Apple butter is a seasoning that can be used many times in cakes, cinnamon rolls, popcorn, bacon-wrapped shrimp, to mention just a few. As a result of its adaptability during usage and the sweet taste, Apple butter is liked and preferred by several people.

Apple butter is a combination of apples, sugar, salt, cinnamon and some other ingredients depending on the user’s preference.

Does homemade apple butter go bad?

Apples are one of the healthiest fruits. Therefore, Apple butter also contains many nutrients with no fat whatsoever, so it’s perfect for human health/consumption, although not as good as fresh apples.

Nonetheless, because there’s a high level of sugar in the butter, it is not advised to eat this type of butter regularly, majorly for those that intend to shed weight or are possible to battle dental issues because of its sugary content.

Ideally, apple butter is lovely and the perfect seasoning for your cakes and the likes. To make it healthier for consumption, you should try to do some at home, but it will, of course, be more pricey and will take a long time, so buying a processed container or jar of apple butter is not a terrible selection.

The life span of apple butter is not regular based on the state of the jar of butter. It’s not essential to keep a bottle of apple butter that is not opened in the fridge as long as dropping it in the pantry at normal heat is reliable enough for an extended period. 

At the same time, you can eat apple butter that has expired if it’s not spoilt just yet. On that note, homemade apple butter will have a brief storage lifetime.

If your covered container of apple butter is not damaged and preserved at the correct position, it’s not likely to turn nasty. On the other hand, once the container or jar of apple butter is unsealed and opened to the air and dampness, it might change the characteristics, appearance or spice. 

The moment it begins to give an unpleasant scent, the apple butter should be disposed of. If you’re unable to detect its effectiveness just by sight, you can always try to have a taste of the butter before deciding if you want to keep it or discard it.

Does apple butter need to be refrigerated?

Apple butter can be refrigerated to enable it to last up to more than one year. It’s not a very difficult thing to do. Therefore, you can always freeze it.

Below are some necessary methods to freeze apple butter;

· It’s advisable to divide the apple butter into proper sizes preserved in a single jar or freezer container.

This enables you to meet the right amount of apple butter when necessary.

· Don’t forget to drop ½ to 1-inch headspace in every single jar or container for the apple butter to enlarge all through the refrigerating period. 

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Essential things needed to freeze apple butter;

· Freezer-safe containers or jars

· A ladle

 How to freeze apple butter

· If you want to freeze canned apple butter, put the bottle straight up inside the freezer (if the bottle of apple butter is unsealed, scoop the butter into the fridge containers)

· Tag the jars and afterwards keep them in the freezer

How to store homemade apple butter

Canning Apple Butter

This is a perfect method of preserving homemade apple butter. Prepare the apples overnight, and your kitchen will smell divine when you wake up.

When you cook it in the pot, you will have to process the ingredients in a boiling water kettle or canner. You can also preserve it in the refrigerator before using it. 

Apple butter recipe

If you want to make homemade apple butter, stick some apples in a crockpot with brown sugar, white sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, and a pinch of salt. Leave it there all day while you stir now, and then before you know it, your apple butter is ready. It’s honestly that simple.

There’s no ideal kind of apple to use for apple butter.

However, you can always try Mcintosh, Red Delicious or Gala, depending on how easy you’re able to find them in stores. Also, Granny Smith are perfect for baking; they are not advisable for apple butter. At the same time, some apples are tastier than the rest. You can fashion the amount of sugar you need depending on how tasty your apple is.

When your apple butter has slowly prepared throughout the day, you can leave it a little bit thick, perfect for ingredients, or use it with the blender and make a paste out of it.


· 6 1/2 pounds apples either cut, cored and peeled

· 1/2 cup granulated sugar

· 1/2 cup packed brown sugar

· 1 1/2 tablespoons ground cinnamon

· 1/4 teaspoon salt

· 1 tablespoon vanilla extract

Follow the instructions below;

· Put the apples in a slow cooker or cooking pot.

· Include the sugars, cinnamon, salt and vanilla to the crockpot. Blend properly.

· Prepare in the slow cooker on low heat for roughly 10 hours, mix it every couple of hours. The apple butter should be very thick and coffee brown.

· If you want, you can use a blender to puree the apple butter until unwrinkled.

· Wrap and freeze for two weeks or refrigerate in small containers.

You can continuously adjust the sugar to your taste.

Apple butter left out overnight

If you are leaving apple butter overnight, you can try to be extremely safe and turn off the cooker or crockpot, or you can reduce the heat to keep it warm as a safety precaution.

How to can apple butter

Canning apple butter is one beautiful method to keep and preserve it. You can use your slow cooker for preparing extraordinary apple butter. This is the perfect apple butter ingredient, and it tastes well on toast, yogurt, or oatmeals.

