Coconut fried rice recipe is yet another delicious method of preparing ordinary rice. It is a special method that is always a welcomed change from the usual jollof, fried and white rice. Although, there is only a little difference between fried rice and coconut fried rice, the difference is however noticable. The peculiar taste which coconut fried rice possesses is simply due to the addition of one unique ingredient, which is coconut. Coconut is the major ingredient in coconut fried rice that makes the taste much more delicious and appealing to your taste bud. The coconut can be in form of coconut shavings, coconut milk or even coconut oil.

We eat rice almost everyday and sometimes we often look for other ways to prepare the dish as somehow, we all got used to jollof rice, fried rice and even white rice.

We have therefore come up with another delicious way to prepare your rice. This method is not difficult and can be prepared at home. This method is called ‘coconut fried rice’

Coconut rice can be eaten as a main course or eaten with other smaller dishes like coleslaw, bean cake “moi moi” or fried plantain. This delicious meal is also rich in nutritional values that not only suits your taste but also your health.

Health benefit of coconut fried rice

1. The presence of coconut in fried rice makes it highly nutritious

Coconut is a great source of protein and several other minerals. It is also richly endowed with vitamin B. It is therefore important to note that the minerals in coconut helps to perform several important functions in the body. Not only that, research has proven that coconuts are richly endowed with manganese which is an essential mineral the body needs to strengthen the bones. Coconut are also a great source of iron and copper. These two minerals are essential for the formation of red blood cells in the body and also selenium which of course is an essential antioxidant the body needs to protect the cells.

2. The presence of coconut in fried rice may benefit heart health

This is yet another important health benefit of coconut fried rice. Various research has shown that the presence of coconut in fried rice helps to lower or decrease the rate of developing heart disease. Another research carried out has proven that it aids high level of HDL that is good cholesterol but also a higher level of LDL that is bad cholesterol. So therefore, it is very important to note that regular consumption may be at risk to your health. However, using coconut oil which is extracted from dried coconut is said to reduce belly fat. This makes it beneficial because excess belly fat might increase your risk of developing heart disease or worse, diabetes.

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3. The presence of coconut in fried rice may promote blood sugar control

Studies has shown that coconut contains low  carbs and a high amount of fat and fiber which can help to stabilize your sugar level. It is however said that coconut has some antidiabetic effects which is due to the presence of arginine in it. Arginine which is an essential amino acid that aids the proper function of the pancreatic cells in order to release the hormone insulin that is responsible for the regulation of blood sugar level.

4. Coconut in fried rice contains powerful antioxidants

Antioxidants are otherwise known as anti-bacteriaI and anti-viral. These anti-bacteriaI and anti-virals helps to make the body healthy. In addition to this, coconut rice also helps to prevent the development or rapid growth of tapeworms in the body. Coconut itself is said to contain phenolic compounds. These compounds are antioxidants which is said to aid the protection cells from any form of oxidative damage. However, studies have also shown that coconut is said to contain polyphenols. Polyphenol helps to prevent the oxidation of LDL, that is bad cholesterol which therefore makes it less likely to form plaques in the arteries that may increase the risk of developing heart condition. Research has also proven that some of the antioxidants found in coconut may help to protect the cells in the body from death or damage which is most times caused by oxidative stress and chemotherapy.

5. The coconut in fried rice adds a nice flavor to the dish

Coconut helps to give the fried rice a more delicious taste. The texture of the coconut which could be flaked or shaved along side the addition of spices such as curry, thyme, seasoning and other ingredients gives it the delicious taste that you crave for. The great taste of the coconut provides a touch of natural sweetness and moisture that makes it different from the normal fried rice. The coconut is also an excellent calorie booster for anyone who wants to gain weight. It is also an excellent choice for those who are on low carb diet.

Caution: It is important to note that if you are watching your weight, you should keep your portion small. This is because coconut is high in calories. Also, if you are high in cholesterol or you are at risk of developing heart condition, be sure to consult your healthcare provider about the amount to consume.

6. Another important health benefit is that it aids the maintenance of a healthy skin

Research has shown that maintaining of healthy skin can be done in a delicious way, that is by eating coconut rice! You may wonder how. This is simply because coconut fried rice aids the healing process of vitiligo. Vitiligo is a rare disease which causes the skin to lose its normal pigmentation.

