In this quick guide, we’ll look at “7 Best Substitutes for Red Curry Paste?”, as well as other frequently asked questions concerning Red Curry Paste.

Many Asian cuisines use red curry paste as a main component. This paste is popular in Thai cuisine, but it may also be used in a variety of other recipes.

Red curry paste may be purchased at local shops or made at home. If you don’t have this item in your kitchen, there are a few substitutes you may use to make your dish taste great.

You may always use regular curry paste or green curry paste as a fast replacement for red curry paste. Continue reading to discover even more red curry paste alternatives!

Substitutes for Red Curry
The replacements listed below may effectively replace red curry paste in any recipe, but bear in mind that your meal will taste somewhat different as well.

7 Best Substitutes for Red Curry Paste

1. Curry powder

If you wish to replace red curry paste, curry paste is your best bet.

It will not provide the pungent flavor of red curry paste and will not change the color of your meal to a crimson tint, but it will still produce a wonderful outcome.

Plus, it’s pretty easy to get at most grocery shops in the seasoning department for a reasonable price.

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Curry paste is often used in Indian cuisine, although it may be used in any stir fry, stew, or marinade. If your recipe asks for one tablespoon of red curry paste, you may substitute one tablespoon of curry paste with success.

2. Paste de curry verde

Green curry paste may also be used in place of red curry paste. They have similar names since they are both curry paste components, as you may have observed.

The major difference is that one is prepared with red peppers and the other with green peppers.

Green curry paste has a milder flavor than red curry paste and a distinct hue that will make your meal stand out.

You may use the same proportions and prepare your meal the same manner.

3. Chipotle powder

Chilli powder and red curry paste have a similar ingredient: chile. It will give your meal the desired spiciness, but it will not add all of the other flavors found in red curry paste.

Because of its red hue, chili powder will also slightly tint your meal red.

It is essential, though, to just use a pinch of it. If your recipe asks for one tablespoon of red curry powder, you may replace it with a quarter or tablespoon of chili powder.

Chilli powder is considerably hotter, so don’t use too much of it. It is also determined by your own preferences.

4. Chili paste

Chili paste is just as hot as chili powder, but it’s in a paste form.

If you don’t want your meal to be too hot, you may select chili paste with a milder flavor. It will color your food crimson and will undoubtedly enhance its flavor.

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You can’t anticipate the same taste as if you used red curry paste. However, it is much hotter than red curry paste and should be used with care.

Chili paste may be used in sauces, toppings, marinades, soups, and stews.

5. Chili flakes with tomato paste

Combining tomato paste with chili flakes may provide a wonderful flavor for a variety of dishes. To make a homogenous paste, combine half a tablespoon of chili flakes with 3-4 tablespoons of tomato paste.

You may also use this paste to season soups, stews, sauces, and pasta. You may add as much chile as you like to this mixture, but bear in mind that it will have a distinct flavor than red curry paste.

6. Turmeric and chili paste

Turmeric is used in red curry paste and other kinds of curry. As a result, if you have turmeric and chile paste on hand, you may combine them and use the mixture instead of red curry paste.

Mix two teaspoons turmeric with a quarter spoonful chili paste, and add little water if your mixture needs to be more liquid. Add the same amount of this mixture as you would red curry paste and use it as a replacement in all recipes.

7. Yellow curry paste

Yellow curry paste is curry paste prepared from yellow peppers. It is not as hot as red curry paste, but it may serve as a suitable alternative. It may be used in the same quantities and for the same kinds of meals as red curry paste.

To get the crimson hue that red curry paste provides your meal, add a spoonful of tomato paste. Add a sprinkle of chili flakes to your dish if you want it to be spicier.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “ “7 Best Substitutes for Red Curry Paste?”, ”, with an in-depth analysis of other FAQs about Red Curry Paste.


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