Considering every salient word in this article, such as, how many calories do crunches burn? will basically be what I will be emphasizing in this article. To begin with, what is a calorie? A calorie can be regarded as a unit of energy or heat that could come from a variety of sources, such as coal or gas. In that regard, the heat or energy is derived from the intense exemplification of crunches. Oh well, you might not know what crunches are all about but don’t bother too much as everything will be uncovered in this article.

The crunch is actually regarded as one of the most notable abdominal exercises. Perhaps crunches utilize the exerciser’s own body weight to tone muscle, and are considered as a low-cost workout that can be exemplified at home. So when performed, you will unleash some energy or burn some calories. It must be known that you burn some calories when practicing any exercise no matter how simple or difficult it is. Even just by working or standing, you burn some calories. Ok so, technically, I will be look at the following below:

How many calories do crunches burn?

This is not only dependent upon how many crunches you are performing as it is very important to know. Frankly enough, I don’t think there is any way you can exemplify crunches without working hard? Perhaps you must know that how many calories you burn during a set of crunches is dependent upon your size, time spent crunching and intensity. As regards body seize, someone who is very large will surely burn more calories than the person who is actually small.  As an example, a large person becomes tired suddenly when a small person is still running. This is why athletes exercise themselves frequently simply to be in shape. Because when they are not in shape, they become tired easily and this is why old people are also told to exercise themselves simply not to get tired just by walking or standing.

So body seize must be considered when it comes to how many calories you burn during the performance of crunches. In the case of time spent, is it possible to exemplify crunches for an hour? Oh well, that must be insane. In actual fact, crunches should not be performed for so long. But if you are so excited about it and it is your favorite, you can try 10minutes of crouching and that should be enough. Speaking of intensity, how intensely you always Crunch also conditions or determines calorie burn. For instance, a 5-foot-10-inch man who weighs 300pounds who crunches at a moderate intensity for five minutes 5minutes burns 52calories. Having looked at body seize, time spent and intensity, I shall proceed by looking at how many calories do crunches burn per minute?

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How Many Calories Do Crunches Burn Per Minutes?

In all honesty, crunches are not just a huge calorie burner in comparison to other physical activities.  And should you be looking to build up a sweat and burn calories, cardiovascular activities are much better to raise your heart rate and this will enable you to sweat amazingly well. However, it is no surprise that the average individual can be done with at least 25 crunches in one minute. Let’s say you want to practice 200crunches, this should completely take you 8minutes. Like I have explained above, how many calories you burn during this period actually depends on your size and of course the intensity of crunching like rushing or  performing gently.

How Many Calories Do Bicycle Crunches  Burn

This particular exercise can be utilized to greatly work your abs. It perfectly assists to focus on your rectus abdominis muscles and obliques. To put simply, bicycle crunches are like every other exercise that burns crunches. As established above, calories burnt can only be dependent on intensity rate. For instance, practicing 25 crunches or thereabout will drop the same calories as standing for 10minutes. So how can bicycle crunches be performed? In practicing this, you simply need to lie on your back as it is very important. Never forget to raise your legs while your shoulders are lifted. Ensure your knee and the opposing elbow are placed to each other by crunching to a side and the other to another side.  You can try this severally as it is very important. Kindly note that if you suffering from physical pains, try visit your doctor. The essence of exemplify this exercise is to help you not arm you.

How Many Calories Do 100 Crunches Burn

It has already be established above that calories burnt is dependent on your body size, time spent and intensity rate. For instance, a 300-pound man can complete 200 crunches in just 8minutes and loose 44 calories. Although another person might not be able to complete this. Perhaps loosing weight in a sensibly pattern demands burning a great amount of  calories every week. In actual fact, loosing weight is a threat to some people simply because they have no time to exercise themselves.

