Text Messages are a great tool, and they are meant to express how you feel about your boyfriend or husband. The joy of being in love and knowing that your other half loves you right back is incomparable.

It will be a good thing to express the love you have for him through texts in the morning. Write it as expressive and straightforward as possible for easy comprehension. If your man wakes up to such message in the morning, it will put a smile on his face, and he will have you in mind throughout the day. If you send a funny message, whenever he his sad and his mind flashes back to that message you sent to him, he will laugh and put away the anger.

Below are some good morning messages you can send to him:

Ø Whenever I wake up, you’re my first thought. That’s why I know that today will be a good day.

Ø The inspiration for my day is nothing but you. I love you, baby. Good morning!

Ø Love gives us a fictional story now and then. You will always be my prince. I love you, dearly.

Ø I can’t thank you enough for giving me numerous reasons to be able to smile today. Good morning my love.

Ø Everyone who knows you will adore you, I am genuinely in love with you because I know special you are. Good morning.

Ø Bear in mind that challenges may come your way, but be rest assured that you will triumph knowing that someone truly loves you, and that person is me. 

Ø everyone knows how nice it is to have a good morning kiss, so I am sending my love to you through the morning breeze to blow you a soft kiss.

Ø I seriously can’t wait until we can wake up together each morning. Hopefully, these good morning texts will help close the gap between our hearts until then.

Ø I hope you will start your day with an enormous smile on your face? Because I’m going to do anything to make sure you do. My wish is for your morning to sound like soul music and smell like your favourite coffee.

Ø It’s so dull when you’re not next to me. I wouldn’t say I like that. I want to hear your laughter and your beautiful voice that is hypnotizing. I do not like this silence, so please Come back to me as soon as you can. Good morning, baby.


· When I am with you, you bring the best out of me, and I love it. Thank you, my love, for making my life a lot simpler. Good morning baby. 

· Good morning, my prince, I hope you know that you hold a special place in my heart. I’m expecting a call from you this morning because I love to hear your voice!

· I hope I will remain the only girl who has the guts to wake you up every morning. I want to be always there for you and make you feel loved. Good morning my sweetheart!

· Honey, please make sure you get up with a smile so that I can be assured of a beautiful day ahead of me.

Good morning my cupcake!

· I pray that this morning, you experience a turnaround and a new beginning in your life’s journey, and I wish you great success as you step out today. Good morning handsome!

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· I will not describe how much and how well I love you, even if I decide to keep writing how I feel from now till eternity. Your presence in my life is everything. Have a wonderful day, my love.

· Baby, you have been my guardian angel since our paths crossed, thank you for existing. Thank you for saving me from troubles of all kinds. 

· Most people feel lazy to wake up in the morning because they still want to enjoy more sleep, this is different for me, as I am always eager to wake up every morning to send you a text. I yearn to talk to you anyway. Good Morning hun, have a great day ahead.

· I woke up today with a feeling of gratitude for having the world’s most precious being in my life, and I thought it would be nice to say that to you. I wish I had you with me here. May this morning be filled with peace and harmony. Have a fantastic day. Love!

· My life is perfect, just because you are in it, and I love it. Cheers to a new dawn! It is filled with my undying love for you. Good morning my sweetheart!

· Before we met, mornings were just very typical to me, but it became very spice up and the best part of the day when you walked into my life. Good morning baby.


Ø Can you guess what I am doing right now? Let me save you the stress of having to think this early. I am Gazing at the morning sun outside the window, gulping my morning coffee and thinking of you.

Good morning my cutie! 

Ø Hello love, good morning! Thank you for being there for me every time. Thank you so much for being my only love. Thank you for your closeness.

I’m always grateful, my darling.

Ø I love the dawn because it allows me to spend another day with the gentleman I dreamt of last night. Good morning, my sweetheart.

Ø A teaspoon of my love and a pinch of my love will make your morning coffee perfect. 

Ø You’re just the one that I need. You are my source of happiness and my whole heart. Good Morning King.

Ø I can’t dare to break your heart or desert you. Baby, I promise to be by your side till the end. I know you will not disappoint me too. Have a beautiful morning.

Ø, I am moved to a place of extreme happiness whenever I am folded in your warm arms. I try searching around to find something comparable to this feeling, but there is none. 

Ø Sweetheart, I am grateful for making my life more impressive than a beautiful dream. I love you a lot.

Ø babe, thank you for being in my life, your presence has transformed my life into a beautiful place. 

Ø my dream has always been about paradise, but since I met you, I started to dream of being in heaven. I am up already; you should get up too.


It’s usually a little bit difficult to sustain a long-distance relationship. However, true love displayed by both parties and discipline and enough effort can keep it. Make an effort to remind him of how much you love him in the morning and put a smile on his face no matter the distance between you two.

