If you are in a relationship, you need to learn how to express your love towards your boyfriend. This is a challenge in some people’s relationships, as they do not know how to express themselves to their partner. It is not nice when you do not try to tell your boyfriend how you feel about him. You must always remind him that you love him so much, then prove it, and love text messages are one way of demonstrating your love. Composing a good morning love quotes for him will make him feel loved, and it will help reserve that space he has kept for you in his heart. Just like girls like to be sent love messages by their boyfriends, the same applies to boys; they also love it. Those love quotes will go a long way; it can keep him smiling all through the day.

It will help improve your relationship in a way that reminds him that you are still in love with him.

Imagine if he wakes up in the morning and sees a message from you; throughout the day, you are automatically in his mind, and then the love you guys have keeps waxing stronger. You do not have to send these messages every morning; send them randomly, when he doesn’t expect it to become a routine that he is used to. 

Here are a few love quotes you can pick from:

· You are the cause of my joy, the center of my world as well as my heart. Good morning, my sweetheart. I hope you’ve slept well

· “Your love shines in my heart as the sun that shines upon the earth.” this quote was by -Eleanor Di Guillo

· I know you are a sleepyhead, my sweet boyfriend, but you need to wake up and open your eyes to the sight of the fantastic world around us and have a great day. Great sweetness in the morning!

· Without knowing how, or when or from where, I love you. I love you explicitly, without any difficulty or pride, so I love you because I don’t know any other way. 

Here are some romantic love quotes you can try too that will make him think about you all day, 

· If forever exists, I plead with the universe that it should be with you

· All I am now is because of you. You give me strength; you are my inspiration. Good morning honey, I love you so much.

· “I swear that I cannot love you more than I do right now, and yet I know that tomorrow I will.”

· I am Sending a right morning message to an incredible man! May you be rewarded for all your determination and hard work today! 

· For it was not into my ear, you whispered, but into my heart .” The lips you kissed were not mine, but my soul.” adapted from Judy Garland’s quote.   

· In this heart of mine, you’re always the first and last thing. “I’m thinking of you no matter where I go, or what I do.” adapted from Dierks Bentley

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· Good morning, dear of mine! Everything about my life is beautiful, thanks to your incredible love.

· With you, I have found my paradise. You are my dream come true, and I live my dream every day.

Good morning, my baby. I love you!!

· True happiness is spending every moment of my awakening in your arms and tasting the fruitfulness of your lips. Oh, babe, good morning.


It’s usually nice to send a good morning quote to your girlfriend just the same way a guy loves it.

When a girl is in love, she expects that her boyfriend loves her back and in the same way. Sending her a love quote in the morning reminds her that you slept well and thought about her immediately you woke up. The sight of the message on her phone will brighten up her morning, and she feels loved throughout the day. The following are some love quotes you can send to her:

Ø I like the way morning light strikes your eyes and turns them into a color that does not exist anywhere other than right now. I want it all.

Ø I do not care whether the sun rises; my morning begins only after I say that I love you very much. Hey, good morning.

Ø I hope that your day will be filled with as much joy as you brought into my life when you decided to enter it.

Ø, I never thought I would look at a girl and think, “Wow, even when she’s sleeping, she’s more beautiful!” Even though in the morning you cover your face, I still think you are so attractive! My dear, have a good day! 

Ø “Your lips have given me a clue as to how Ambrosia tastes- ambrosia is the food of the gods; good morning.”

Ø I take a few minutes every morning to think about your smile. It is the best part of your life. Good morning baby! Wishing you a wonderful day, full of your lovely smile.

Ø You are the pulse that throbs through my veins, the antidote that sets me free from all pain. You are the rhythm of my heartbeat. My life would be incomplete without you. Hello, good morning.

Ø I thank the Lord for two great gifts each morning. You and my life, my love.

Ø Perhaps I’m not fond of mornings very much, but I like you. Good morning to my dearest love.

Ø If my life was a firm, the most profitable decision was to love you and marry you. Good morning, my lovely wife.

Ø I have made the reconciliation that no one else except you is for me. I am so in love with you, and I presume you know it. Every day when I wake up, I want to be with you forever and say good morning to you.

Ø Hey, Wonderful, You have to Wake Up! I know it is difficult as you were probably dreaming about me, you should know in real life, that I am even better?

Ø Right now, cuddling with you would be perfect.

Ø I know you enjoy wearing makeup, but when you first wake up, you are even more beautiful.