In fact, some of these people buy caloric intake just to loose weight and look like a model. Oh well. It is very hard to see a self proclaimed model who happens to be fat and this is because most people see being skinny as an act of being fit. Do you know that climbing stairs can make you loose some articles? Stairs climbing can regarded as one of the exercises that you can practice at home to loose some calories. There people that when coming from work and it is time to climb their stairs, they find it so hard to climb them simply because of the stress they have undergone at their offices. Speaking of stress in the case of loosing calories, do you know that thinking alone can make you loose some calories? This is no wonder why people ask questions like “are you okay?” Once you are actually loosing weight. This means that stress can make you loose weight simply because we have types of stress; mental stress and physical stress.  To begin with Mental stress, this has to do with stressing your brain by engaging in things that will definitely propel you to use your brain and as such, you can loose some calories. And also, when a person is depressed, that kind of person can loose some calories ever minute as the mind will never be at ease. However, that kind of person will be making noise internally and in communication, this falls under non verbal communication. That is, the person does not necessary have to speak out about his problems but wondering about them on the inside to the extent the might not even hear when he is called upon. Having explained mental stress in the case of burning some calories, I shall proceed by uncovering physical stress.  

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Physical stress has types of it. In fact, it is uncountable but in this regard, it will be linked with the exemplification of exercises. And the centrality of this article is based on crunches in the case of burning calories. Perhaps I have explained crunches above but have not necessarily delve into types of crunches.  Basically, crunches are exercises that greatly assist in toning abs and core. To put simply, crunches greatly burn less calories but when it comes to releasing the core muscles, crunches help build the abs. There are several variations of crunches that are exemplified simply to concentrate on several muscles groups. Perhaps they are very important for the growth of crunches. It must be noted that regular crunches are seriously concentrated on rectus abdominis.  The good news about the exemplification of this exercise is that fact that you can practice it anywhere and like some other exercises, crunches definitely help you enhance your muscle strength, flexibility. Below are the types of crunches that I have chosen to demystify in this article.

1. Double Crunches:

This exercise is very important. Oh well, you don’t need to do much as one of the things you need to do is to lie down gently on your back with your knees placed at a 90 degree angle and your hands must essentially be behind your head. It is just very important to adhere by. Now raise your hips off the floor just like in a crunch then you can raise the shoulder blades off as though practicing a normal crunch.

2. Bicycle Crunch:

This exercise greatly works both rectus abdominis and the upper abs. Perhaps this can be exemplified by just lying flat on your back with your hands behind your head. Now ensure your knees are actually off the floor as placed towards your chest.  Ensure you rotate to the right and your left knee is met with your right elbow. You can then forward. Try let your right knee meets with the left elbow as it is very important for you to adhere by this instruction.

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3. Vertical Leg Crunch:

Simply to effectively perform this exercise, you need to gently lie flat on your back with your arms forward. What is needed to be done next is raising both your leg and heels concentrating the ceiling till they are actually above your hips. Now relax in that position by breathing in and out. Try to place your both arms separately and ensure they are positioned behind your head in that posture. Then bring up your body a bit and then bring it down. You can practice this exercise as long as you can. How many reps that are meant to be completed are actually dependent on how strong you are. In actual fact, this exercise is very difficult to exemplify but you will never regret practicing as it will greatly help you tone abs and strengthen your muscle simultaneously.

4. Long Arm Crunches:

Simply to perform this crunch, try to lie flat on your back with your knees leaning up. Oh well, this exercise is basically based on your arms. And being long arms exercise, you are obviously meant to stretch you arms forward. Now place them tightly in between your head as though you are forcing them to squeeze you head. Relax by breathing in and out. Ensure you don’t strain your neck. That is very much important. Now that you are simply in that great posture, bring your body up and down gently as it is very important for you to do so.

5. Reverse Crunch:

The reverse crunch is done by lying flat on your back and putting your leg up at 90 degree. It is very important for you to position your hands facing the ground on either side of your body, or position the hands behind your hip for added support. You can then pull up your legs and hips towards the ceiling while bringing your knees towards your chest. During this exercise, try not to use too much momentum or to exemplify it so fast.  your both arms must be in separation and ensure they are positioned behind your head in that posture. Then bring up your body a bit and then bring it down. You can practice this exercise as long as you can.

Having explained how many calories do crunches burn per minute, how many calories do bicycle crunches burn and how many calories do 100 crunches burn, I am so delighted  but before I end it, I would love to quickly explain the basic crunch. When you are done lying flat, try to place your both arms separately and ensure they are positioned behind your head in that posture. Now close your elbow. Lift your head and body up a bit and then bring it down. Try this severally as long as you can.


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