If you’re still looking for the best product that will help you get your hair back, then you’ll find some ways to do that here in this article.

You must choose a product that will not only be within your budget but will also yield some outstanding results for you. And as you know, the treatments for hair loss can be quite expensive.

Hair is the personality trait that we have the most defining. It is not perfect, though. It calls for intense caring. That’s the reason why we need to go one extra mile to take good care of it. If you don’t take good care of your hair, you may face many issues like hair loss, frizzy hair, split ends, and the list goes on and on. By now, it’s quite clear that your hair needs additional treatment, and it’s unwise to disagree with that notion.

But if you’ve suffered the damage, you’ve started losing hair quickly or facing severe hair fall every time you take a bath, and then all hope isn’t lost. There’s a way you can boost your hair growth and see visible results.

Several factors cause loss of hair. Stress can be a significant factor, as can poor dietary habits and changes in hormones. Many lose their hair due to genetics. Some essential oils can help your hair grow and boost your hair follicles and make your hair grow faster.

There are a few ways to use essential oils to grow hair. To make massage oil for your scalp, you can mix the oils. You can also add the oils to the shampoo and conditioner you like. Massaging the oils into the scalp works fantastically to stimulate hair follicles and grow your hair.

Major Causes of Hair Loss

There are numerous factors of hair loss, and several factors may contribute to excessive hair loss. In this article, let’s explore some of them here.


Heredity factors can be a real cause of a problem with hair loss. The most common hair loss problems of all types are Androgenetic alopecia, which refers to baldness predisposition. But heredity’s role in hair loss isn’t simple. In developing baldness, the genetic propensity and the prevalence of androgen hormone and aging play an essential part.

Major Illness

Major diseases like typhoid, malaria can lead to excessive hair loss. If someone undergoes chemotherapy, it results in tremendous hair loss, and it is also incurable in most cases. Besides this, surgical intervention can be considered one of the leading causes of hair loss. A temporary condition may be induced for hair loss due to stressors experienced at the illness.

Hormonal Dysfunction

Hormone-related dysfunctions can play a significant role in premature hair loss. Many of the many hormones are secreted through the thyroid gland. Individuals whose thyroid gland is hyperactive or less active may experience hair loss problems. With thyroid treatment, this type of hair loss problem may be solved. It is believed that the imbalance occurred in sex hormones, androgens, and estrogens are one of the leading causes of hair loss. Many women experience problems with hair loss during pregnancy, as well as prior and post-delivery. It all happens because of hormonal imbalance inside the body system.

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Certain medicines can foster hair loss. But this is temporary in most cases. The problem alleviates when you stop taking particular hair loss-promoting medications. Blood thinners or anticoagulants, gout medicines, chemotherapy, steroids, interferon, excessive amounts of vitamin A, birth control pills, and antidepressants are the medicines that are considered to be causing hair losses.

Psychological Factors

Stress is an essential factor which encourages hair loss. Studies reveal that if someone does not experience any apparent factors that may contribute to hair loss but is undergoing stress, they may experience hair loss problems. In essence, stress is associated with two types of hair loss problems-Telogen effluvium and Alopecia areata. Besides this, psychological dysfunction can also contribute to hair loss, such as trichotillomania.


The causes of hair loss can be various types of fungal infections. Issues of hair loss due to fungal infection on the scalp area are common, especially in children. However, antifungal medications may be used to treat this type of fungal infection.

Internal Health Hazards

Problems such as lupus or diabetes can cause hair loss. In such cases, hair loss is considered as one of the disease’s early warning signs. So if you’re losing your hair for no apparent reason, it’s always advisable not to neglect the situation and ask expert health practitioners for guidance immediately.

Improper Hair Care

Last but not least, unsuitable hair care can contribute to significant hair loss so that it can be considered as one of the leading causes of hair loss.

Suppose you tie your wet hair or use tight hair rollers to pull your hair. In that case, you may experience traction alopecia, a type of hair loss, if you stop pulling your hair before it’s too late. Before developing any scar on the scalp area, there is the possibility that your hair may naturally grow back. However, if you build a scar, there’s a high chance you’ll lose your hair forever on the scarred area.

Chemical permanent treatment, also known as ‘perms,’ can cause severe hair loss for some people, leading to scarring and inflammation in the affected areas.

How to make your hair grow super fast

Most women say hair is one of the parts of the body they tend to take care of. Because a female’s hair says a lot about her character, women do things that make it look attractive and condition it.

The best hair loss remedy, as you would expect, is not some hair transplant surgery or harmful chemicals that are available on the internet. I would highly recommend simple hair loss remedies that you can prepare with herbs at home.

There are a few ways to use essential oils to grow hair. To make massage oil for your scalp, you can mix the oils. You can also add the oils to the shampoo and conditioner you like. Massaging the oils into the scalp works fantastically to stimulate hair follicles and grow your hair.

