Let’s consider the first question: how long do goldfish live in a tank? We will be looking at everything that pertains to goldfish in this article.

If the goldfish is well cared for and has a fish tank that is large enough to support him and doesn’t suffer from various diseases that goldfish can be prone to, then they can live up to 25years on average. There are many goldfish who have lived longer than that (we’ll talk about some specifics later on).

These are examples :

(1) Slim-bodied goldfish like the ordinary and comet goldfish will easily live up to 20years in a large enough or spacious fish tank.

(2) Fantail goldies will make it to about 15years in a large enough or big fish tank.

(3) Round-bodied fancy goldfish will be more likely to make it to at least 12years.

How long do goldfish live in a pond? 

This leads us to the next question, which is: “how long do goldfish live in a pond?”

It is essential to note that the pond is a very suitable habitat for your goldfish. Ponds are the ideal location for pet goldfish. It is the closest thing to a natural habitat that a human can provide for their goldfish.

They offer larger amounts of water – read the following: plenty of swimming and growing room! – naturally occurring aeration and water movement, wildly growing plants, and natural food (insects, smaller fish, et cetera). All of this means more oxygen in the water and a more natural environment.

Overall, making your goldfish much happier, less stressed, and generally healthier.

In a pond, goldfish are more likely to cross that 15year mark and make it into their 20s and even 30s.

How long do goldfish live? 

All right, so if you’re reading this, then you’re probably a bit like me and have wondered how old do goldfish live to be when taken care of properly and well-fed. There are various circumstances and living situations that affect how long goldfish live (lifespan), meaning there isn’t any definitive or straightforward answer. With that being said, a very rough range for goldfish lifespan would be 5-25 years old. 

The type of living conditions they have significantly affected this lifespan as much as the quality of care, variety of food, water quality, temperatures, and more are concerned. Species, living situation, nutrition, and genetics all have something to do with it their lifespan. Below we’ll break down the lifespan for each condition or breed of goldfish that you might encounter.

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How long do goldfish live without food? 

Firstly, I am going to give you an illustration that will help you understand this article. Today my sister told me that we are going on vacation tomorrow.

And I was looking at my aquarium and was seriously wondering how long do goldfish live without food. I did some research and found out that goldfish can live for about two weeks without any food. So if you are away from your home and can’t feed your fish for the next two weeks, then it will be fine. If you stay out of your home for more than two weeks, you should ask your neighbor or friend to feed your fish for you so they won’t starve to death. Below are some essential questions you can learn from:

What if you have goldfish in the pond?

Goldfish can easily live for a couple of weeks without food in the pond also, so there’s no need to panic. A pond usually has various insects, algae, etc., a good source of food for the goldfish. If you are too concerned, you can add some plants in the pond, and goldfish can eat them when hungry.

Ask your neighbor or friends to feed your fish.

The most straightforward arrangement you can make is to ask your neighbor or friend to feed your fish when you are away from your home on vacation. 

How often should they feed the fish?

Ideally, they should feed your goldfish 2-3 times a day. But as now that we know that goldfish can survive about two weeks and more without food, you can ask your neighbor or friend to feed your fish once a day or even once in 2-3 days will be just perfect. 

Feeding goldfish less than three times a day is not a very good idea. And it will affect their growth one way or the other. Also, it is straightforward to overfeed a fish, and a person who doesn’t have any idea about fishkeeping can easily overfeed a fish. So I highly recommend you tell them the quantity of food they should be feeding your fish with when you are away. 

How much should you feed your goldfish at a time?

An excellent rule of thumb is to feed your goldfish the amount of food it can consume within 2 minutes or provide your goldfish food equals the same size of the eye it. Once you know the amount of food your goldfish needs to eat, the simple way to make feeding your goldfish easy for your neighbor or friend is to use a perfect and correctly working pill organizer.

Open the pill organizer and fill up the quantity of fish food your goldfish need to be fed in each little box, and then your neighbor or friend will have to empty one bin at a time in your aquarium when it is time to provide them. 

How often should I feed the pond goldfish?

Usually, you should feed once a day to your goldfish, and you should provide the amount of food that the goldfish can consume under 2 minutes and not more. The specific amount of food you are to feed to your goldfish also depends on the water temperature and the season at that particular time.

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For example, during the spring and summer season the water is warm and also the fish are very active so you will need to feed them more food these days.

On the other hand, in the winter season, you will need to provide relatively less food.

