Makeup is by no means a forte for women these days. Men become very cautious about their looks with credit for smooth shaved beautiful looks of models of ramps and actors faced with chocolate.

Makeup is an art that has a vast empire that spreads to everybody and everywhere. Mastering the unique makeup art will boost men’s appearance and personality. The article gives men specific makeup tips to ensure a bright new look that makes them so desirable.

But have you ever wondered why Hollywood’s manliest guys like Brad Pitt so look good? Whether it’s Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, or Morgan Freeman, every male celebrity wears Makeup. The thing is, they don’t look like wearing Makeup, and women are still going crazy with them. If you want to look your best by covering up your imperfections, Makeup is a good option. Don’t worry, do it anyway, the most handsome and manly guys!

Best Clear Mascara Eye Makeup for Men

There are a lot of things this eye makeup can do for your eyes. Much has been asked about the uses of this type of mascara and what it does. I’ll be explaining some of the things this mascara does when it’s applied to your eyes.

One thing that clear mascara does is separate and define your lashes without any eye makeup having a visible look. That means you can get a natural look that makes you look like you’ve got glamorous eyelashes. This is a considerable advantage that even some men enjoy taking advantage of. That’s right, even men want great-looking lashes, and now they can look like wearing any Makeup without it.

Also, a good substitute for waterproof mascara is a mascara that goes on clear. That means if you’re going to the swimming pool, you think it might rain, or there’s a chance that any water might be around your eyes, you’re going to be able to use that exact Makeup, and no one will ever know that. This means that you won’t have to worry about any black streaks running down your face, black blotches around your eyes, or any other mishaps that might make you look like a raccoon or scarier. The exact Makeup will be washed off right away without anyone ever knowing you’ve got it on to start with.

4 Best Mascara Tips and Tricks

Tip 1: No More Clumps

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Clumping has become one of the most common mascara application issues faced by men and women worldwide. With a few exceptions, most mascaras will always cause your lashes to clump, which means you will have to remove and reapply your mascara for longer than you would like to apply your Makeup. Well, here’s a trick that will dramatically reduce your application time and make sure you don’t have to deal with any more clumps, ever. Splash your mascara wand into the solution and pull back. Then take a tissue and wipe off the excess mascara solution, then start applying to your lashes. Another quick tip would be to use a lash comb to separate your lashes and remove any clumps or even buy brand new mascara wands as a mascara trick to separate your lashes after a new application. Make sure your lashes are still wet from your mascara application when using those mascara wands.

Tip 2: Make Your Lashes Pop

Many of us keep buying mascaras that promise to make our lashes big and daring but fail to deliver on their promises. If you want your lashes to pop up with little effect in an instant without regularly applying coat after coat, check out this tip. Take a mascara that lengthens, apply a thin coat to your lashes, and wait for them to dry. Then take a thickening mascara and apply the mascara to the lengthening coat, watching your eyelashes pop into action. This is a quick trick used by some of the world’s best makeup artists to achieve a quick, stunning eyelash look.

Tip 3: A Brilliance Basis

Another quick trick to help you achieve long dramatic eyelashes in a short time is using a lash mascara priming. Many industry experts use the mascara primers to achieve dramatized eyelashes with a little bit of fuss. Just take your mascara primer and apply a thin coat to your lashes and wait for them to dry. By applying the primer, you immediately coat and separate your lashes, putting them in the best possible condition for your mascara application, reducing the chance of any clumps or other problems with mascara application.

Tip 4: Don’t Blink Too Soon

A common problem when applying mascara that increases application time is getting dots of mascara solution above and below your eyes mostly because you misjudge how fast your eyelashes dry. Check out this quick trick to avoid that common problem. Wait 5 seconds before blinking after applying your mascara, and then double-check to see if your mascara has dried completely before leaving. Even if you still have dotted around your eyes, wait for the dots to dry and then take a Q Tip to remove the dots from your face. This prevents you from reapplying your Makeup, as attempting to remove wet dots on your face will only result in smudging.

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How to Apply Mascara Without Clumping

Men are frightened of eyelash curlers, and also with good reason. An eyelash curler, resting on a table, looks every inch like an instrument of torture. It could be passed for a miniaturized guillotine in some angles and lousy lighting; only, the Inquisition would not have been half as effective had henchmen threatened, “I’ll clamp this on your lashes” instead of “I’ll use this to lop off your head.”

But there’s absolutely no reason for the eyelash curler to be intimidated. Even if you don’t know how to apply eye makeup, you’ll find the eyelash curler to be easy to hold and use implement. Here are a few tips on how to apply eye makeup, in particular using eyelash curlers.

1. Curlers with Eyelash work best on clean lashes. First, remove old mascara before using your curler.

2. Turn your blow dryer on low heat, and blow air exactly five seconds into the curler. Touch Metal carefully. Let it cool down for a few seconds if it’s scorching. After all, this article is about teaching you how to apply eye makeup, not teaching you how to deal with eyelid burns.

3. Clamp lashes near the roots, using the curler. Wait 10-30 minutes before you let go.

4. Put mascara on. This step in the way eye makeup is applied comes last for a good reason. It would help if you never tried to curl your lashes-under any circumstances-after you have applied mascara. The lashes stick to the curler, or the roots will pull them out.

5. Repeat onto your other eye the same procedures.

If you don’t know how to apply eye makeup, an eyelash curler can be a daunting little thing. However, with practice and persistence, an eyelash curler will not just be another item on your cosmetics kit, it will be your new best friend. Anyway, if everything else fails, you can always use it to scare the stout, balding men off.

Eyelashes Falling Out Causes

Women and men alike would agree they don’t enjoy falling out of their eyelashes. Thicker and fuller eyelashes are among the most desired beauty traits women want. Although not so much for men, most would agree they prefer not to have thinning eyelashes. The reality of hair is that it will eventually fall out at any place on the body. The biggest question is how to treat hair loss if it occurs at an accelerated rate? The answer isn’t an easy one and could provide a wide range of solutions. There might be a straightforward solution, such as a simple mineral deficiency or a medical problem that addresses the needs.

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Madarosis is the medical term for your eyelashes that fall out at a faster rate than usual. Madarosis has many causes that aren’t always due to profound medical problems. It could be something as simple as wiping too much of your eyelids or with too much force. Most of us don’t realize how often we rub our eyes all day long because of fatigue or irritation. This happens most for women while they take off Makeup, most notably mascara. Note that mascara is very harmful to your eyelashes because it weighs them down and pulls them out of the follicles.

Another major cause of eyelashes falling out is eyelid infections. Many types of infections can occur, which will cause your eyelashes to fall out earlier than usual. Stye infections are the most prevalent today. These infections are caused by a clogged up oil glands or staphylococcus bacteria in the eyelashes. They look very similar to pimples but don’t pop them as it could harm the eyelid more. Styes are best left alone and are going to go away alone. Another form of infection which could cause eyelashes to fall out is a mite infection, D. folliculorum. This infection will cause inflammation and swell eyelashes follicles. These are more severe than styes and are best treated with antibiotics.

It is essential to make sure that you have correctly diagnosed your reason for the eyelashes falling out. The misdiagnosis could lead to the worsening of your conditioning. The best way to avoid that is to consult a doctor. If your condition is worse than just constant eye rubbing, a doctor will be able to prescribe the proper medication for your symptoms. Also, it is best to first consult a physician before starting an over-the-counter treatment. Some treatments will include creams that are applied directly to the eyelids. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, it could result in increased painful skin irritation.


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