Giving the right name to your boyfriend may be a little bit fun and tacky at the same time because you don’t want to call them embarrassing names that they wouldn’t like in public. The things that should inspire the cute names to call him should be his traits, memories you both share, and personality.

When you have decided to call Someone a name other than their first name, it should be called out of a good reason, and it must be the right name as well. In most cases, people in romantic relationships adopt the nickname strategy to depict the level of love and affection you both share. These nicknames can be used when you guys are in a public space or when you guys are together. If you are picking a name, it should be unique, suggesting something appealing about the person. In this article, we will be making a list of cute names to call your boyfriend; this is for girls who have been pondering on that name to call that special Someone to her when in a new relationship. If you are in a relationship that has lasted a while, you can decide to give him a new name from any of these:

Romantic Pet Names To Call Your Boyfriend

1. Heartthrob

2. Big guy

3. Captain

4. Handsome

5. My boy

6. Chief

7. Daddy

8. Studmuffin

9. Honeybun

10. Papi

11. Rockstar

12. Lover

13. Mister man

14. Hot stuff

15. Darling

16. Sailor

17. Kiddo

18. Prince

19. Cowboy

 20. Lover man

21. Papa bear

22. Cupcake

23. Sugar

 24. McDreamy

25. Batman

26. Sweets

27. Jeff

28. Mack daddy

29. Pookie

30. Hulk

31. Hot pants

32. Jellybean

33. Schmoopie

34. Foxy

35. Dumpling

36. Old man

37. Tight butt

38. Buddy

39. Hunk

40. Dude

41. Boy toy

42. Pebbles

43. Bae

44. Eye candy

45. Monkey

46. Tater tot

47. Popsicle

48. Snickers

49. Honeybadger

50. Tarzan

NOTE: it’s more romantic to come up with names by yourself, names borne out of his physical traits or things he does. When coming up with cute names to call him, it is advisable to do a test-run, call him that name you have come up with, and pay attention to his reaction. His reaction to the name means a lot.

You should be able to decipher if he likes it or not. If it seems like he doesn’t like it, you can have a change of name.


1. Be creative with his name: try to come up with cute and funny names crafted from his name. For instance: if people fondly call him “Timmy,” you can come up with “Timini.” Be very creative with his first name. You can add or subtract from the name. Or Andrew, you can make it Drew-me. 

2. Think of a name that matches his personality: it can be a name of a Hero or legend that has a resemblance in character to him. It could be the name of things known for what you think your boyfriend looks like or behaves like. 

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3. Use Initials: it can be coined out of his name as well. For instance, if he bears Timmy Martins, you can call him ‘T.M..’ Or something more fun. 

4. Give him a name based on his hobby: make sure the name is sweet and cute. 

5. Give him a title based on his job: the title should be more personal; for instance, if he is a chef, call him “Chef Timmy” or “chef boyfriend.”

6. Form a name for both of you, I.E., the combination of your name and his name can be used. After coming up with a name, you can call him the CEO of that name, and he can call you the First Lady of that name if you guys are planning to come up with a brand name. You can also choose matching nicknames for both of you from cartoons or a book series. 

7. Spanish names: Many Spanish names are very romantic; they are names you can give to your boyfriend.


Some guys do not like to be pet names in public, and if you are the girl that likes it so much, you can reserve the name for when you both are together, and you can save his contact with that cute name you have in mind. This way, you have a chance to at least call him that unique name instead of burying the name. Cute contact names for your boyfriend are ways of expressing how deeply you love him and those memories you have had with him. If he picks up your phone and sees that you saved his name with that unique name, he will feel special and, to an extent, be more confident in your love. Here are some names you can choose from to save his contact with:

1. Mr. Mine

2. Captain

3. Cutie boo

4. Cream

5. Studly

6. Brown sugar

7. My prince

8. Champ

9. Cuddly Muffin

10. Hero

11. Dr. Love

12. Snuggle bunny

13. Hercules

14. Sir, I lovealot

15. Chester

16. Cuddly bear

17. Big papa

18. Buzz

19. Chubby bunny!

20. Boyfriend

21. Captain Cookie

22. Cutie Pie

23. Crazy

24. Braveheart

25. Bubba


· My Ace: a unique name for your boyfriend if he is a genius, 

· Alter Ego: a unique name for your boyfriend that allows the different part of you to be seen

· Biggie: a unique name for a huge boyfriend 

· Blueberry: a unique name for a very handsome boyfriend 

· Caramel: a unique name for a boyfriend who is lovely in and out. 

· Colossus: a unique name for a boyfriend you consider to be incredibly strong

· Dew Drop: a unique name for your boyfriend if you feel you are lucky to have him, as his presence in your life brings fortune. 

· Eclipse: a unique name for your boyfriend if you think he is a rare gem.

· Face Genius: use this name for a guy with a beautiful face

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· Flawless: a unique name for your boyfriend if he is the best boyfriend you can ever have.

·.Fantasy: it can be used for that boyfriend, who is your kind of guy, the guy you dream of being with. 