2. You can also use an automatic fish feeder

Another simple and very convenient way to feed your fish when you are on vacation is to use an automatic fish feeder. The robotic fish feeder is excellent. You have to fill up your fish’s favorite fish food and set the timer on the automatic feeder, and then it automatically dispenses the food in due time.

Some automated feeders can also hold fish food that can last for six weeks, which is a lot of time to enjoy your vacation with your loved ones. 

You can use slow-release fish food

Slow-release fish food is probably the cheapest option to feed your fish when you are on vacation with your loved ones. 

Slow-release fish foods come in two categories

(1) Weekend feeder blocks: This fish food will keep your fish fed for three days. So if you plan for a weekend vacation, then these blocks are perfect for your weekend moves. 

(2) Vacation feeder blocks: These blocks can keep your fish fed for at least 14 days. So if you are planning for a long two-week vacation, you can use the vacation feeder blocks, which is convenient. 

Here are examples of goldfish feeds and their respective life span. 

(1) Tetrapond: can last up to 14days without food. They’re suitable for pond habitat.

(2) Tetra weekend: can last up to 14days without food. They’re suitable for tropical fish. 

(3) Zoo med: can last up to 14days without food. They’re suitable for bottom feeders. 

(4) Zoo med mini: can last up to 7days. They’re suitable for Gourami and small fry.

(5) Zoo med Betta: can last up to 7days. They’re suitable for a betta. 

(6) Pyramid automatic feeder: can last up to 3days. They’re suitable for all kinds of fish. 

Let’s take some FAQ

How much is human food good for your goldfish?

As you can see, goldfish can eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, but it should not be the primary food for them because it isn’t advisable. Feeding fruits and vegetables after 2-3 days regularly are suitable for their overall feeding style. 

What causes a goldfish not to eat?

Like any other aquarium fish, there are numerous reasons why your goldfish is not eating the way it should. Besides, goldfish have their unique requirements.

Do you want to know why your fish is not eating?

Here are some reasons listed below :

(1) Poor water quality

This is one of the chief reasons why your goldfish is not eating those juicy flakes. They need water temperatures of about 23°C for expected optimal survival. Additionally, they tend to excrete more often than other tank fish. They are prone to increased nitrate levels in the water, which can be harmful and cause them not to feed. 

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Therefore, ensure your water conditions are optimal and filter consistently and keep the temperatures at recommended levels, and your goldfish will get its groove back.

(2) Constipation

If your goldfish is constipated, then he might stay at the bottom and shy away from reaching the surface even when you offer him food. It scoots along the bottom of its habitat rather than feed. 

Can goldfish eat bread?

People commonly feed fish with bread, but it is not suitable for them at all, trust me. If you run out of food, then don’t ever feed bread to your goldfish because it is detrimental to their health. It is advisable to provide them with the fruits and vegetables mentioned above.

How do I know if my goldfish is hungry?

There are various signs you will notice which will tell you if your fish is hungry.

(1) If you ever noticed a slow or sluggish behavior in your fish, then it is hungry.

(2) If you found your goldfish digging around the substrate, that means that it is searching for food and is hungry.

(3) If you found your goldfish coming on the top of the water and waiting for feeding, then it is hungry

(4) If you noticed any behavioral change in your goldfish, like aggression, then it is hungry.

Do fish stop eating when they’re full?

Fish may eat for a while even when they are full. Note that this is normal. But once they are complete, they will stop eating immediately. It would help if you did not overfeed them because it isn’t advisable.

You should feed them the amount of food that they can consume within 2 minutes as mentioned before, or are giving them the amount of food equals to their eye’s size is a good rule of thumb.

What is better for goldfish pallets or flakes

In their natural habitat, goldfish eat food from lower or middle water levels. When you feed pellets to the goldfish, it sinks into the water, and goldfish can quickly eat them as they would it in their natural habitat. But the drawback of feeding pallets to the goldfish is that they can rot while in the water, and this rotting can increase ammonia levels in the tank, which is terrible for the fish. 

On the other hand, when you feed flakes to the goldfish, it floats on the surface, so it will not cause any ammonia problem because you can easily remove it instantly. But to eat the flakes, goldfish have to come on the surface, and while eating chips, they make gulf air as well, which causes swim bladder disorder and many more. 

How do I know if I am genuinely feeding my fish enough?

This is an excellent question. You must feed your goldfish to 2-3 times a day. And you should provide them the amount of food that they can consume within 2 minutes and not more, or you should feed your goldfish equal to the size of their eye as mentioned above. 


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