: (8.8 × 81.65 × 3.5) ÷ 200 = 12.57

The number of calories burned from jumping rope at a slow pace for 60 minutes: 12.57 × 60 = 754

Benefits of jump rope workouts

-The Jump rope exercise is good for your heart health: the jump rope is an exercise good for your heart; it is more interesting than the treadmill exercise.

-It is very good for burning fat: if you adopt the HIT style when doing this exercise, you will be able to burn about 1300 calories in an hour. Doing the jump rope exercise for 10 minutes is the same as running a mile for 8 minutes. This exercise will not put you at the risk of ankle or knee injury.

-The jump rope workout trains your whole body from head to toe; you will feel it from your shoulders to your calves.

-Jump rope can help you build lean muscle: if you use the weighted jump ropes, it helps you burn more fat and at the same time build lean muscle.

-This exercise is very safe compared to other exercise; there are no chances to get injured since you are just hopping one or two inches above the ground if you are doing it the right way.

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-The jump rope helps improve your agility and footwork as an athlete. That is why when the best boxers/fighters are training; they like to include the jumping rope in their routine.

-This exercise not only burns fat, it also helps improve your endurance level.

-This exercise is interesting and fun to do; you can decide to do it as a competition with someone and learn new tricks and improve your skill. It is easy to do.

-The jump rope is very portable, easy to move about; you can take it out in your bag and skip any where you want.


In order to lose more calories a day, like 200 calories per day, you can add a 20 minute jump rope workout to your routine for 5 days in a week. That will mean losing an additional 1000 calories in a week, which will give you a weight loss boost of half pound a week. Also, if you do a moderate intensity program like 90 skips per minute, you can lose about 10 calories per minute. If you are just learning or are a beginner when it comes to jumping rope, you should start by giving the game a 3 minutes duration everyday  and then gradually add one more minute every week until you are able to do 10 minutes of jumping rope every day without so much stress. If you can do 10 minutes of rope skipping/jumping every day, you are good to lose a reasonable amount of weight.


Since jumping rope is a full body workout, it burns a lot of calories in a short while. If someone who is of average size does the jumping rope workout he will burn more than 10 calories per minute


An individual who weighs 100 pound will burn 500 calories per hour doing the jumping rope, while another individual who weighs 200 pounds will burn 1000 calories per hour. This was stated in a chart by the American Heart Association.


Doing a jump rope HIIT exercise for 30 minutes can help you burn around 300-450 calories or more depending on how much you weigh throughout the day. Someone who weighs 125 pound will burn 300 calories; a 155 pound person will burn 375 calories, while a 185 pound person will burn 450 calories


If you do the jumping rope exercise for 20 minutes, you will burn about 200 calories or more.


If you jump rope for 5 minutes in a day, you will burn about 50-80 calories; this depends on your metabolism. However, if you do the exercise at a slow pace, you might burn about 50 calories.


An individual who is 150 pounds and does the jumping rope workout for 10 minutes at a slow pace will burn 105 calories, while someone who is 200 pounds and does jumping rope for the same duration but at a fast pace will burn 196 calories. Also note that an individual who weighs 155 pounds and jumps rope for 10 minutes will burn around 124 calories.

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This question can be answered based on the exercise you find more exciting and that you are better at. The exercise you enjoy most really matters when it comes to how many calories you will burn doing either of them. If you enjoy doing the jump rope, and you are well coordinated to jump rope as fast as you can, you will definitely burn more calories. This is vice versa, if you are very good at running and you prefer running to jumping rope, you will burn more calories running than jumping rope. The American Council on Exercise has given a comparison between how many calories jumping rope will burn compared to running, viz:

An individual who weighs 155 pounds and is good at jumping rope and as well jumps rope fast will burn about 421 calories in 30 minutes. If that same individual decides to run, he has to run for 30 minutes at 7 mph in order to burn something near to 421 calories.

If that individual is slow at jumping rope, he will burn approximately 255 calories in 30 minutes, whereas, if he is good at running, he will burn more than that if he runs at 5 mph for 30 minutes.

If someone else who weighs 185 pounds, is good at jumping rope and jumps rope fast, he will burn about 503 calories in 30 minutes. If he decides to run, he will have to run faster than a 7 mph pace to burn the same amount of calories.

Alternatively, if that same person that weighs 185 pounds jumps rope at a slow pace, he will burn about 335 calories in 30 minutes. If he runs, and runs fast, he will burn the same amount of calories if he maintains a 5 mph run for 30 minutes.


According to burnedcalories.com, 100 skips will burn 14 calories. However, the exact number of calories you will burn is dependent on your weight. If someone who weighs 110 lbs skips 100 times, he will burn 10 calories. If someone else who weighs 150 lbs skips 100 times, he will burn 14 calories. Also if a 200 lbs person skips 100 times, he will burn 19 calories.


You are likely to burn 70 -100 calories when you jump rope 500 times. The number of calories you will burn is dependent on how much you weigh and the energy expended skipping. According to burnedcalories.com, a 110 lbs person who skips 500 times, will burn 52 calories, if someone who weighs 140 lbs skips 500 times, he will burn 66 calories, if another person who weighs 200 lbs, skips for the same number of time, he will burn 94 calories.


According to captaincalculator, someone who weighs 200 pounds and skips 200 times, will burn 37 calories, while another person who weighs 240 pounds and skips 200 times, will burn 45 calories.


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