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Romantic messages can help make the girl of your dream, which you are in love with, fall in love with you right back. Since many men can go the extra mile to get the girl they want, to fall in love with them. Girls like to be told nice things about themselves, and if you do it from time to time, good morning messages can help lift their emotions. Here are some messages that you could send to her:

· My world has not stopped spinning since I met you; I can not stop thinking of you, of the moments we spent together, and of the sweet moments to come.

You are the love of my life. I love you! 

· I cannot resist asking you for a date. You have already stolen my heart.

· It always heads towards your way, no matter how hard I try to take my mind off you. Oh, damsel, I love you.

· Every morning, I think of you, and every day I dream about you.

· I find you irresistible to me, and I want you to love me the way I love you; I will treasure you just the way you dream. Take me as your dream guy, and I will take you where you have never been to before.

· My heart melts away when I see you; your smile brings sweet memories, and I long to be with you.

· Unless it is spent with you, time is meaningless.

· Being lost in your love is the happiest place in this world; I want to be lost in your love. 

· My most significant and best accomplishment would be to see you happy and smile each day wholeheartedly. I love you so much.

· In my mind, my day starts with you and ends with your sweet dreams.


Put up a lovely right morning message for your boyfriend to express your love towards him; this helps build up the relationship and keep it waxing stronger. Such a message will make him smile effortlessly. Sending your boyfriend a romantic right morning message is a friendly and caring gesture towards him. He will have to think twice before he breaks your heart. Here are some good morning messages for your boyfriend that you can pick from to send to him:

Ø I hope your day is as great as the day that you walked into my life. I love you, baby, and I always will.

Ø Good morning, precious. Today, I will love you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow. 

Ø My love for you keeps growing endlessly, which makes me think I am going to explode! Have a fantastic day, and think of me.

Ø My heart sings every morning whenever I think of you! I love you, baby! 

Ø When I woke up, your thoughts clouded my mind, so I feel so secure having you in my mind. Thanks for choosing me to be in your life. 

Ø My lovely prince, in my heart, resides your kingdom, and I am a princess in it, your princess adores you this morning!

Ø I am always eager to wake up every morning because I know my dreams of you get to become real! 

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Ø Wakie! Wakie! Am I permitted to wake you up in the morning? As I come with no flowers or cake, but with lots of love for the man of my dreams that adores me. Good morning baby!

Ø I need to have you for breakfast, I woke up today craving something sweet, and you are the sweetest thing I woke up to. 

Ø I used to cuddle my pillow at night, but now I wake up next to you with a smile every morning. Good morning sunshine!

Ø Baby, do have a wonderful day ahead; our love will see you throughout the day. I love you!

Ø The joy of loving you is greater than that of the riches of the world! Thank you for loving me the same way 

Ø May your day be filled with happy thoughts. It is a beautiful morning, my love. Enjoy it to the fullest, knowing that I love you.

Ø Waking up beside you means that I get to see you before anyone else. Even when we are apart, you are always in my thoughts.

Ø This morning, I woke up wanting some kisses from you, so I thought I should send my love to make you smile when you wake.


Sending your crush sweet Good morning quotes will help increase your chances of winning their hearts.

It will remind them of you each time their eyes meet the text on their phones. Be sure to be very expressive. Here are some messages you can send to your crush:

· It is not an option to give up on you because you make me feel so alive, and I cannot wait for my dream, which is to be with you. Whenever I wake up to your thoughts, I always have a better morning.

· I wish I had a bank to purchase all that you love. Good morning, the most beautiful one ever.

· Today, I cannot wait to see you. I will be counting the minutes down!

· A smile pops up on my face every day when I remember you. Would you like to know what that indicates? The best thing that has ever happened to me is you! .As you head out for the day, keep that in mind. Good morning my princess!

· You are impolite; you tickle my heart without any permission. Lol Good morning sugar

· Can anyone tell this lovely queen that I cannot stop thinking about her? She is the world in which I live, and I will always love her beautiful smiles. My crush! Have a wonderful day.

· I’ve been dreaming of you all night.

· I hope you did not have scary dreams, and I hope the bugs did not bite you because I am ready to go to war against anything that disturbs my potential girlfriend.

· Last night, your sweater was so comfy! How can I ever sleep without your sweater?

· May this day be as wonderful as you, dear crush, and thank you for always sharing your cute smile with me. I hope you are having an eventful day.

· I may not know where my road goes, but when my hand holds yours, I will walk perfectly! Have a fantastic day, dear!


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