Vertical leg crunch is actually a great exercise that works your lower abdominal. It is a very difficult exercise I must say as it requires so much strength and energy to be achieved. In actual fact, a starter of any workout can not pick on this at the beginning stage. And if you know you suffering from stomach pain or any kind of pain, this exercise is not advisable for you to exemplify. Just as an aside, I remember when I was in secondary school. We were always given time to relief ourselves pressure of reading too much. It was just basically about books when it was no brake time. My teachers were very wicked and I must say that I really did not like them that much because they were to strict on us as though education was truly the key to living a prosperous life. Now seeing my friend called prosper who was the best student made me believe it was all scam. Now I look at how stupid it is today to have learnt or read somethings today that can not even bring food on my table. Speaking of prosper, he is not doing well financially. In fact, he sought a job from me last week when I saw him. I was able to help in my little way but I asked him if I could share his story before that and he consented. He’s simply just a dismissed scholar.  So during our brake time, I joined a club that was called “exercise club.” We would practice all kinds of exercises but in all honestly, not every girl or guy can do what the good ones among us could do. So after practicing knee pull in and out, we would delve into vertical leg crunch which was not so easy for some to exemplify. In fact, there were some people that we had to beg not to join us simply because we were scared of getting them injured as it is no kid exercise. Some would join us to show themselves but they would not tell us simply because they were forewarned. Simply to

effectively exemplify this exercise, ensure  you lie your back on a good mat for another surface that will be  quiet okay for you to exemplify.  It’s also very important for you to position your hand folded behind you neck. And also, try to bring your legs up, extending them perpendicular to the floor with knees slightly bent. Maintain your lower spine flat on the floor for as long as you can.  Ensure you contract your abs in preparation for the raise then start by gently curling your upper body, raising your shoulder blades off of the floor. Now breath out on the upward motion and try mention your legs straight to the extent that they are targeted upward. Ensure you do not let them move back and forth or list to one side. Never stop but continue to curl your body upward utilizing your core muscles as it is very important.   And also, ensure not to lead with the head by pulling on the neck, and keep your chin up. Make your shoulder blades to be off the floor. You can pause and grasp the placement for a while. Begin by lowering your upper body gently. Ensure you don’t have your legs swayed away.  Try balance yourself and you will be fine.

Horizontal Leg Crunch

This exercise is very chilling and also difficult. Imagine you wake up in the morning and that’s the first thing you do. This exercise greatly assist your lower abdominal. In fact, if you are willing to have six pacs or a nice body, try this exercise for days and you will no how important it is.  When your lower abdominal is set, pulling off your body should not be a difficult task for you. In fact, girls love it when a guy is like a sexy beast. She just wants to see you put off your cloth in front of him for her to know the body. she loves you. Oh yeah, but you need to improve her love, too. Show her you body and she will always end up screaming I love you. Isn’t it beautiful? There’s no better person that loves show off than a woman. If a woman tells you she doesn’t like show off, it is simply a lie. Just a big lie. Girls love to brag about their boyfriends to their friends simply to make themselves happy. They know crystal clear that there is nothing they will gain from it because they just want to feel celebrated by their friends. They just want to prove that they are taken already. But wait, if you pictures are to be shown to these girls, how would you like to be seen? Oh well, don’t put a shame on her face. Start exercising yourself today so that you can look fit. She loves you without your body but make her look good in front of her friends. Let her friends hail her simply because of you as it is very important. Simply to practice this exercise, try to relax as your body on a mat as though you want to sleep. Ensure you legs are grasped together and concentrated forward. Now raise your shoulder blades. Ensure your hands are widely holding the back of your head. Raise your body severally as long as you can. During the process, ensure you breath in and out. Don’t worry, you will be fine.

