In as much as we want to burn calories, we should note that these calories are needed as well, but in very few amounts. Calories are what keep the body active and energized, that is why it is important not to miss breakfast. The calories you do not need immediately are those fat calories, stored for later use as reserves. Those fat calories become useful only when you burn enough calories, when you don’t burn enough calories, then you add more weight.

How many calories do you burn running a mile

When you run, you burn more calories than when you engage in other exercises like cycling, weight training and swimming etc. to determine how many calories you burn while running a mile, some factors  has to be considered. Factors include: Weight, Distance, and Speed. Generally, a person is expected to burn about 100-150 calories after running a mile, though that number isn’t universal.

Weight as a determinant factor: there is a rule that states that the more you weigh, the easier it is for you to burn calories. So if you weigh more, the higher the calories you will burn while running a mile.

Speed: when running, if you put in more intensity, you will definitely burn more calories because the energy expended really matters.

Distance: how far you go when running is another factor that determines how much calorie you will burn while running. Going a longer distance causes you to burn more calories.


You might need to squeeze a 30 minutes run into your workout schedule at different times in a week so as to make your workout routine more effective. Running for about 30 minutes will help boost your fitness and health level in different ways. Calorie burnt throughout the time spent depends on the same factors as running a mile. We should all know that people who weigh more and runs for 30 minutes will burn more calorie than a person who doesn’t weigh much. If you weigh about 135 pounds and you participated in a 30 minutes run you should burn about 259 calories, while a person who weighs 175 pounds will burn 336 calories when he runs for 30 minutes even at the same speed, the website health status confirms this.

Ideally, running for 30 minutes will not burn a lot of calories. But if out of your busy schedule, you can only carve out 30 minutes out of your time, you should make it a high intensity training or intervals session at different times in a week and when you are not busy, you can take longer runs, slower or faster runs too sometimes. This way you will be able to work out different muscles and train yourself to run faster and more efficiently, it will also help you achieve that desired body shape you want and it will help make the running routine fun.

In order to burn more calories, you might need to increase your speed, and there are other factors like running uphill, this will help so much, by increasing the amount of calories you will burn. Running downhill with the same duration (30 minutes) will not be effective enough to burn as much calories. Another way to boost your calorie burn is by putting on a light ankle or wrist weights. According to the American Council on Exercise, when doing a cardio exercise, if you use 1-3 pound wrist weights, it will increase the amount of calorie you burn by 15 percent.

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The aim of burning calories is to lose weight; you can increase your chances of losing more calories if you take a 30 minutes run at different times in a week. You can consider taking 300 minutes cardio run in a week as well as some strength training and also cutting down your calorie intake. If you want to lose a pound of fat in a week, you have to be able to burn about 500 calories more than you take in everyday.


Tread mill helps to burn calories which aids weight loss. One of the best cardio equipments that you can buy is the Treadmills. They help to burn more calories through cardio workouts and muscle burning and toning. When looking out for a treadmill to buy, you have to check the treadmill’s surface to know how solid it feels, you can check for different features as well as the construction of the treadmill. A person who weighs 125 pounds and runs continuously around 5 miles per hour on a treadmill, is estimated to burn about 247 calories on the machine in 30 minutes. If you want to maximize the number of calories you will burn on a treadmill and put in more effort to make the treadmill a useful tool, you can decide to include other features like the use of bursts of sprinting at 10 miles per hour all through a 30 minutes session while including a few seconds gaps in between to burn a total of 500 calories per session.

When trying to lose weight using the treadmill, the secret to achieving your desired weight loss goal is to be consistent. You have to stick to the high- intensity or medium workouts on the treadmill. Do high- interval sprints steadily in order to increase the number of calories you will burn on a treadmill.

You can determine the number of calories burned running on a treadmill by:

  • Weight: Weight is the most important factor that will determine how much calorie you will burn. The more you weigh, the more it is easier to burn more calories. This is because your muscle uses the calories to move your body while running a mile or a kilometer.
  • Length of Stride: here you have to pick up and pull down your feet frequently as you walk a mile. This helps to burn more calories.
  • Level of Intensity: when you put in more intensity in your exercise, thereby allowing your heart and lung to work harder, it helps to burn more calories. You can measure this by your heart rate pulse.
  • Efficiency: When you run at a higher speed, it is more natural and efficient than when you walk fast or use a race walking technique. Exercises are more efficient when they are more natural. You might burn less calories when your motion is smooth and when you are so used to the exercise.
  • Speed: You will burn more calories when you run at a high speed and cover the distance in shorter time, you will also burn calories during the time saved when you are breathing.
  • Incline: You will burn more calorie when you run uphill than when you run on a flat surface or downhill. If you do more incline running exercises, you will burn an additional 3 to 5 calories per minutes.
  • Motorized treadmills: these motorized treadmills have smooth surfaces and this lowers the amount of calories that you will burn per mile. The moving belt also reduces the calories you will burn as compared to running or walking without a treadmill. You can increase the number of calories that you will burn by adding at least 1 percent incline on the treadmill.


