Chest and shoulders workout is a routine for  a strong upper body, both for male female. The chest and shoulder muscles, also called the pectoral and deltoids, are major muscles that can have a major effect on how you look and feel.

The chest and shoulder workout helps to build the upper body, to sculp a strong, solid set of pecs and shoulders. The best chest and shoulders workout routine consist of a good mix of compound isolation upper body exercises.

They should target the pecs and deltoids from all angles to ensure proportional muscular growth and development. Earning a strong muscular built takes hard work and sacrifice.  

The best chest and shoulder workout will not only help you push heavyweights at the gym, it will also help perform a whole most of everyday movements more efficiently, while warding off your risk to injury.

To build a chest muscle certainly does not happen overnight, but doing the right exercises that target your pectoral muscles from every angle,using the appropriate rep ranges.

The chest muscle includes the, large muscles called the pectoral major, and a smaller one underneath called the pectoral minor, have a huge aspect in one’s life, they help one do everything from push open a heavy door to pushing something back on a high shelf.

Training your chest is also vital to balancing strength throughout your body, will not only improve your posture to help you stand alright but will also prevent injuries that can be caused by muscle imbalance.

The best chest workouts are definitely going to workout your arms, your shoulder muscles, and also your back, the best chest workout will include an upper, middle and lower chest exercises to develop all portions of the chest muscle mass.

Working these 3 separate areas of the chest is mainly achieved by changing the angle at which you carry out the various chest workout routines. Every chest work out you do, works the entire are but some will stimulate the chest in different ways.

A chest press exercise involves the entire pectoral major with a focus on the  of the chest. For your upper chest incline the bench to an angle no greater than 45 degrees. For the lower chest, lower the head of the bench to a similar angle.

However, there are some extremely popular chest exercises, that can workout your whole body also, for instance the push-up

Push-ups are supposed to develop your leg and arm muscles and add to your stamina, but they are also extremely useful in developing your chest muscles. To develop the chest, ensure that you include chest exercise in your workout for a minimum of 2 days a week.

The shoulder is one of the most important muscle group in the body. The shoulder comprises of different muscles, which includes the deltoid. The deltoids is the outer layer of the shoulder muscles, it is the largest and the strongest muscle of the shoulder.

The deltoids muscle is divided into three parts which play a great role in our work out  routine, they include the anterior deltoid, the lateral deltoid, and the posterior deltoid. To get the best result, focus on the deltoids.

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The anterior deltoid helps in raising the arms upward, this function is used in exercises such as dumbbell front raise, the anterior deltoid are heavily involved in chest fly exercises and also chest pressing.  

The dumbbell overhead press and the barbell overhead press are two compound exercise that target the anterior deltoids, as well as the triceps. They are both heavy weight placed upon the muscles.

The lateral deltoid is known as the muscle head of the deltoids, it contributes to the overall width of the upper body structure. It is important for bodybuilders and anyone who trains for aesthetic to develop this muscle to look good.

The function of the lateral deltoid is shoulder abduction, the muscle helps to raise the arms to the side of the body, this function is used in exercise such as the dumbbell lateral raise.

The lateral deltoid does not involve in any exercise, it training is very specific, due to the specific range of motion which is only allowed by the lateral deltoids. It is important to train the muscle to maintain a balanced proportional shoulder joint. The shoulders should be kept in a neutral position while performing this exercise.

The Posterior deltoid is the most important in terms of structural stability of the shoulder joint, the function of the muscle is transverse abduction. The muscle involves bringing the arm out from the front of the body, to the mid-line of the body.

It involves the exercise called posterior deltoid reverse fly. This exercise is performed using a reverse fly machine. It is an exercise that directly targets the posterior deltoid through transverse abduction, as well as the trapezuis muscle through spacula retraction.

The posterior deltoid exercise involves, the high cable row which is performed using a cable machine, the cable reverse or reverse fly, the cable reverse allows the posterior deltoids of each shoulder to be targeted independently, it can also prevents imbalance between the two shoulders, while the reverse fly machine allows the posterior deltoids of each shoulder to be trained at the same time.

 The workout routine on the shoulder, focuses on building muscle mass and strength quickly and efficiently. The best shoulder workout will target the deltoids muscles, while removing stress from the chest and upper back and targeting the deltoids mainly.

As a beginner it is important to understand the basis of the shoulder and chest workout you’re about to start. When an individual starts training, it is not recommended to start with heavyweights, because it could easily cause injuries or leads to incorrect form habit to develop.

Before you touch a weight, it is important you perform a warm-ups, to help stretch and losen the tissues of the muscles. Some beginners would want to start with the total body workout program, such as the, shoulders, the chest, back, the triceps, the biceps, and the lower body.