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Usually, when you are in love with someone, the person is the first person you will think of when you wake up, this is why people keep their phones very close to them when they sleep so that they can pick up their phones to call text their lover. Most people practising a long-distance relationship are excited every morning, as they get to speak to their love every new day. You need to remind him of how much you miss him, and how you can’t wait to see him soon. You will need to send him these messages to keep your love burning fire since you both are far apart. Text messages are an excellent trick to sustain a long-distance relationship. Here are examples of texts you can send to him.

· I’d be kissing you right now if we were together! I will wait for you hun.

· I’ll try to ensure you don’t ever leave me again when I get a hold of you next. Come back into my arms. I miss you badly.

· It’s challenging to sleep when you are not close to me, but then, whenever I remember that I will see you in my dreams, I get anxious to sleep.

· It feels as if you are here, even though I know that you are not here. It feels like this because you have my heart, and I have yours too. But I still miss you more than mere feeling, and I am waiting patiently for you. Good morning captain! 

· When I woke up this morning, I had a more substantial feeling to see your face. Could this mean you will be visiting me soon? Make my wish come true, please. l love you, sugar.

· You left with my heart, but I firmly believe that someday you will return with my heart, and then, I will feel complete again.

· Distance can only divide our bodies. Our hearts will never be separated by it. 

· I still cannot forget how you smell, the expression you give whenever I tickle you and how your hand feels is still evergreen in my heart.

· I usually don’t like to wait, but I will remain forever if it is you that I have to wait for you.

· I miss you, baby, this Distance is really affecting me, but eventually, I know it’ll be worth the sacrifice.

I love you very much, and I will endure. Good morning, my charming prince.

· People think Distance can be a stumbling block. The most important thing is, I have your heart with me, and you also have mine with you. I love you, hun.   

· I always want to hold you, kiss you, and keep loving you. I want to be with you. I’ll be waiting for you here.

Good morning my man.

· Before I sleep, you’re always the last person on my mind and the first person I think of when I wake up.

That is the reason I’m sending this good morning text to you. I miss you, baby. 

· This is just to let you know that Distance has made be me more substantial and a little bold, it has made me understood the true meaning of love. I love you more. What I need you to do is to make sure that you are all right and you wait for me. 

· Knock! Knock! Is anyone there? Can anyone please help me tell my boyfriend that I love him and miss him? Remind him that I really cannot wait to see him again.  

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· My love, hope you slept well? You were in my dreams, and we had much fun. I long to see you soon, my Mr charming. 


Guys love to be told nice things just the way girls loves it. Guys feel much more lived when sent random good morning messages, and it spikes up your love in their hearts. The message could be a short or long one; it doesn’t matter. What matters is how you express yourself genuinely. So go ahead and tell that man of your dreams how much you need him. Below are some messages you can try:

Ø Don’t you think having me is worth more than a million-dollar? Lol, I know you are reading this with a weird look on your face, like…what is this damsel saying? How do I take care of her? Well, we will make money together! Have a blessed morning, my darling.

Ø I have looked around, there is no one like you in this world, you have always been my rock and star. I just thought to drop this as you head out today.

Good morning prince!

Ø You deserve all my love, every day, in the morning and at night; this is just one way of expressing my passion towards you. I hope you will smile throughout the day? Good morning love.

Ø I have never met a man as sweet and loving as you are, I am sending you this text to know that I am grateful for having to think of someone as unique as you when I wake up.

Ø I’m so glad that my dreams came through! all my life, I have been asking God for a man like you, and he gave me that exact man of my dreams

Ø I get so lonely whenever I am not with you; I cannot wait for dusk so that I can have you right in my arms and beautiful your face with kisses.

Ø I will not ever leave you, I will continue to love and cherish you until the end of time. Please keep that in mind. I love you. Have a lovely day.

Ø Most times, when you see me staring at you, I feel so lucky to have someone who performs different roles in my life. You are in my life as a brother; you also serve as a best friend mad most importantly, my soul mate and confidant. Good morning Sunshine!

Ø When I woke up this morning, I felt something was wrong as I felt incomplete, then I realized you are not here with me, and I’m missing you. You own my heart, baby! Have a pleasant morning.

Ø I have so longed for a man like you in my life, you make me feel complete. I couldn’t have asked for a better perfect man.

Ø You are my treasure, and that is why I do not take your love for granted, I always think about living with you forever, it will be so much fun hun. I love you.

Ø I love you so much baby, going memory lane, I have never loved anybody the way I love you. I adore you so much, and it’s a lottery to have you.

Ø I don’t know what today holds, but I’m confident it’s going to be an unforgettable and fantastic day because I have you by my side. Have a great morning, and keep in mind that your girlfriend loves you endlessly.


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