We’ll address the issue, “How long can you keep milk that hasn’t been opened?” with this quick tutorial. We’ll talk about the shelf life of raw, pasteurized, and UHT-treated store-bought milk.

How long can you keep milk that hasn’t been opened?

Whether or not unopened milk can be left out depends on the milk’s origins. Pasteurization or ultra-high-temperature treatment is used to treat milk. Raw or fresh milk, on the other hand, does not go through any heat treatment.

If left out overnight, the Ultra High Temperature treated Milk will not spoil and can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months.

What is the shelf life of unopened pasteurized milk?

Pasteurization eliminates microorganisms by heating milk to extremely high temperatures. It is then aseptically sealed to preserve its longevity after potentially hazardous germs have been destroyed. Pathogenic germs cause the milk to deteriorate once the seal has been broken.

The milk is heated to only 161 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds during Vat pasteurization. It’s not as safe as UHT milk, but it’s a step forward from raw milk.

However, because it is not as safe and secure as UHT, it must be kept chilled at all times. If you leave it out overnight, there’s a good chance it’ll spoil. If you’ve had the same milk carton for a few days or a week, it’s likely that the milk will degrade overnight.

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At normal temperature, pasteurized milk only lasts four hours. Your pasteurized milk will last anywhere from three to six hours when other factors are taken into account.

Pasteurized Milk is likely to deteriorate if left out overnight. Pasteurized milk does not spoil, but it does turn sour. Pasteurized milk that has been left out overnight may or may not spoil.

What is the shelf life of unopened UHT-treated milk?

Because UHT milk lasts significantly longer than pasteurized milk, it is prepared and marketed at room temperature.

Milk is heated to 280 degrees Fahrenheit for only 2 seconds during Ultra-High Treatment.

Milk that has been UHT-treated is shelf-stable and can be left out for a long time.

If the seal is kept intact, aseptic milk packaged after processing at an Ultra High Temperature will last for six months. It can be left unopened and unrefrigerated for months if left unopened and unrefrigerated.

If you leave an unsealed tetra pack out of the fridge, it will spoil.

How long may raw or fresh milk be left out?

Fresh milk, on the other hand, is not subjected to such treatment. As a result, even if the seal is intact, you should anticipate it to have a reduced lifespan.

Because of its limited shelf life, fresh milk was not exposed to any heat treatment. The seal on an unopened milk carton has not yet broken. The undamaged cap prevents spoiling microorganisms from entering. The pre-existing ones, on the other hand, are to blame for the spoiling. To mention a few bacteria found in milk, Campylobacter, E Coli, Salmonella, and Listeria are all pathogens that can make a person sick.

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You get the microorganisms that have been present since the milking process. Bacteria already present in milk proliferate with time, spoiling the milk.

What factors influence milk’s shelf life?

Milk will have a reduced shelf life if it was not handled, processed, or stored appropriately. Even if it is unopened, adequate treatment before and after packaging is essential.

Unopened milk can last anywhere from a few hours to months if not refrigerated.

Your raw, unpasteurized milk’s standard shelf-life would be shortened if it was not handled according to standard operating procedures at the farm and afterward.

Whole milk that has not been opened has a shelf life of 5-7 days. From 7-8 days, skimmed or reduced-fat milk will last slightly longer than unopened whole milk.

The shelf-lives of milk, on the other hand, are conditional. If there was poor handling, they will be shorter.

the property (cow health, milking protocols)
transportation and processing (sanitation and temperature control)
treatment of suppliers (cold chain)
If the regular operating procedures have been followed, your milk should last until the expiration date or beyond.

You should expect milk to expire early if any of the safety protocols have been compromised. The requirements apply not only to unopened milk, but also to milk that has been opened. As a result, the better you take care of your milk, the longer it will last.

Even if it was unopened, fresh or raw milk might sour if left out over night. It is, however, likely to happen depending on proper farm handling practices and how close the milk is to expiration.

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After we’ve determined on all of the above, the only question remaining is how long the milk was left out. Your milk may not turn sour if it was kept cool or at least at room temperature and kept out of direct sunshine.

We answered the topic, “How long may unopened milk sit out?” in this quick tutorial. We talked about the shelf life of raw, pasteurized, and UHT-treated store-bought milk.


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