A healthy food which is also known as healthy diet can be refers to as diet that gives or provide the body with the necessary nutrition needed in the body either in a large of small quantities.

Healthy food is one of the keys to healthy life, long life and a life well spent free from diseases and germs. A healthy foods to eat everyday must contain all the six classes of food known as the balance diet.( Protein, carbonhydrate, vitamin, mineral salt, fat and oil and water). All the six classes of food has different functions they perform in the body and without these classes of food there is no healthy food.

The break down of the six classes of food which aids the healthy foods to eat everyday are as follow:

Protein: This is one of the classes of food which gives the body the essential nutrients the body requires. This is also known as body building food, it’s repairs the body tissues and fight against the diseases . Examples of body building food are ; Egg, Fish, Meat, Beans, dairy milk, soy, whole grains, cereals and many more.

Carbonhydrate: it’s known as energy giving food. It gives the body or supplies the body with the energy requires. This is also known as because they contains carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Examples of carbonhydrate foods are; rice, noodles, spaghetti, yam cassava and many more. Carbonhydrate is essential in the body because it supplies the body with energy.

Vitamins: vitamins are mini nutrients needed in the body. Vitamin is needed in small quantities in the body for a well functioning or performance of it anabolism. There are several examples of vitamins which are as Soy milk, water melon, mush rooms, cereals and many more.

Mineral:  Mineral salt is an organic micro and nutrient needed in the body to improve healthy living and maintenance of the body structure. A food is healthy when mineral salt is present in small quantities.

There are many  examples of mineral which must  be present in our daily foods, which makes our  food healthy. Carrots, onions, table salt, tomatoes, pepper, some fruits like;  Banana, Orange, Cocumber, Garlic, Ginger, green leafy, vegetables, thymes and Cinnamon.

Fat and Oil: Fat and oil is one of the essential molecules known as trygly cerides which are macro nutrients. They are needed in large quantities in the body . Fat and oil is also is link to glycerol because of it’s a macro nutrient needed in the body. It’s helps in making hormones. Examples of  Fat and Oil are; Butter, corn, groundnut oil and others.

Water: Water is a diaphanous, tasteless, odourless and colourless liquid substance which covers some parts of the earth surface, such as sea, river or lake. A healthy healthy must contains water. In essence, our healthy food is not complete without Water. Water aids digestion. Water is the most essential substance on Earth.

All living things be it plants, Animals and man must  have the presence of water before they can live. Water aids life in plants, animals and man. Sources of water include; rain, well, tap, spring and river. Water is a macro nutrient in the body and without it living a healthy life or feeding on healthy food is not possible.

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From the explanation above, all the six classes of food makes a healthy foods to eat everyday. It must also be well known that  a healthy food  must be free from cholestro, animal fats and vegetables without vitamins .

Furthermore, when it comes to healthy food, like restricting certain foods, counting calories and maintaining a healthy living, there is need for healthy food. There are numerous importance that humans derives from healthy food in different sectors and spheres of human existence.

Humans does not only derives benefits of physical health only through healthy food, mental health too cannot function or performs it’s duty without healthy food. In essence, healthy food aids both physical and mental health of an individual.

As it as been mentioned aforetime, Vitamin which is one of the classes of food, which fruits is one of the examples of this micro nutrient needed in the body in a small quantity. When and individual takes in a healthy fruit or fruits not only fruits but also greenish vegetables which are full of  nutrients, these tend to fights against diseases that may tend to disturb the well functioning of the body system.

Furthermore, our energy and dynamisms which is gotten from a very green vegetable or vegetables, which assist us in maintaining stability is as a result of vitamins that all this are gotten, which improves the health status of an individual. Healthy food is  a food that prevents a long standing sickness or infarmity in the body.

For instance, high blood pressure and diabetes, healthy food helps in this regard to regulate both the intake of macro and micro nutrient in the body, to improve a well functioning in the body system of patience.

Healthy food contains the proper proportions of food which makes our body decorous. Healthy food is needed by everyone to keep the body decorous, also healthy food is mouth _ watering and prevent the body from envisaging. During this period, there need for parents to feed their with healthy food, healthy food must  invigorate our offsprings to eat healthy food more than ever before. Also good eating habit the coming spawning will be healthy and decorous.

Healthy food helps to prevent unwise spending of money. Healthy food is more lesser compared to junk foods.its more richer in both macro and micro nutrient in the body and very delicious than feeding on junks.

Eating junks cost great amount of money, all that goes into the making of a healthy food, this really helps in saving some amount of  money. For instance, when an individual visits market and some eateries, he or she will discovers thir high rates of demands for junks. Furthermore, the use of application now increases the demands of people.