· Genie: a unique name for your boyfriend if he always provides for your needs

· Hero: a unique name for a boyfriend if his presence in your life brings you strength and hope 

· Hercules: a memorable name for your boyfriend if he gives you that optimum pleasure multiple times in bed

· Icy: a unique name for your boyfriend if he is always cool

· Juicy: a unique and flirty name for your boyfriend if he always has a way of making you juicy down there. 

· Khal: a unique name is gotten from the famous movie, Game of Thrones, and it means a guy who is a strong leader. You will be his Khaleesi. 

· Lollipop: call your boyfriend lollipop if he is so irresistible.

· Mimi: call your boyfriend Mimi if he is very loving, fun, and playful to be with.

· Nugget: a unique name for your boyfriend if he is so innocent, cute, and funny.

· Oreo: Oreo biscuit is sweet, so this is a unique name for your boyfriend if he is as sweet as Oreo biscuit

· Pearl: a nice name for your boyfriend if he is incredibly special 

· Puppy: a unique name for a boyfriend who is loyal, trustworthy, and gentle as well. 


The Spanish Language is known as one of the most romantic languages globally; why is that so? It is because of the way Spanish languages are pronounced. So if you are in a relationship, you should try to get your boyfriend a Spanish name, not every time English name, don’t be boring, try out some Spanish names for him. He will feel special that you have gone the extra mile to find him a unique name. For those dating a guy who speaks Spanish, it will be imperative to give him a Spanish name; try out the following cute Spanish names to call your boyfriend:

· (Mi) Rey: Your “king,” Someone you worship.

· Esé: “Homeboy” is the meaning of this nickname.

· Osito: A handsome, lovable man, a teddy bear.

· (Mi) León: You say ‘my lion’ to a strong and confident person, with whom you feel safe

· Cariño: It is quite often used and can be translated as “dear” or “darling.”

· Papi Chulo: Papi Chulo is a handsome man who has great power over women (or a “Mac Daddy.” 

in English).

· Bonito: You use it for a boyfriend who is “pretty” and “attractive.” this is a cute Spanish nickname for your boyfriend. 

· Caramelo: A sweet Spanish nickname for your boyfriend that is as sweet candy.

· Azúcar: this is a cute and romantic Spanish nickname for your boyfriend that is as sweet as sugar.

· (Mi) Chiquillo: It translates to “my kid,” Someone who you love and care for.

· Bombón: it means Someone so sweet that you can eat him. “Sweetie.”

· (Mi) Cielito: It translates to my little sky. “You might also say” pedacito de Cielo, “meaning” little piece of heavens.

· Bello: It only means” beautiful.

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· Mi Media Naranja: The one who fits with you entirely, your better half. It can also mean “my half orange.”

· Chiquito: It’s used in a different context, meaning “cute,” even though it also means “little one.”

· (Mi) Hombre: call your boyfriend a manly nickname. it translates into “my man.”

· Chiquito: It’s used for younger boys because it means “little boy.”

· (Mi) Corazón: You could say “my sweetheart” in English instead of saying “my heart.”

· Cuatro Ojos: A funny nickname in Spanish for a guy who wears glasses. It means “the eyes of four.”

· Bebé: as this means “baby,” many guys may not want it.


1. Silly: Calling a guy silly when he says something funny and you both are laughing. It teases him and makes him feel good. He will feel you are complimenting his sense of humor.

2. Big guy: Every guy likes to be called a big guy by their girlfriends because it makes them feel important and needed to you. Imagine if you get wrapped up by a guy, you feel safe and warm in his arms because it’s big enough to make you feel safe; this, in turn, makes you feel good. He will be happy because he is making you feel good by providing a warm hug. 

3. Captain: this is the right pet name for a guy that makes him feel strong and trustworthy. He feels this way because it is His will to be able to protect his girlfriend. It means to him that you are relying on him for your safety and well-being.

4. Sunshine: if he makes you smile, this is a good name for him; it makes him feel happy that he can put a smile on your face. Call him sunshine when he is down or not cheerful.

5. Champ: when you call him this, you pass information to him that he has to work to get you. It makes him feel good about himself and happy that he has been able to win you over. He will be

more committed to you.


1. Alexander and Raven: gotten from the book “Vampire Kisses.” The girl Raven is the main character, and Alexander is Raven’s boyfriend. 

2. Baby boy and Baby girl: if you think your boyfriend is cute and acts like a baby, call him baby boy, the same thing goes for a girl.

3. Bella and Edward: it is gotten from a book; Bella is a female character in the book, and Edward is Bella’s boyfriend.

4. My King and My Queen: this is a good name for lovers. It’s a way of describing equal love to each other.

5. Simba and Nala: these names are names of two Disney characters. You can call each other these names.

6. Troy and Gabriella: if you and your boyfriend sing together always, call each other these, like in High school musical.

7. You can try out Bow and Arrows


Some matching nicknames are: 

* Milk and Cookie

* Hercules and Xena

* Cinderella and Charming

* Birdie and Sparrow

* Tarzan and Jane

* Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl

* Prince and Princess 

* Booth and Bones

* Westley and Buttercup


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