I am dropping a lot of soup recipes because it is summertime. I’ve been making a lot of it because the outside temperature has no bearing on what I eat, so I don’t have to! This chicken fajita soup is light, yet warm and comforting. That is exactly what I mean.

Here’s how to make Chicken Fajita Soup:

Use the instructions below if you want to make this simple Chicken Fajita Soup recipe, but here are instructions about the ingredients you will need:

I’ve always got boneless, skinless chicken breasts on hand. Legs will of course suffice.

Because I always keep beef bacon on hand, it’s what I use when making the following: If you’d like, you can use pork bacon. There is no fat in turkey, so I don’t see the point in using it. However, you are free to do so if you want. You may omit the bacon completely.

Depending on how heavy you want their presence in your soup, you will need two or three bell peppers. I like to use multiple colors because they make my design better.

Any onion will do, but I use red onions because they look good. It’s really pretty! I use a yellow onion if you only want a subtle onion flavor.

If you want it spicier, use two serrano peppers instead of jalapeños. A little on the mild side? Instead of slicing the jalapeno, mince it and remove the ribs and seeds.

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Toasted and oven-roasted tomatoes Hearty, fire-roasted tomatoes are added to make this hearty.

Cloves of garlic

I wanted this soup to be filling without requiring additional sides, so I added black beans and parboiled rice. Reducing the liquid by about 2 cups will help you reduce the rice if you’d like.

Without broth, it isn’t chicken fajita soup, is it? Well, I guess I’ll just have to eat chicken fajitas. In general, I make my broth with bouillon and hot water.

Unfortunately, I no longer have enough freezer space to keep homemade stock stocked.

Your favorite Fajita Seasoning Mix will work just fine, too.

Pinch salt:

To get the juice and flavor from different components, we’ll use small pinches.

The soup I created used a Scanpan TechNIQ Giant Braiser as its base, but you could use a 5-quart dutch oven instead.

The perfect chicken fajita soup is made by following these simple steps.

In the recipe below, the instructions are detailed but, to help you get the most out of this Chicken Fajita Soup recipe, here is a brief overview of what you’ll need to do along with some important tips.

Boil the bacon until crisp.

Set a large, heavy-bottomed pot, such as a dutch oven, over medium heat. Once the bacon is crispy, remove it to a cutting board to separate. Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature, then cut it into small pieces and store it in an airtight container.

Peppers should be seared. Add oil if there isn’t enough fat. After the pan is heated to high, add the sliced bell peppers. After 4 minutes, cover the peppers and cook them without disturbing them. If this is happening too quickly, they should slow down the cooking process. At that point, they should be able to produce the wanted color. Then, remove them from the pan and set them aside. Until the Chicken Fajita Soup is about done, we won’t get our hands dirty with them again.

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Let’s talk about the chicken. Bacon fat or oil is added to the pan, then the surface is swirled to coat it. To season the chicken, place two tablespoons of fajita seasoning in a bowl, then spread the seasoning on the chicken pieces. Place the chicken in a single layer in the pan. Allow to cook undisturbed for a few minutes before using a spatula to flip and sear the other side. When you have zero remaining pink, take the chicken off the grill and set it on a plate to rest.

Brown the aromatics and rice in a hot pan.

Return the heat to medium. In the event that you will need to add more oil or fat, add the onion and jalapeno slices to the pan. Add the onions and garlic to the pan and cook for about 4 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the onions are fragrant. Then stir in the garlic and cook for another couple of minutes. Next, add the rinsed and drained rice to the sauteed aromatics on the side. Let the rice toast for a moment, then add the ingredients and stir until the rice takes on a darker shade.

Get started on the soup construction. Fill the pot with the tomatoes, beans, 9 cups of chicken broth, and the rest of the fajita seasoning. Taste, and if you think you need it, add some salt. As soon as you are satisfied with the flavor, add the chicken and cook the soup until it reaches a simmer.

Bring the fajita chicken soup to a simmer.

Keep the heat to a low simmer and cover until the rice is tender. You’ll need 15 minutes to cook rice. The amount of ‘bite’ that you like in your rice depends on how much ‘bite’ you like your rice to have. It is advisable to keep an extra cup of chicken broth on hand in case the sauce needs to be loosened.

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Now, the peppers and bacon will be added.

Add the bacon pieces and bell pepper slices once the rice is cooked. Add the mixture to a saucepan and simmer for 5 more minutes. Then remove from the heat and allow to cool. Top with your favorite garnishes and serve. Dassit!

Upgrade your fajita chicken soup

Unlike almost all of my recipes, the Chicken Fajita Soup recipe has endless ways to be customized, so please feel free to make it your own by tailoring it to your tastes. Instead of giving you advice on how to accomplish that, I’m going to give you two complementary pieces of advice instead.

Leftover Remix: Squeeze the broth into a container, then collect some mozzarella and puff pastry. There’s no better time to make Fajita Soup Hand Pies!

Southwestern Chicken Stew is definitely for you if you’re looking for something heartier and loaded with cheese.


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