Lovers worldwide have made it a point of duty for many years always to call their partners many affectionate pet names. Most often, these pet names are called nicknames. They create a feeling of love and belonging towards the other partner when these nicknames are used, and partners tend to bond more when they call each other some pet names. Pet names are most often given immediately a new relationship begins, and they depict how important your girlfriend is. Calling your girlfriend her first name in a relationship is awkward; it doesn’t sound pleasant and indicates some distance between the two lovers. Our present-day age lovers and our old parents use nicknames for their partners. Most of the time, those parents who use nicknames tend to bond more and have a long-lasting relationship. As much as guys love to call their girlfriends cute names, many don’t know how to form one or come up with one, though some people try to come up with names on their own, you should bear in mind that these names must be unique because it’s the love of your life to which you refer.

Most partners usually get confused about when to call their girlfriends’ pet names and when not to, as they do not know the appropriate time to call her some names. Here are instances you should call your girlfriend some cute names. 

1.If you’re getting to know a girl, it could be so awkward to start calling her a pet name after a couple of dates. For a while, you might have to chill.

2.After asking her out and she said yes to continue the relationship with you, you can start calling her those cute names like “hey baby,” “hi sweetie,” and so on.

3.When you guys have gone far in the relationship, there will be the need to call her some close-feeling pet names, more romantic nicknames, names depicting her personality, and some funny names unknowingly.

4.Whenever you chat with her, you can use pet names.

5.Oh! Well, then it’s a good time to call her names like ‘wifey’ when you both take the relationship to the next level.

General names you should call your girlfriend

As a result of the difficulty in coming up with a pet name, I will be making a list of cute names that you can choose from to call your girlfriend and put a smile on her face when she hears you call her that. 

-Honey Buns: this is most often used when your girlfriend feels sweet and has a lovely attitude. You’re trying to categorize her sweetness as honey buns.

-Cherry: This is used by a girl who completes you, you’ll be incomplete without her.

-cookie: cookies are usually sweet, so for a girl you consider sweet, this is used.

-Hot stuff: this name will make her feel attractive and admirable.

-Dreamgirl: you can use this name for a girl you yearn to be with for the rest of your life.

-Cinderella: use this for a girl you think is like a princess to you.

-Honey: this is considered old-fashioned, but it still works well for lovers.

-princess: obviously, it’s a royalty title; use this if you think your girlfriend can be compared to a princess.

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-Angel: this cute name is used for a girl who is as pure as an angel, and she does things as an angel does.

-my lover: this is a deep nickname, you can use it if you feel strongly about her.

-Boo: it’s not just for girls alone; you can also call your boyfriend this.

-Sweetie: It is usually used for a girl with whom you are in love and who is sweet and kind to you.

Cute Romantic names to call your girlfriend

Many girls love to watch romantic movies. This means you have to act like some of the characters in those romantic movies like Romeo; you can be the Romeo who wants her heart all the time and sweep off her feet. When you use these romantic names for your girlfriend, she feels exceptional. The romantic name you choose to call your girlfriend can be changed over time if you feel the need to call her something better, while some can last a lifetime.

Below are romantic names you can use for your girlfriend when sending her a love letter, can as well call her any of these over the phone during your chatting sessions, use them when chatting with her privately on any social media page or when you’re both alone. More importantly, use them to save her contact and also email. 

  • Juliet-For, your tale’s heroine.
  • Lovie – The girl you truly love can be called this name.
  • Dreamboat-For your dreams’ girl
  • Cherished- This girlfriend’s cute nickname is taken from the past. But even today, it works well.
  • My Valentine- Without any doubt, it’s the real romantic name for her. Hearing this name, the girl will feel the core of happiness.
  • Heartie- For a girlfriend who stole your heart, the perfect pet name.
  • Miss Fabulous-If she is fabulous enough, call her fabulous.
  • Cuddle Bug – With most women out there, this cute nickname works well. Using this name switches the romance on instantly.
  • Angel Eyes-There’s no better way to call your girlfriend your angel. The first point of attack when it comes to love is The Eyes. Then call her “Angel Eyes” and see how she is reacting.
  • Babylicious:The word Baby and delicious =Babylicious has its beauty. The usual nickname “Baby” is too casual, so this is a better alternative.
  • Lover Girl: If your girlfriend calls you lover boy, call her lover girl. It’s one of the most romantic and classic nicknames that suit most couples perfectly.
  • Sweet Lips/ Sugar Lips: If you feel that her lips are sugary
  •  Wifey – Perfect fiancé name to call her. It isn’t for anybody you just met.
  • My Queen / My Princess: This sweet nickname will show your love for her. My princess makes her feel younger. It is suitable for any girl who loves a fantasy drama.
  • Kitty Cat- when she uses her Face & Eyes, she can control you. It’s a name for a girlfriend who loves a kitten.
  • Love Bug-overloaded Cuteness!

Funny names to call your girlfriend

For a playful girlfriend and has a good sense of humor, you need to come up with funny names. Make sure you give her funny but sweet names, and not a funny name that depicts something terrible about her, so they don’t get hurt in public.

