You need to understand how weight loss occurs so as to be able to know how long it takes to lose weight. You do not just wake up every morning to find out that you have lost some weight; you have to put in some hard-work to making this come true. Weight loss can only be achieved if you consume fewer calories than you burn everyday and participate in regular exercises. Now, the answer to how long does it take to lose weight? Is dependent on factors like; your age, gender, calorie deficit, your initial body mass, how long you sleep.

  • AGE: Age can be a very important factor in determining how long it will take to lose weight. As one ages, there is an alteration in your body composition such that your fat mass increases and your muscle mass decreases. Some major organs in your body begins to require a fewer calorie intake, which results in a lower RMR. A low RMR can make weight loss very difficult. Studies have proven that adults who are over 70 usually have RMRs that are 20-25 percent which is lower than those who are younger.
  • GENDER:  women naturally have a greater fat-muscle ratio more than men. Women who are of the same height as men have a lower RMR of about 5-10 percent. This simply means when at rest, women burn 5-10 percent fewer calories than men do. This implies that men lose weight faster than women when on the same diet. However, when it comes to weight maintenance, gender doesn’t affect it.
  • CALORIE DEFICIT: in order to lose weight, you need to create a deficit in your calorie intake. How this determines how fast you lose weight is the extent of the calorie deficit. You need to have a high calorie deficit in order to lose weight quickly. Make sure the calorie deficit is not too high.
  • INITIAL BODY MASS: your initial weight before the weight loss program is another factor that determines how long you lose weight. Bear in mind that different weight losses in pounds can be equal to the same percentage of weight loss in different individuals. The heavier you weigh the faster and quick it is for you to lose weight.
  • SLEEP: most people usually do not think of this as an important factor, but it is.  Lack of adequate sleep can slow down the progress of your weight loss, it can reduce the speed. And so this means that when you are on a weight loss program and you sleep adequately, you tend to lose weight quickly than those who do not. Depriving yourself of one night’s sleep will make you crave for food high in calorie, which will hinder your weight loss plan.
  • MEDICAL CONDITIONS: Some medical conditions like diseases or the likes of depression and hypothyroidism can determine how long a person will lose weight, because such illnesses allows for a reduced production of metabolism regulating hormones by the thyroid gland leading to slow weight loss.


The Belly is one place that is a little difficult to lose the fat around it. You can lose belly fat if you put in a lot of efforts. According to a personal trainer and registered dietitian, Jim White says belly fat can be lost in two weeks. He added that the rate at which fat in the belly is lost depends greatly on the person alongside a calorie reduction and an increased participation in exercises. Jim White also said one can lose belly fat with two weeks of a proper diet and exercise program. Those who have more abdominal fat will get quick results. Note that the length of time to lose belly fat varies from person to person. Another thing to note is that there is a change in your body’s rate of fat loss when the body loses weight; this is because the body during weight loss usually recalculates the amount of fat to store for later use based on the present circumstances. This means fat loss rate tend to increase or decrease as you lose weight. When working out to lose belly fat, Jim White suggests that you engage in aerobic exercises as well as strength training. Tabata is a very good exercise for burning belly fat.

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The keto diet has really helped people who have been finding it difficult to lose weight and to lose weight fast. When on a keto diet, you will likely see results after the first week, there will be a drop in your weight of about two to ten pounds. The weight lost on a keto diet is water weight and this is because carbohydrates retain water when they are consumed. How long it takes to lose weight on keto varies on the individual and his body as well as how well he abides by the keto rules and how long he sticks to it. Most times, after being on a keto diet for three months, people approach their desired weight loss goal because during the three months program, each week they shed about one pound. The most important thing is to be diligent with your weight loss program on a keto diet, and if you are, you will lose weight quickly.


As stated earlier, how long it will take to lose weight differs for different individuals, but the calculator can only be a guide. Using the weight loss calculator will help you find out how long it will take to lose weight. When using the calculator, you will need to select your gender, input your age, your current weight, goal weight, height and the rate at which you exercise. The calculator will also help you control your calorie intake daily. You will need to input how many kg or lbs you want to lose, you also need to choose either entering the amount of time in which you want to plan the weight loss or the number of calories you want to burn. If you choose the former, the calculator will tell you how much calories you should consume in order to achieve your weight loss goal. So if you choose the latter, you will be shown an estimate of the time/how long it will take you to lose that desired weight. Engaging in regular exercise will enable you shed weight quickly. Exercise greatly helps to burn calories, so continued participation and high intensity exercises will aid the weight loss process.


There is no universal answer to this question because how long it takes for weight loss to show varies from person to person and some factors come into play with this, factors like initial weight, your eating habit and so on matters. Weight loss can get noticeable after week one or two of your program depending on how well you stick to it. Also ensure that your weight loss plan shouldn’t be the same every time, you should try to tweak it, you can go on intermittent fasting for some weeks and other weeks you can eat little and often. You should take a lot of water too.  Factors that determine this include;