But if you’re on a busy schedule, you can easily split your workout, so you can different muscle groups on different days. The upper body workout is good for beginners who want to get started. It is important to start with an easy to follow classic dumbbell exercise that targets all the upper body and the core so as to ascertain which moves works best for each muscle.


This will help you to focus on the muscles as you’re performing the exercise, which makes the move more effective. Focus on doing the exercises correctly and, once you’re used to it, you can move to using weights that are more heavy.

That is, all beginners focus should be on lifting safety with proper form and light weight. Once it is perfected you can starting using varying sets and reps.

For starters you will want to use, barbells, dumbbells, cables and also your body weight, the full range of gym implement. Challenge your body not only with different weights but different stabilization demands, ranges of motion, and levels to difficulty. This routine comprises some of the best chest exercises for beginners.

Chest and shoulder superset workout at home for beginners

BARBELL BENCH PRESS:you will need a squat rack and an adjustable bench in it lie on the bench, or on the floor and hold a heavy barbell a few inches above the chest. Keeping trunk braced, exhale and push weigh up overhead without locking elbow lower the weight until it’s over the chest and repeat for 12 reps. Follow this instructions carefully:

Lie down on an exercise bench, with the bar stacked directly in front of the face.Grab the barbell or with the palms facing forward, position the hands a bit wider than the shoulder-width apart , plant your feet firmly on the floor, and arc the back a bit.

Lift the weight off the rack while maintaining the bench press press form.Slowly lower the weight by bending your elbow slightly. Continue until the bar is only a few inches away from the chest.

 INCLINE BENCH PRESS: to perform this exercise you will need, you’ll need an inclined bench, lie on the bench with your feet planted on the floor, grab the barbell with a grip, a little wider than the shoulder width hold onto it tightly, unrack the bar and bring it over your shoulder with your arms straight, lower the bar to the upper part of your chest then press the bar up to the starting position.

The bench press is considered as one of the best exercise to build a stronger and larger upper body. The inclined position is difficult to press from, so you will not be able to lift much weight as you want on the flat bench.

You should not make the mistake of lowering the bar under you chest, that is, towards the stomach. Because your upper arm will angle forward and the bar will want to fall out of your hands.

INCLINE DUMBBELL PRESS: The incline dumbbell press is designed to increase chest strength and size. This exercise, targets the upper portion of your chest specifically the pectoralis major.  

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The incline dumbbell press hits the anterior deltoids muscles of the shoulder. Take the dumbbell on each hands by your shoulders, then lift the weight straight forward. You will need to decrease your weight a bit for incline press, this is because the dumbbell press requires each arm to lift it own dumbbell and this requires more strength.

INCLINE DUMBBELL FLY: The dumbbell fly targets all area of the pectoral muscles but most significantly the sternal fibres. The incline dumbbell fly is an effective exercise that flushes the entire chest area with blood.

It works really well for isolating the chest for muscles growth. Sit on an incline bench, hold the dumbbell to your side kick the dumbbell back and lie on your back with your feet firm to the ground, position your arm outward with a neutral grip and slightly bend your elbow,

slowly lower your arms to the side of your body, the dumbbell should be lowered in an arc like motion towards the floor untill your chest is completely stretched.

PUSH-UP: this exercise does not need any gym equipment, the push-up triples the muscles benefits, it strengthen the chest, arms and shoulders. Get into a position with your legs press together, your hands underneath your shoulder, make your body straight from head to heels. Bend your elbow to lower your chest and then press back up.

the lateral raise, helps to build stability and strength in your shoulders. The lateral raise primarily targets the lateral head of the deltoids,enabling you to isolates muscle groups.

It is specifically the best exercise for the lateral deltoids. Stand tall with a dumbbell in each hand at your sides, your pas facing in. Ensure your shoulder are neutral and your knee slightly bend, maintain your posture and raise the dumbbell to your sides it should not be higher than your shoulders, hold the raise for 3 secs and then slightly bend your elbow.

Repeat the process. Do not lift weights that are too heavy or raise the weight too high.

MILITARY PRESS: The military press is a compound movement used in building size and strength in the shoulders. The military press was one of the weight lifting included in the Olympics of the 1920s.

You can either take a sitting or standing position for this exercise. Start with a barbell resting on your colar bone around your shoulder height,  choose a barbell that you can lift comfortably, grip the bar slightly wider than your shoulder width with your hands facing forward, bend your knees slightly, slowly getting push the bar above your head.

SIDE CABLE RAISE: It an isolated exercise that targets the deltoids while increasing stability in both the wrist and core.

BARBELL FRONT RAISES: It is an upper body exercise that targets the shoulders

DUMBBELL SHOULDER PRESS: this exercise can be done either in a sitting or stand. Hold two dumbbells to your shoulder with your palms facing forward, raise the dumbbells straight up. Avoid bending your back to help you raise the dumbbells.


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