Bake Chocolate Ganache In Three Golden Ways

This simple chocolate ganache is a perfect frosting or filling cake or is a lightly melted glaze! The cold chocolate can also be whiped for a delicious frozen ganache.

Ganache is a very versatile basic recipe. It thickens as it cools so that you can use it in different ways depending on the temperature. It is possible to fill a glaze with chocolate, to fill cakes with a chocolate bubble, fruit or cookies with a tart or cake, or to frost lightly like texture.


Chocolate: Chocolate bars of high quality work best. See chocolate chips troubleshooting and notes.

High whip cream: use this recipe with heavy whipping cream or regular whipping cream. It doesn’t work half and half or half milk. Use canned cocoon milk for a milk-free alternative.


1 portion chocolate for 1 piece of cream: this is the ratio from semi-sweet to dark chocolate with basic ganache. It is perfect for glazing or padding and can be piped for a slight and airy frosting alternative when cooled or whipped.

1 piece of chocolate to 2 pieces of cream: for thinner, fluid chocolate that remains creamy for dips like fondue or ice cream on top.

2 pieces of cream: this is mainly used for truffles or thicker filling of chocolate.

Chocolate from two to three parts to 1 part of cream: for the white ganache chocolate.


Shake very finely your chocolate.

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Fill in a safe heat bowl.

In a microwave or stove, heat the whipping cream until it is just cooked. Watch carefully, because the cream can overheat and overflow in your pot or bowl, from the cook to the rolled boil very quickly. Sprinkle the chocolate and let sit down for 60–90 seconds when it is cooked.

After a minute, mix the chocolate gently with a whisk or bifurcation.

First it looks like a sparkling chocolate but then it ends up in a silky, smooth chocolate ganache together.

Use warm glazing or let cool for thicker chocolate at room temperature or fridge.


Take your cooled chocolate and whip for 2-3 minutes with a hand held or standing mixer until light and flourishing.


For your ganache, it is very easy to get various flavors. Mix in your flavours, after the mixture of chocolate and cream is still warm.

Extracts like vanilla, mint, orange and coconut are common in flavors. A pinch of salt or a tablespoon or two of liquor such as whiskey, baileys, or Grand Marnier can also be added to your teaspoon of espresso powder.


Sometimes, if the ratio or chocolate to cream is off, the ganache can break or get grainy and oily. Also known as divided or seized ganache. However, don’t worry! You can fix it. You can fix it. Some different methods are available:

Fill in more warm cream, usually a cubicle at a time until it returns together.

Add water, skimmed milk, and maize syrup. A tablespoon or two.

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Further melted chocolate, a little at a time, until it gets together.

All of this can work since we ultimately try to return to an emulsifying chocolate fat to liquid ratio.

If unmelted chocolate pieces are present, a double broiler or a microwave can be melted and removed a few seconds at a time. A dip blender can also be used to smooth out and/or stretch all unmelted parts using a strainer.

Some people have problems using bagged chocolate chips because they tend to have more ingredients than regular baking chocolate. I haven’t personally had this problem with the majority of the brands for chocolate, but if you have some chocolate chips and you don’t work, try chips like Ghirardelli or chopped bars for high quality chocolate.


Hot ganache is ideal for:Glazes
Cakes for Drip
Tarts to be filled (then it cools for a thick, fudgey like filling)
Dip or fondue of chocolate
Ice cream topping, cream bowls and other desserts


As soon as the temperature of the ganache is room, it becomes thicker and more pipeable. This is great chocolate for:
Cakes layer
Sandwich cookies and macarons
Cakes and cupcakes pipable frosting


Ganache Whipped has a light, airy fabric which makes it perfect for cakes and cupcakes. This is a good alternative to classic shocks and a fancy frosting that is reminiscent of a bakery or a wedding cake for you.


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