The procedure of canning apple butter is very distinctive. But luckily, this crockpot apple butter ingredient is a lot better than canning hands-off! Apple butter can be reduced to just one cup of sugar because it aids in preserving the end-result canned content fresher for a more extended period. It can also be canned without sugar, with it being stable for roughly 12 months.

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You can also use honey; however, kindly note that if you intend to can this crockpot apple butter, the high heat for preserving will eliminate any valuable contents.

It is not essential to sterilize jars or containers before canning. However, you should ensure that they are heater properly before usage enough not to break when positioned in hot water.

You can also place them in a neat dishwasher and wash them quickly, or you put them in a big pan with some amount of water in a low-temperature oven, minimally 170 degrees until you need them. Hot tap water isn’t always a bad idea too. Please put it in them and leave them on the counter.

Cleanse your lids with hot soapy water and put them in a neat bow for now.

Put a canning rack in your canner and pour enough water in it to conceal your containers or jars by 1 inch. Place it on the stove at a high temperature to start cooking.

Use a canning funnel or an alternative to scoop in the apple butter in its warm state, and leave 1/4 inch of headspace. Headspace is majorly known as the gap between the food and the top of the container or jar. Using a chopstick, take out the bubbles from the jar/container.

Use a neat damp rag to clean the borders of the jars to be certain any tasty apple butter does not obstruct them.

Put a neat cover on the jar/container and make the ring firm enough that it won’t be able to remove, but not so firm that one can’t succumb to it.

Position your jars into the canner using a container lifter. Keep an eye on the cover and fix the timer for 10 minutes.

When 10 minutes is complete, please switch off the cooker or stove, and make sure the jars relax for at least 5 minutes inside the canner and then lift them out. Put on a towel where they can be without distraction for another 12 hours.

After some hours, if you need to check for covering, with ease, force down in the center of the cover. If the cover doesn’t yield, then it’s sealed. If you can force the lid in and it blows up a tiny bit, then your jars are not locked. You can process them all over again or preserve them in the fridge or freezer. Please note that you can only freeze jars or containers that have broad mouths.

Preserve and keep in a chill, dry position for about 12 months.

There’s no need to put water to the apple butter in the slow cooker. After roughly 30 minutes, the apples will start bringing out all their amazing innate juices when boiling.

At the same time, You can as well make this fast in the crockpot if you’d want. Set the Manual to high pressure, leave it for 5 minutes; that would equate to innate release. While the crock Pot is quicker, you will fall in love with the aroma of the apple butter boiling all day in the slow cooker.

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You can always fix the ingredients to taste. Cinnamon is also a seasoning so that you can add a tad bit more throughout the procedure.

Endeavour not to put the containers to the canner the moment you are done stuffing them. You might want to pack the canner once and for all to shun unequal processing.

You can use this basic approach for several kinds of fruit, such as apricot, pear, and peach. All these and more are all perfect. Also, boiling and processing times are all equal.

If you have limited containers to fill the canner, try canning water in some containers to fill your sudden drinking water supplies.

How long does apple barn apple butter last?

A lot of our apples are from the orchid behind the barn. There are more than 4000 semi-dwarf trees in several assortments. Each mature apple on the trees is purchased or sold on the farm. A lot of various local orchards now harvest/grow apples for the community. Also, locally developed apples are significant because some of them are far higher and better than the ones sold at grocery stores. The southern Appalachian area has some funny types of weather conditions during the yielding season.

Some early mornings that begin as chilly May eventually turn out to be warm at noon. The weather conditions of 20 degrees throughout a 24-hour season are not uncommon. This can cause extra stress in these trees and enable them to cause more sauce into the fruit.

Apple barn apple butter, if properly preserved, can generally be kept at the perfect quality for about 1-2 years. It is also refrigerated regularly; the quality will be very good for two years.

Apple butter botulism

Apple butter is at a shallow risk for foodborne disease if stored or canned efficiently, most especially when prepared at home. The contents may develop damaging microorganisms. If the apple butter is not well canned, Clostridium botulinum may live and breed in the container.

The good thing about bottling apple butter is that they are correctly under 4.6 on the pH weight. As a result, there is no risk of botulism. You can reliably bottle apple butter in plain water, and so far as your procedure periods are apt, you can always go ahead with the process. 

The ingredients you’ve made use of will only jolt the pH gently, so don’t bother yourself about that. Apple butter is always prepared low and slow; the rest of the foodborne microorganisms are eliminated by the prolonged parboiling. Sugar aids to restrain the development of these microorganisms, but at the same time, it is of utmost importance that the containers, covers and kitchen utensils are all neat and that you avoid making use of fruits blown down by the wind and picked up from the floor.


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