  • Little Monkey:Call your naughty girlfriend this naughty nickname.
  • Miss Kitty :Your kitten’s a sweet, affectionate, and lovable name like a girlfriend.
  • Sparky: You’ll receive a full charge instantly whenever you look at her.
  • Monkey Muffins:this is the right name for your gooey girlfriend
  • Apple:If the girl is the apple of your eye, Apple. It’s the prettiest way to say, “don’t smirk” to your girl.
  • Pikachu:Perfect Pokemon Fan nickname or a lovely cutie.
  • Mini-Me:for a cute girl who is sweet and kind at all times. She’s, of course, also a little one.
  • Tea Cup:To call your playful girlfriend yet another cute name. It doesn’t have any logical meaning, though.
  • Dancing Feet / Happy Feet:Calling your girlfriend when she is obsessed with music or dancing, or both is a funny, cute name.
  • Butterfly:For the happy, playful, and sweet girl, Butterfly.
  • Richie Rich:if your girlfriend is sufficiently wealthy. Calling her Richie Rich is a fun way of referring to this.
  • CopyCat: If she can copy and exhibit the expression of yourself and others, gesture to be amused
  • Black Diamond: If black and yet precious and beautiful like a diamond. For your girlfriend, these cute nicknames only work when she accepts them.
  • Wikipedia: A funny nickname for girlfriend know-it-all.
  • Central Comedy:That nickname does not require an explanation!
  • Kissy Face:If she enjoys posting her multiple pictures with the kissy face, Kissy Face.
  • Speedy:If your girlfriend is as quick as the speed of lightning, call her that way.
  • Shortness:If a girl you love is a little cutie
  • Shadow: In your crime, she is a perfect partner.
  • Coco:If the adorable addiction is more than your girlfriend,
  • Panda:For, a girl who is as lovely and humorous as a kung fu panda.
  • Wookie (Starwars):She will make others laugh when she enters the room.
  • Kittoo:Fun name to get your girlfriend to call. It’s like her kitten calling.
  • Tiny:This is for a very short girl (no one gets the pain by calling tiny).
  • Scooby Doo:The Scooby-Doo character or her actions are in the way of Scooby-Doo if she likes it.
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For a girl who is still not your girlfriend but you have a crush on, you can try the following names.

1.Love Nugget

2.Fluffy Sunshine Pants

3.Cheese Head

4. My beloved 

5. Peeps

6.Sugar Buns

7.Stinky pink

8.Poo Butt

9.The Head of Cheese

10.Deuce Bigalow

11. Butt Nugget

12. Love Sponge


14. Pebbles

15. BehBeh

16.Baby Bear 

17. Sugar Tits

18.Stud Muffin


20.Buff Babe


Calling your cute girlfriend names in Spanish will sound very strange to her, but she’ll feel loved that you’ve gone the extra mile to get her a cute Spanish name. It’s prevalent for lovers to call themselves cute English names, and some of those English names sound strange to us. More surprisingly, the Spanish names are more unconventional and funny at the same time, especially when sitting to think of it by continuously pronouncing it. Many Spanish speakers fondly call their girlfriends many of these cute names; below are a few:

 1. Papi Chulo

Chances are you’ve already heard this one. Papi is a papa derivative and is often used in very different contexts in * ahem *. This one in English translates to something like “macdaddy”.

2. Cariño/a

This one is used quite frequently and is very similar to how we in English say “dear” or “darling.”

3. Mi alma

which means being romantic in Spanish. A person might call his love interest mi alma, meaning, “my soul.”

4. Príncipe / Princesa

This cute Spanish name means ‘prince’ and ‘princess.’

5. Hermosa 

which means “pretty,” but it can be used as a kind of name. Other words that mean the same thing are Bonita and Bella.

6. Mi Amado/a

Derived in English from the verb Amar (to love), Amado means “loved.”

Calling someone mi Amado / a is like calling them “my beloved.” Mi Amor, which means the same thing, is another variation of the name.

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7. Mi sirenita

This adorable name means “my little mermaid.”

8. Mi Vida

Spanish speakers know how to give their lovers a special feeling. Mi Vida means “my life.”

I’m sorry if they make you feel lonely. Here’s a fun fact: in Spanish, the word for “loneliness” is Soledad and is the name of a common woman in some Spanish-speaking nations.

9. Mi Cielito

Means “my little sky” or “my heaven.” Similar use may be made of my sol, which means “my sun.”


10. Mi Reina

which means “my queen,” while mi Rey means “my king.” 

It seems like it would be impossible not to relate this to the Disney movie in English, and it sounds at least a little awkward to call a lover this, but it can be used romantically in Spanish.

Many of those cute Spanish names can be learned while watching Spanish music videos, Spanish film trailers, and some Spanish show talks.


When you are very close to someone you can trust and know almost everything about you, you refer to them as a best friend. It is sporadic to find one who will be faithful to you, but if you are lucky to find one, they will be very dear to you, and they will stay forever. These friends mean a lot to us, and they are like treasures. They stay with us during hard times and are always there to encourage us. They also help to lighten up our mood when we are so sad.

When you are fond of that friend, a time will come when you will be tired of calling them their names every time, or you want to put a smile on their faces and make them weirdly look at you, you should opt for cute names for them, and these names can depend on how they are to us. Choose any of the following cute names to call your best female friend, so that she will know how much you love her. 

1. BFF

2. Ride or die

3. Friend for Life

4. Queen

5. Soul Sister

6. Girly

7. Bestie

8. Gal

9. Homegirl

10. Forever Friend

11. Sis

12. Chica

13. Senorita


It isn’t easy to forget someone who meant a lot to you when they were once in your life. If you have shared your life with someone for years or months and you feel so comfortable around them and telling them so much about you, you create memories with them like that, and you start developing new habits based on how much you are fond of the person, and you begin to call them cute names. Suddenly, something happened, and you guys fell apart, although you still like that person. Whenever you see the person, you can’t just forget those memories you’ve created together and the pet names you used to call her/him. You might be skeptical about calling that person such a cute name or not since you are no longer in the relationship. Well, you can always call him/her the cute name you used to call him/her as if you guys were still together if you find out the person still loves you or is very much interested in you. It will help rekindle the love between you two.


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