  1. Determine the target heart rate:  you should bear in mind the target heart rate and while working out monitor the rate of your heart. You can calculate the target heart rate by subtracting your age from 220 then multiply what you get by 0.9. Whatever your answer is, keep it in mind, your next workout should be done whilst keeping your heart rate in that range.
  2. Warm up before you launch into the extensive workout: before you put in high intensity while working out, you have to warm up yourself, it will help you warm up your muscles and as well prevent you from getting injured. You can warm up by running on a slow pace on the treadmill for at least 5 minutes.
  3. Gradually increase your speed and pace for about 10 minutes before you include an incline on the treadmill
  4. Then raise the treadmill inclination to 1 percent
  5. Make sure you maintain a straight posture while on the treadmill.
  6. Shuffle between no incline and incline while exercising by doing 5 minutes of incline and 5 minutes of no incline, it will help you achieve that weight loss goal.
  7. When you take a break, make sure to stretch your muscles as this is important for maintaining your joint’s wholeness and how well you move.
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If you jog for 20 minutes, you are likely to burn about 240-360 calories. The American Council on Exercise carried out a study of their own  called the 20 minute Tabata Workout Protocol and they discovered that those participant burned that same amount of calories jogging for 20 minutes and in fact 15 calories in one minute. Those who weigh 150 pounds will burn about 200 calories jogging for the same time duration. Considering the amount of calories burned, it means one can burn hundreds of extra calories if you do Tabata often times in a week. However, you should bear in mind that the amounts of calorie you will burn depend on some factors like your body weight, the speed and duration of the jogging. In order to keep a tab on the number of calorie you have burned, you can use various kinds of fitness equipments to find out, and also know the distance covered, your heart rate and so many other features. There are different online sites where you can calculate these things based on your weight and intensity. A person who weighs 60 kg and jogs at the speed of 15kilometer per hour will shed about 300 calories.


A study conducted by CNN shows that a man that weighs 90kg will burn 151 calories when jogging for 1km as compared to walking 1km which will  result into burning 113 calories.


Averagely, ,men burn more calories than women because we all know that men have more muscles, thick bones and less body fat more than women even though they are of the same height and age. Note that the number of calories mentioned here are all estimates.  In a day, women who do not stress themselves too much, like those whose duty is to work on a desk and  those that do little exercise will burn about 1600 calories in a day and for those who engage in more active lifestyles will burn about 2400 calories in a day. As for men, those who have more sedentary lifestyles will burn about 2000 calories per day, whereas those who are very active will burn about 3000 calories.


If you want to burn calories effectively, cardio is one of the best ways to burn calories. You can also do strength training and weight training, they are also very effective. It has been scientifically proven that you will burn the highest number of calories within 30 minutes with the High Intensity Interval Training or workout. The High Intensity Interval Training burns more calories because they make use of your cardiovascular system and several muscle groups for the training.

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Follow the following tips to burn more calories:

  1. Engage in exercises:  how long you spend exercising and the how vigorous the exercise is will determine how many calories you will burn. Sometimes taking a brisk walk is a very good way to burn calories every day. When you take part in exercise your body sheds some calories to help fuel your activity. Exercise helps to keep your body going such that after your workout, your body still keeps burning calories.
  2. Participate in Strength training exercise: strength training exercise will help build your muscle mass, in fact muscle tissue burns more calories even when you are not working out. Aerobic exercises and strength training are both important and are the most effective way to increase your body’s metabolism and they help burn more calories.
  3. Take more Caffeinated Green or Black Tea: caffeine helps to increase the number of calories you burn, because it contains stimulants. Stimulants, when taken makes you feel that you have more energy for a short-term thereby making you move more. A study shows that green tea has calorie burning properties and heat producing properties.
  4. Eat more frequently, but smaller quantities: many experts usually advices that you eat in small quantities than eating one or two large meals at once. Eating small quantities can make you burn more calories.
  5. Breakfast is very important: do not miss your breakfast if you intend to lose weight, this is because when you skip your breakfast, you will go very hungry there by making you eat more calories.
  6. Consume low-fat diary: studies have proven that when you eat low fat diary products, it reduces belly fat because these foods do not contain so much calories.
  7. Take up to 8 cups of water every day: a small study conducted in Germany shows that if you drink 8 cups of water in a day, it can help you burn almost 100 extra calories.


There are 61 calories in a single 25ml measure of 40% ABV rum, which is similar to a digestive biscuit.


An average person burns about 500 calories per 10,000 steps. It is estimated that when a person who weighs 180 pounds walks a mile, he burns 100 calories and so 10,000 steps is about 5 miles. So if you weigh 180 pounds, it will be 100 calories multiplied by 5 miles, which is equal to 500 calories. We should bear in mind that the amount of calories stated here doesn’t apply to everyone. The number of calories you burn depends on the individual considering some factors such as the individual’s body weight, age, speed and environmental factors.


It is very easy to tell which exercise- running or walking burns more calories. For instance, the American Council of Exercise says a person who weighs 140 pounds when running will burn approximately 13.2 calories per minute, if that same person walks, he will burn approximately 7.6 calories per minute. This also means if it is a 30 minutes run, he will burn about 360 calories, but if he walks for 30 minutes, he will burn about 228 calories. There is a 10-30 percent difference in calories per mile between running and walking.


There is a rule that says an average runner will burn about 100 calories per mile. So in order to burn 500 calories, you have to run about 5 miles which will be equal to 500 calories i.e  (100 calories × 5 miles = 500 calories).


To burn 1000 calories in one hour, you need to take part in high-octane exercises which will compel your body to do extensive exercise. You should do high Intensity modes of exercise like the circuit training and interval training. You can do the following exercises as well:

  • Treadmill Sprints Interval Training
  • Aerobic Class
  • Circuit Training


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