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Best oil for hair growth and thickness for natural hair

There are many ways to grow the hair back quickly, but finding which works best for you can be confusing. Here you’ll find seven natural ways to get your hair back. Oils and their benefits are listed below.


Almond oil is outstanding for hair and skin. It is packed with nutrients and vitamins that are valuable for both the hair and skin. Vitamin A, B, and E soothe itchiness and dries the skin down.

• It will also be useful in removing dandruff as almond oil removes dead cells from the skin.

• Magnesium deficiency can cause severe hair loss. Almond oil is a good magnesium source, thus stimulating hair growth.

• This oil reduces split ends, too.

Tip: For sensitive and irritable skin, use the sweet almond oil.

Tea tree

Tea tree oil is an effective antiseptic used against infections with fungi. When massaged with this scented oil, it has a relaxing and calming effect on the body.

• Prevents infections in the scalp.

• Tea tree oil that drills the hair and boosts hair regrowth.

• Ingested hair is prevented by this oil.

Tip: You can get rid of hair lice by adding to the shampoo a few drops of tea tree oil when you take a bath as this oil kills lice.


Castor oil is a good laxative that can be administered when children have gastrointestinal problems. This oil can be used as a hair loss remedy and for arthritis, skin infection, etc.

• Castor oil is good for hair growth because it contains fatty acids such as vitamin B and omega 9.

• It maintains scalp pH level.

• Castor oil is effective on kinky and curly soaked hair.

Hint: Castor oil helps heal the scalp infection. Pumpkin seed oil

The pumpkin seed oil has a high nutritional value, as it contains zinc, omega-6 fatty acids, and vitamins A, E, and K.

• Minimizing hair loss

• Makes hair strong

• It alleviates scalp irritation


Primrose oil has high levels of antioxidants that are very useful to prevent hair loss.

• It is rich in fatty acids, iron, calcium, zinc, potassium and

• Primrose oil nourishes and fortifies hair

• Removes dandruff and relieves dry scalp itchy.

Tip: Consistently use the oil for the best results.


Rosemary oil soothes the mind and does away with stress. This oil is used not only for healthy scalp and hair but also for marinades. This oil is also used to treat urinary and respiratory health.

• Rosemary helps in hair growth and also makes hair conditioning.

• It protects us from any dandruff.

• Its hair darkens.

Hint: Combined with olive oil, rosemary oil helps to treat dry scalp and dandruff.


The colorless and odorless Jojoba oil leaves no residues behind that make the skin oily when it is drenching the skin. It contains ingredients that give hair volume and helps hair growth as well.

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• Jojoba oil contains a complex of zinc, iodine, vitamin E, copper, selenium, chromium, vitamin B, etc.

• Moisturizes the flaky scalp and helps remove dandruff.

• Jojoba oil protects the hair as it has antibacterial properties against bacteria.

• It is also useful in eliminating split ends.

Tip: Jojoba oil is also safe to use for sensitive skin.

Coconut Oil for Hair Growth and Benefits

Over hundreds of years, coconut oil has been used to maintain healthy hair, healthy skin, a healthy digestive system, and weight loss.

The evidence of these benefits lies within the world’s Asian and Island civilizations. Look at their hair, how thick and shiny it is, or the excellent condition in which their skin is.

Coconut oil is used as a hair treatment product, a moisturizer for skin, and cooking oil. As you can see, there are many uses to it.

The health benefits derive from the presence and properties of lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid, such as antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, and antibacterial.

Ayurvedic medicine is one of India’s traditional medical systems, and in many practices, one of the oldest in the world uses the extensively excellent product.

Hair Health

One of the main advantages of using coconut oil is for treating hair. You will find it feels so much thicker when you apply it to your hair, it looks shinier, and your scalp is cleaner.

Three factors make a vital contribution to great hair. There’s the treatment for genetics, diet, and hair.

We all know genetics are out of our control, so we need a diet that supports hair growth to obtain the best healthy hair. The third factor is hair treatment; the products that we feed on our hair should contain essential oils and protein to nourish our hair.

Eat plenty of vegetables and nuts, which provide essential protein and nutrients for healthier and shinier hair. For the very best hair therapy, use natural products such as coconut oil.

Coconut oil protects the protein in our hair and helps the hair proliferate. Coconut contains the best acid that confers its protective properties on the oil. This holds the hair proteins together, thus preventing breakage. By sealing in the moisture, it conditions the scalp. Coconut oil contains nutrients such as vitamin E, K, iron, and antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Healthy Skin Care

Coconut oil contains essential ingredients that are used in many body care products such as soaps, lotions, and creams.

It contains lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid, making it such a great moisturizer and skincare product. You can apply this as a moisturizer on any skin.

The benefits include: preventing dryness, flaking, reducing wrinkles, and reducing skin decay.

There are cases where skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, and other skin infections are being treated.

It is effective on bruises, as it accelerates the skin’s repair process.

Tip: The use of coconut oil regularly improves blood flow to the hair follicles, making them healthy and nourished.



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