  • Your initial size: your initial body weight before the weight loss program determines how fast weight loss will show. Those who are very large will lose more weight quickly than those who have a small body size.
  • Your Carbohydrate intake: when you cut down your carbohydrate intake, it will allow you lose water weight quickly since there won’t be the need for water which your body needs in order to store carbohydrates.
  • Constant weight check: studies have proven that constant (daily or weekly) weight check up helps with weight loss. A weekly weight check up may be more effective because it will allow you know the progress you have made for a week and not just a day.
  • The type of diet you are following: the type of diet you are into really matters, this is so because some diet plans naturally increases the speed at which you lose weight. For instance, diets like the South Beach, Atkins and some others require that you have a jump start for one week or two weeks and at that same time, an intense food restriction which will help you lose more weight. You will be able to lose about five pounds or more in a week during the starting point.
  • Measurement method: measurement is another good factor; how we measure the progress we have made will affect how quick we notice results. The first place you notice a change is on the scale, and if you use a high tech scale, like the digital scale which picks up even small changes that may not be noticeable by the bare eyes like fractions of a pound. Then you begin to notice changes in your clothing, but your initial body mass will not change immediately, you will only notice that your clothes looks different on your body. Those who wear much fitted clothes are likely to easily spot the change.
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In order to see results quickly, you need to take part in regular exercise. You can do a 30 minutes exercise or any physical activity everyday of the week. Even if you can’t workout for up to 30 minutes, make sure you are physically active as much as possible because doing something is better than doing nothing at all.  Exercise is a great way of losing weight and to achieve your weight loss goal quickly, it is advisable to be physically active for about one hour plus per day to spot significant changes. According to a professor of cardiovascular physiology and exercise at Liverpool John Moore’s University, you notice a change of about two pound weight loss in three to four months of exercising alone. It is equally possible to lose weight with exercises alone, but it might not be much. Most scientists say you should give yourself about 12 to 16 weeks before you notice a change in your body.


It is possible to quickly lose 10kg in 30 days in a healthy way and there are few tips which can aid the quick weight loss. They are:

1. You need to know the nutritional information of what you eat: before you eat anything, always make sure you have the nutritional information available to you. You need to know how much carbohydrates it contains and how much fat it contains. If you do not keep a track on the foods you consume, it will be difficult to lose 10kg in 30days.You need to avoid foods that have high fat contents, instead go for proteins.

2. Say no to Junks: Junks are made from fat sources which contributes to weight loss, so you need to avoid junk foods as much as possible though it may be impossible to avoid it totally because there are some places you need to eat and what is available are just junks. You just need to control the quantity you consume so that your weight loss journey will be quick.

3. Regular exercise: this is a very crucial part of weight loss especially if you want to lose 10kg or any desired pounds in a short while. Avoiding exercises may not yield results as fast as you expect. Bear in mind that you are exercising to shed weight and not for bodybuilding. You can do the cardio workouts; resistance training and you need consistency.

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4. Drink plenty water: water is an essential part of our body’s functionality and it is needed alongside exercises. You need it to replenish your energy. Water also helps curb unnecessary cravings for junks, if you are hungry and drink about two glasses of water, you won’t be as hungry as before.

5. Cut down sugar intake: excess consumption of sugar causes more fat to be accumulated in the body. So if you reduce sugar in the food you eat, you will be able to shed fat and be able to lose 10kg in 30days.

6. Get enough sleep: studies have revealed that lack of sleep causes the hormone that triggers our appetite to be active, thereby allowing you to be hungry. And it means you will be eating a lot of food each time you do not sleep when you ought to. You may end up eating a lot of carbohydrates; this is why you should always sleep at night.

7. You can use the treadmill: the treadmill allows you to run and running helps you build stamina, energizes the body and aids the process in which calories are burned. Running is a great way to lose weight.


Exercises are important as they improve overall health, however, you can lose weight without exercising but it might take a little longer than when you exercise. Lara R. Dugas, Ph.D., who is an assistant professor at the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine says physical activity will not protect you from the effect a high-fat, or high- sugar diet has on weight. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t engage in exercises, but it means you can still lose weight without having to dedicate so much time and effort to exercise. To lose weight without exercise, you have to do the following:

  1. Improve your sleep: medical professionals recommend that we have to sleep for at least seven hours every day in order to lose weight as inadequate sleep causes your appetite to be heightened and then you add weight. Having adequate sleep will aid weight loss even without exercise. Retrain your brain to reduce insomnia and increase your sleep.
  2. Talk to your doctor: there are times when weight gain is not as a result of eating junks; it may be as a result of a medical condition such as Hashimoto’s a thyroid disease . This type of disease usually lowers the thyroid function resulting into weight gain. Professionals have said that there are some medical conditions that lead to weight gain and may hinder weight loss, they are; liver function, sex hormones, gut bacteria, insulin and thyroid function. It is important to see a doctor if you think you have any underlying health condition.
  3. Reduce carbohydrates intake: go on a low carb diet, like the keto diet, you do not necessarily need to go out of your busy schedule to workout. People on a keto diet do not need to exercise for weight control, they just need to stay active.  A research which was published in the journal Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome has it that keto diet helps to burn more fat than other diets will, like about 10 times more.
  4. Eat whole foods: you need to eat real foods, foods that are not processed, like proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, it will help you save about 100- 200 calories in a day.  A woman known as Shannon L., of Denver says she lost 15 pounds in five weeks by eating whole foods which are unprocessed. When you focus on eating whole foods alone, you are indirectly cutting down on calories and whole foods contains more of vitamins and minerals.

Track your calorie intake with an app: keep a tab on your calorie intake by using different apps, one example is the MyFitnessPal app.


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