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7. Another important health benefit is that it helps to formulate muscles in the body

Research has shown that coconut fried rice aids muscle formation. Therefore, it is important to note that anyone running a muscle formation program is very free to consume coconut fried rice as this is one of the recommended food for your program. This is however because coconut fried rice is richly endowed with protein as well as other important mineral compounds that aids muscle development.

8. And yet another important health benefit is that the dish served as a great source of energy

The presence of mineral compounds as well as calories and carbs in coconut rice is a great source of energy. It is therefore important to note that once you consume a plate of it, you immediately feel satisfied and this in turn increases your energy capacity.

9. And yet another important health benefit is that the dish aids the treatment of dysentery.

You may find it surprising that coconut rice can cure dysentery. This therefore simply means that you no longer need herbs and chemical drugs as dysentery can now be treated in a delicious way!

10. Another important health benefit is that the dish is good for bone health

Generally, as age increases, bone health decreases. Therefore, it is important to maintain your bones. Bone health can be maintained in a delicious way by consuming just a plate of coconut fried rice.

11. Another important health benefit is that the dish is good for eye health

Coconut rice is richly endowed with vitamin A which is very essential to maintain proper function of the eyes. It is therefore said that in order to prevent eye issues like cataract or even blindness, your body needs vitamin A. It therefore recommended.

Coconut fried rice recipe

The following are the necessary ingredients

1. 2 cups parboiled rice

Be sure to use the right type of rice as not all types of rice grains can give you the perfect taste and outlook. The most preferable type of rice is the long grain parboiled rice as it is very easy to work with because it is less sticky.

2. 1 can coconut milk or you can use chopped coconut if you prefer that. It works as well

3. 1 medium sized chopped onion

4. ¼ chopped stem leeks

5. 4 minced cloves garlic

6. ½ chopped red bell pepper

7. 1 medium sized chopped carrot

8. 10 green beans

9. ¼ cup of rinsed and thawed frozen sweet corn

10. ¼ cup of rinsed and thawed frozen sweet peas

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11. 4 tablespoons coconut oil or finely chopped coconut

12. ½ teaspoon white pepper

13. 2 seasoning cubes (preferrably knorr) should be roughly about 4 grams per cube

14. ¼ teaspoon salt to taste

How to cook coconut rice

First and foremost, put your rice in a large cooking pot together with your coconut milk. Add water and salt to taste then sprinkle your seasoning cubes. After that is done, boil on high heat. Once it begins to cook, reduce the heat to medium so as to prevent it from burning. Note that this process only takes roughly about 10 minutes since the rice has been parboiled. Once this is done, turn off the heat and allow it to cool for another 10 minutes then fluff your rice with a fork and leave it uncovered.

Secondly, pour your coconut oil in another pot and allow it to heat up for roughly about 3 minutes. Once this is done, add your onions and saute for about 2 minutes.

Thirdly, add your garlic and saute. This should only take roughly about 2 minutes. Add the leeks as well and stir for roughly about 1 minute. Once that is done, add the carrots as well as the green beans, bell pepper, sweet peas and sweet corn and stair properly.

Once that is done, be sure to sprinkle a pinch of salt over the vegetables to give it the delicious taste you crave. After that is done, add the white pepper and stair properly.

Now add your rice to the vegetables little by little. Be sure to mix properky each time you add the rice to the vegetables. Once this is done, turn off the heat and serve hot!

Important things you should note:

1. Should incase you cannot get canned coconut milk at your disposal, you can easily make your own coconut milk. This process is actually very easy. All you need to do is to blend your fresh coconut with a little water then pass through a fine sieve to separate the milk from the chaff.

2. If you prefer your fried rice spicy, all you need to do is to add some chilli or habanero pepper to the dish to suit your taste. Be sure to add the right amount of pepper before adding your vegetables.

Where to purchase ingredients:

The ingredients necessary for making fried rice as listed above are very easy to purchase. They can be gotten from your grocery stores or even local supermarkets around your area. They are also very affordable depending on the amount you need.

Where to serve:

Coconut rice is a homemade dish. It can be served at social gatherings, birthday parties, wedding parties and even house warming


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