Most people are risking their lives because of their demands for junks which is deligate and dangerous for their health being. Such people  may have digestive problems as junks food which does not contain the greenish part of vegetables and fibers which assist in gastrointestinal tract. Many people prefer quantities rather than quantities and healthy food.

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Healthy food gives the best proportions to the body and there by increases the well being of an individual and perfect living. Health which is wealth is a product of healthy food which increases the well being of the body.

Healthy food contains a super abundance alimentary. This  does not only preserve your body  healthy, it’s also keeps the body and the mind is not also left out. Frequent feeding on healthy food  increases the functionality of the brain, makes an individual posseses the finest stage of health. For an individual to live a longer life, such person must strive to eat healthy. In essence, healthy food increases and makes one to live a longer life.

Healthy food increases happiness and normal behavior of  an individual, healthy food improves the positive thinking and subsequent day of an individual. Eating of fruits and vegetables as indicates that, it is rightly connected with well being of an individual after disarranging with population based fickles including age,sex or race.

The major problem facing our present generation is corpulence or plumpness. Majority of people in our  society, States and even the nation at Large are getting fat more than expected. However, this can also be cotrol through healthy food and regular diet of the body. Clutters contributes to corpulence, people with  corpulence or plumpness usually engages themselves in clutter.

Food or debris which contains sugar, some contains fats which is instrumental or facilitated corpulence. The presence of healthy food will help to jettison corpulence in the body.

Healthy foods to eat everyday to lose weight

We are engaged in physical activities everyday that require a lot of energy to be effectively done. That is why we need to take in healthful food that can give us energy to be fit and fiddle in what ever we do.

Eating healthy food means eating balanced diet. In other words, it means taking in food that contains nutrients that nourish and that can make the body healthier such as protein, carbohydrate, fat and oil, vitamins, mineral salt, and water. The tips on how to take healthy food and their benefits will be explained in this article. Kindly do well to read to the end so that you’ll not miss any jots of points to know.

*Eat more fish*. Fish is proteinaceous and it contains vitamin and minerals.  At least 2-3 portion of fish should be eaten in a week. It can be frozen, canned, or smoke fish. But, smoked and canned fish usually contain high quantity of salt which is inimical to the body. So, it should be minimally taken into the body.

Also, oily fish is healthful for the body. It contain Omega-3 fatty acid which can prevent heart disease. Oily fish include: salmon, trout,herring, sardines, and among others. People should eat fish. It is good for the body.

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*Eat fruits and vegetables*.  Fruits and vegetables contains some natural vaccine that can help to fight against diseases in the body. For instance, apple contains antioxidants that fight against free radical in the body. Free radicals are the molecule substances which are produced in the body and which cause some hyperactive changes in the body which are deadly and sickly.   

The antioxidant in apples can help to prolong life and prevent chronic diseases.  Also, taking in leafy green can prevent circulatory system disorder. It contains antioxidant such as Vitamin A, B-6, C,E.  Fruits and leafy green should be included in our diets to live a healthy life.

*Reduce the intake of saturated fat and free sugar*. The body system need fat for healthy living. However, precaution should be taken, because too much of fat in the body can lead to heart disease. The kind of fat to be avoid or taken minimally is the saturated one which are found in packaged edible items such as: butter, sausage, cake, cheese, and among others. Instead, fresh oils such as vegetable oil and oily fish should be taken into the body.  

Also, we should reduce the quantity of sugar that we consume, especially free sugar that are mixed with cakes, soft drinks, sweets , chocolate, biscuits and other sugary food and drinks. This type of sugar should be reduced to avoid tooth decay or high level of sugar in the body.

*Eat starchy carbohydrates food  that contain fibres*.  Such food contains calories that are energy-giving to the body for physical activities. Also, precaution should be to avoid excessive consumption than the ones required in the body. Food items that contains this nutrient are rice, wheat, bread, pasta, etc.

*Drink  a lot of water*.  Most people are fond of  gulping soft drinks and other sugary drinks after meals to satisfy themselves. Another funniest case is drinking frizzy soft drinks under a scorching sun to quench thirst. This kind of habit is malnutrition.  

Instead of taking all these sugary drinks on daily basis, 6-7 glasses of water contribute to aiding digestion, reducing level of sugar and fat in the body, and it helps to make the face look  younger. Water is good for the body because it hydrates the body.

The last but not least is taking breakfast early and regularly. It is not good to skip breakfast. We should endeavour to always have our breakfast. It nourishes the body and make us fit and fiddle for the days activities.

To drop the pen on this article, it is advisable that we maintain balanced diet. Frequent taking of water is also advisable because water is essential in a healthy foods to eat everyday. Monotonous consumption of food is malnutrition. Also, moderation is the key to taking healthy foods to eat everyday. Taking in more than what the body requires will result to the increase in weight, because the unused food in the body will be stored as fat.


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