Reverse Leg Crunch

This is actually a leg work exercise.  This exercise can only be practiced with just a mat.  It is just so funny right now. Sorry about my usage of allusion every time. I am just simply used to it. So like I was saying, do you know why this is funny? It is funny because when my cousin saw me exemplifying this exercise, he actually thought I was crazy because I had my legs up and was moving them as though I was riding a bicycle. This was so cool because I choose that as my style. My boy was like “oh uncle, are you okay? What is wrong with your legs. I need to call mom. Wait, are you crying because this was how I used to cry back then.  I guess you stopped crying when you saw me. What’s going on uncle. Are you okay ? Talk to me. Did you girlfriend brake up with you? Did you loose your money or somebody did not pay you. Come on, uncle ? Talk to me. Just stop shaking your legs, okay ? I was actually inhaling so I could not talk at all. So when I stopped, I actually explained everything I was doing to him and made him understand it was nothing but a practice of an exercise called reverse leg crunch. I learnt a lesson that day and that lesson is the fact that there is nothing done by an elderly person in front of children that will not be done by them if not cautioned. The following day after that happened, I saw my body exemplifying same thing that I did yesterday. Oh well, I could not do anything than to advice him on what to do and how and when to do it.

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Now, my body is looking all fit and is the discussion of all the girls in his class. What a great boy, I have always known. I am super excited for him because he started early and this will forever be appreciated by him. Crystal clear, when you begin something at an early stage, you simply get addicted to it because it will daily be your routine. Anyway, he does this everyday and I am so happy for him.  Simply to practice reverse leg crunch, get a mat which is actually the first thing you need because of your back. Avoid practicing it without a mat simply because it might hurt you and this you would not want. Do not say I did not tell you. If you can’t find a mat, you can actually practice it on the grass. Ensure you are so observant about the actual place you are making use of.  Lie flat on the floor. Raise your legs up. Put them down. Try this 3times before you finally put them up. Now spread you arms separately and have them on your legs as though you are exemplifying front jump. Now draw knees closer to your chest as possible as you can. Then move your legs up and down. Try that severally as possible as you can. During this process, breath in and out as it is very important. If you are suffering from back pain, do not practice this exercise at all or see your doctor as it is very important.

Long Arm Crunch

This is basically an arm exercise. Even from the name, one will surely realize everything it is all about. The only thing that can deny you the ability of stretching your hands is when you arms or shoulders are damaged. Perhaps this exercise works the two of them effectively. It must be said that this exercise is very easy and simple to exemplify unlike the rest of them.  In fact, it encourages anybody to do without too much of difficult. This is one of the exercises that I would love to recommend to beginners as it is very important and simple for them to practice before turning in for the difficult ones. Oh well, if you haven’t practiced this exercise, you must have been missing out on the fun of it. Trust me, it is fun to practice. Having said all of this, let me now instruct you on how to perform it effectively. Simply to practice practice it, I recommend you find a mat simply not to injure your back because your back will seriously be made use of when exemplifying it. Now lie flat on the floor on the floor. Raise your knees and allow your legs holding the ground firmly. Try spread your arms above your head as possible as you can. Now be in that placement for as long as you can. This will definitely stretch your bones. And if you suffering from back or shoulder pain, try to see your doctor before you practice this exercise as it is very important in doing so.

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Frog Crunch

This exercise is very important as it also helps your lower abdominal. Before it’s performed, ensure you are strong and healthy for it as required so much strength from you.  Simply to practice, lie flat on the floor. Now seat down. Put your arms on your head.

Try bring you legs together. I mean, make your feet touch each other. Ensure your are up and you legs are down. In that kind of posture, lie down again.  Raise your body up. Ensure you elbows are touching your knees. You can actually do that severally. During this process, ensure you breath in and out as it is very important in practicing this exercise. If you are going through pain in your body, try consult your doctor before you practice this exercise.

Twisted Crunch

This exercise is very important as it greatly helps your shoulder. In practicing this exercise, you just have lie flat. Raise your knees up and your legs down. Put your hands behind your head. Bring your body up gently and twist right right arm to the left. Now rest it on the floor. You can do that severally as it is very important. If you’re suffering from any form of pain, try consult you doctor as it is very much important and required.

Bicycle Crunch

This exercise is very important and simple to practice as long as you can follow the instruction that will be given to you. Have you ever rode on a bicycle before? Even from its name alone, you should be able to know what this is all about. Simply to practice this exercise, fist imagine you riding a bicycle. Now lie flat on the floor. Bring your two arms behind your head. Place your legs straight on the floor. Now make use of your legs as though you are riding a bicycle. Kindly ensure your knees are always up as it is very important to effectively practice this exercise.


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